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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The X-Prize

D.W.Q.M.: "Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. It's only been a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenseless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts. And now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to outsit eternity. They're indomitable... indomitable." -the Fourth Doctor

First-shouts go out to Jerm in Arizona!!! Glad you made it safely. I hear you are tanning nicely, and can see the edge of the universe from where you are. :) *heeheE* I'll bring you back something from Marcon-you try to bring me back clear skies-you hear?!? j/k. ;)

I was on a role there for awhile! Posting almost everyday of the week-WOw-more than one person mentioned to me that I was on a posting rampage. So what happened? Ah, I got lazy again-with the catalog being down most of last week, I grew tired of the same old same old, and finally I just didn't feel like posting on Friday. Then this past weekend, I had too many errands during the day, and at night, we had 7 nights of severe weather in a row, and if you remember last September my modem got fried during a wild storm-I didn't want to take any chances, so my computer remained off. :)

A couple of links for your reading pleasure: I was reading Slashdot, and found a blurb about a private spaceport. The FAA, they are nearing the final stages of certifying the Mojave Airport as the first ever private spaceport. The two leading competitors of the X-Prize are currently flying out of there. Just the other day I was reading about the X-Prize on Roddenberry.com It is designed to put a jumpstart on space tourism. 10 million! Wow. Rod has a nice article about the prize in the spotlight section of his website.

Woo! Don't know how near in the future this is for us, but it's still cool to think about it!!! 8-)
posted by Romana1 on 12:25 PM | *

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The tvjunkie files #8

D.W.Q.M.: Sgt. Benton: "What are we going to do now?"
The Second Doctor: "Keep it confused, feed it with useless information. I wonder if I have a television set handy?"

*heehee* Yes, I know-I have used this quote several times. But it's the only one that I can think of that actually mentions a television in Doctor Who. I'm sure there's more, but my minds a blank...and I kinda like this one. If you can think of any other good ones, please feel free to pass them along! ;)

Series: Judging Amy (CBS)
Episode: Sex, Lies and Expedia.com (season finale)
Original Airdate: 05/18/2004

"Okay, next time I have a life altering ephiphany, I'm sharing it with another family." -Kyle

So they managed to touch base with every major story line this season in the season finale-cool. The brought up Gillian and Peter's seperation...could it lead to divorce? I dunno, but I do have to agree with Peter here-she was the one that said she didn't think she was in love with him anymore and needed to go find herself. She started this. I do hope that counselling helps, though. (ever the hopeless romantic, yup that's me) Speaking of divorce, Ignacio never got one...? WHOA. Yeah, I can see why Maxine is upset-especially since he wasn't the one to tell her! Moving on to relationship #3-as Karen im'd me the next day: "AMY KISSED HIM!" *heehee* I thought their 'make-up' was cute: arguing, arguing, arguing... then kissing, kissing, kissing... Go David! ;) Alicia is still doubtful, especially since he got the call about the murder weapon-yes, he still has baggage-but he told Amy what was up this time-he was straight with her. And IMHO, if this clears up, hopefully all the baggage (or most of it, anyway) will disappear.

Regarding the kid who killed his parents-I think I have to agree with Alicia-you couldn't have predicted that he was going to turn on his own family like that. I think it's hard to say which kid needs to be locked up, and which just need regular counciling. I have to admit, when they found the list and plans in his locker, I was thinking Columbine, but still... Thank God I don't have to make decisions like that. Poor Amy-this is going to be a rough summer for her.

My favorite scene was at the end, though-the look of bewilderment when Vince walked in the door!

"...are Peter and I too old to be sharing bunkbeds?"

The look on their faces was priceless-and the show ending the season on that note was awesome! Not a life or death cliffhanger like last year, but just enough to make you say, "OMG!" or "What the...?" and come back next year! :)
posted by Romana1 on 10:32 AM | *

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Egaads, *bleeP* this, I'm going home....

D.W.Q.M.: "Look, I'm doing the best I can, if you don't like it, you drive!!!" -Ace

Disclaimer:please note. ;) If you are a friend of mine (especially one who drives me around) any references to crazy drivers is not refering to you in any way, shape or form. (I know I probably didn't need to say that, but it makes me feel better. ;) )

So, Marcon is coming up, and I began to realize that I should probably do something about my expired driver's permit id. I don't know how picky they'll be down there, but it's better to show a current id than an expired one.

So once again I am faced with the dilemma of getting up early Saturday to head to the DMV, to stand in line forever so they can give me another permit packet, so I can take the written test yet again. *sigh* As always, I forgot how much it would cost to do the whole thing over again, so I went to the BMV website and was appalled to find that they had raised the price to $21!! (ok, maybe not too appalled-but it's a far cry from the less than $10 I had to pay last year.) I scroll down and find that it only costs $8.50 to get a regular state id...so guess which route I'm going this year? I bet you are saying 'Quit complaining! Look at what drivers have to pay every year!' Yes, I am aware of that-but you already have your license! It would be different if I had mine, but I don't-and I dont' seem to be getting any closer to having one, so it seems like a big waste of money for me to do it.

Now I bet you are saying, 'well, why not go take the drivers exam already?' Easier said than done. Of all the people who have attempted to teach me to drive (and I love you all! Thank you for trying!), no one has ever really shown great confindence whenever I have mentioned taking the actual test. Not their fault, 'cause i'm not really confident myself. I just never seem to have any luck while attempting to learn to drive-we start off ok, but then something comes up (life does that occasionally-nothing you can do but ride out the storm.) and the lessons sort of stop. I haven't driven since I think maybe October...no, might have been November. I dunno-I guess I just don't have any good Karma (LOL-pun totally intended.) As Homer would say, "Stupid Karmic retrebution!!" ;) Also, there's no sense in adding another moronic crazy driver to Ohio's motor pool. (hey, i've seen some really stupid things out on the road lately-i wonder how many of these drivers could pass the written test today?)

So I asked and said, 'what do you think my chances are of actually getting more driving time and my license in a year?' Dead silence. Hmmm..... So I decided that this year, I am just going to get a plain old state ID-this will last me 4 years, and if sometime within those 4 years it looks like I might be able to make some more progress, I'll just get another permit packet and start over again, like I do every year. (I think I've been doing this for at least 5 years now, and I'm just feeling a little frustrated and tired of doing it. Maybe I need a break)

Sorry for the rant, but I've been getting really frustrated about this and I needed to get it off my chest. Ahh, I feel better now. :) Who knows? By Saturday I may change my mind and start the permit process all over again. ;) I am also grateful to those of you who have taken the chance and allowed me to drive in your cars-really I am! I hope to someday reward you all with an actual drivers license, so your work won't be in vain. :)
posted by Romana1 on 11:01 AM | *

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Random thoughts-the 'OMG I am so Bored at Work' Edition

D.W.Q.M.: President Borusa: "We must know what is happening there."
the Master: "Did it occur to you to go and look?"

Ah, they had to take down the cataloging system again-since they are finishing their upgrade of the server-found out today it'll be down again on Thursday. What fun. I am taking bets as to whether or not it will be back up again tomorrow morning. In the meantime, as I wait for my next 'you don't need the catalog to do this!' project, I decided to add another round of random quotes and links. ;)

Now, I know Chem 107/108 was difficult in college, but I never wrote down answers like
these seen here. LOL! Those stupid aliens with their illegal moon rock trades... ;)

From the same site (I think you're getting me addicted, Sharon!) Remember the wedding dress guy? click here for an update. Turns out the guy did a little fibbing about his story-oh, well-it was fun reading it! And he wants to be a comedy writer...LOL.

Speaking of comedy writers-if you missed the Dick Van Dyke Reunion, TvLand is having an encore presentation of it tonight. (People, please: contain your excitement! LOL ;) )

11:30am-I check my buddy list-of the 9 names that were listed as being online, every other one had an away message next to it. Neat. (did I mention I was bored? ;) )

Sharon and I were checking out baby names (she finds out what she's having this Thursday!) from the Top 100 Baby Names of 2003. Guess what? My name is number 38! Wow! My sister comes in at 34, my mother's name is still on there, but Boo beats us all. ;) Guess her name is still quite popular, even after 4 years. ;)

Speaking of Boo, I was talking to my sister at lunch, and Boo mooned her!! Way to go, Boo!!! Now, where did she learn that? ;) She's getting pretty big-already more than half my height. I need to practice my Aunt Bea's accent, so I can say, 'When you get taller than me, I am not going to speak to you until you're twenty!' ;)

Marcon 39: 9 days!!!
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkbaan: 16 days!!
Trip to Minnesota: 42 days!!! (well, give or take a day or two. ;) )
Persephone's Wedding: 109 days!!!!
Baby Arrival Announcements: Too many days to keep track of! ;) *heeheee*
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Random Thoughts and random links

D.W.Q.M.: "He talks to himself sometimes because he's the only one who understands what he's saying." -Sarah Jane Smith

So the weather's finally calmed down a bit (20% my a**) The power blinked off and then back on again three times, and we had several power surges for a while there. I finally turned my tv back on around 8, then the computer around 11. The Indians game was delay ...89 minutes? Then again for about a half hour during the 5th inning. I hope they win (ok, I'm not being quite honest here-they are playing the White Sox-the White Sox are only 2 games behind the Twins. The Twins won tonight, and the White Sox are currently loosing. You do the baseball math. ;) ) Anyhoo, back to the weather-this was the biggest storm we've had this season, and boy was it a whopper-my street was flooded after the first wave of the storm. It's so much fun to watch big, oversized cars try to speed through that and then discover they aren't so tough after all... :p

Perseph, I bet Kotke would love to be a part of the Infinite Cat Project- check it out-it's a hoot! (via Tegan)

Also from Tegan (via Boing Boing)
When TV Shows collide. And I thought my pic of Tapping, Shanks, and Judge striking a Charlie's Angels pose on the Stargate set was pretty funny... ;) I know it didn't get a high grade, but "the Mac-Files" really cracked me up.

I feel so dirty-I am a Nintendo person all the way...but this weekend, while I was visiting my friends in Painsville, I played a PS-2 game (Fatal Frames II: Crimison Butterflies) and enjoyed it! I searched to see if it was also available for GameCube, but I only found it for PS-2 and XBox. :p Fatal Frames is probably the creepiest game I've ever attempted to play. I played it during the day and still got a little spooked. Next time, I'm going to play it at night!!! *shudder, shudder* ;)

Speaking of video games, Nintendo has updated their release schedule. Woo! Apparrently they were a big hit at the recent E3 (Electronic Arts Expo)-they had the best press event.

Okay, maybe it's just a matter of needing to find more to read about it, but what the heck is Nintendo's DS?! Great, just what I need-another "must have" that's gonna cost $$-not anywhere in my near future (although it does look pretty cool ;)). Oh, well, as long as they don't stop making GameBoy Advance games anytime soon... Oh, and I love Donkey Kong, but Donkey Konga? I dunno about that...I just may have to wait until the release of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat in 2005.

Today I left work a little late-got to the bus stop about 5:15, and the next bus came at 5:20pm. When I got on, I saw two of my coworkers who leave at 4:30 on the bus. This was the first bus that went all the way up Mayfield in over an hour. Apparetnly there had been an accident. Nothing too serious in terms of injuries-a few bruises, and some people were shook up a bit-but this is what happened: The bus was driving past a stop-no one was waiting there and no one wanted to get off. Well, this woman, instead of waiting 10 seconds for the bus to clear the intersection, without warning, drove up along side the bus and cut it off while attempting to make a right turn. HELLO PEOPLE in the game of bus vs. car, bus usually wins! Do you know how hard it is to stop a bus? They don't stop on a dime you know. And why would you try to make a turn like that in front of someone who's bigger than you? Cleveland drivers are insane!!! AAAhhhhhhhh!!!! No wonder my friends suffer from road rage-with all the insane drivers on the road, I'd have road rage too. (another point for 'Reasons why Romana does not have a drivers license') ;)

Less than 10 days until Marcon 39!! Woo-hoo!!!!!
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Saturday, May 15, 2004

The tvjunkie files #7

D.W.Q.M.: Sgt. Benton: "What are we going to do now?"
The Second Doctor: "Keep it confused, feed it with useless information. I wonder if I have a television set handy?"

The problem with recording things on Friday and Saturday is that I never seem to have time to catch up! I'm at least 3 episodes behind on JAG, and 2 on Andromeda (I watched one on SciFi tonight-even though it was out of order. dang!) So, instead of trying to catch up on things I've missed , what am I doing up this late at night? Writing in my blog and watching a rerun of Stargate SG-1. ;) *heehee*!

Series: CSI (CBS)
Episode: #4.22
Original Airdate: 05/13/2004

Ahh, Sam Braun again. I hate murderers with money and power who can get away with it. Even his own daughter knows he's guilty! Too bad this time he was framed and innocent. (I know that sounds cruel, but he seems so cocky-I hope he gets his just desserts soon.) I liked the computers in the shoes designed to beat the roulette wheel-I could use a pair! (I'd be too chicken to use it though-so I guess that's a moot point.) ;)

Promotion time! Two different promotions, funds for only one. Since they cut the Lead CSI promotion, does this mean Greg gets to become more than a lab rat? (aww, but I loved him as a lab rat! Oh, well-go Greg!!) No new Lead CSI, but Grissom still recomended Nick...instead of Sara. She immediately took it personal-no, he doesn't have a problem, but she obviously does. From what I've seen in the past couple of seasons, I think Nick would've made a better Lead anyway. (and no it's not because I think he's cute-like Grissom said-he didnt' care if he got the job or not Lead or no, he'd still be CSI-and he doesn't take things personally nearly as much as Sara does. Wonder what the season finale will bring...

Series: Without a Trace
Episode: Lost and Found
Original Airdate: 05/13/2004

Whoa-this episodes had more twists in it than a Twizzler! I am never going to do a search on my name again... ;) Just when you think you figured out what's going on-boom! They hit you with another twist. I thought it was good though-it kept my interest up. I have one beef though-Teresa claimed to be Serene's birth mother-but DNA testing said there was no match at all. Then we find out that Teresa is her paternal aunt. Now, I'm no genetics expert, but even though they are not mother-daughter-if she was related to Serene's birth father, wouldn't there be some type of match? Or did they just ignore it because it wasn't enough to be mother/daughter? Then again, it was never proven that Teresa's brother was her real father...

Big question of the day-will Jack Malone really move to Chicago with his wife and kids? Stay tuned to the season finale to find out! (although you might not find out until next fall!!! Muahahahahahahahaaaaaaa.....) ;)

Special mention: Queer Eye for the Weather Guy! (special segment on CBS's channel 19.)

Was it a gag just to get more viewers? Maybe. Was it funny? Heck, yeah!!!! 19 Anchor Denise Dufala is friends with the cosmetics guy at Saks Fifth Avenue and thought it would be a good idea to straighten up Tanchek-a la 'Queer Eye For the Straight Guy' So they decided to do their own local version of the show, and my friend Chris was a part of the group!! Woo-hoo! Way to go, Chris! You looked absolutely fabulous!!! Hope you weren't out partying too hard last night-you had Peter worried!! ;) *hugs*

...was Tanchek really that much of a slob? ;)

*yawn* Well, I think that's it for me tonight. 'Nite All!!! :)

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Star Light, Star Bright...

D.W.Q.M.: the Fourth Doctor: "I just put 1.795379 and 2.20468 together."
Romana: "What does that mean?"
the Doctor: "Four!"

check this out, it's pretty neat Thanks, Jerm!

...the first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might...
...see that fricken' comet tonight!!!

Arrggg...one of the things I hate about Cleveland-the light pollution!!! Makes backyard astronomy virtually impossible. That and the weather has been sucking all week. Why do the clouds wait until 9:30pm to travel across Cleveland's skies?!?!?!!!

Monday it was cloudy just after dusk, Tuesday we were hit with storms, and tonight, I had just found Mars in my little telescope (the one that can't be mounted-just in case you are curious. Things can be found with it!! ;) ) when the clouds started to become thicker and all the faint stars disappeared. Boooo... :(

Since there is too much light surrounding my apartment (not that that is a bad thing-safety is good. ;) ) it's hard to get your bearings when looking up in the sky. If only a few more stars were visible...
Besides having the general sky chart for May, I decided to try to print out the sky charts at Sky and Telesope which would show where the comet would be at any given time on any given day. Unfortunately, they were unreadable, so I decided to try to sketch a portion of it myself-just enough to "point" me in the right direction, so to speak. LOL. Just for fun, I decided to once again, share my totally lacking drawing skills. Please remember these are not scientifically accurate. ;)

Drawing for May 10th, 2004 at approx. 10pm EST.

Drawing for May 12th, 2004, same time.

This weekend I will be visiting friends in Painsville-I might bring my telescope just in case we have clear skies. :)
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The tvjunkie files #6

D.W.Q.M.: Sgt. Benton: "What are we going to do now?"
The Second Doctor: "Keep it confused, feed it with useless information. I wonder if I have a television set handy?"

First-special note to Jerm-thanks for noticing the typos in my previous entry! I changed Leona to Leonar, now maybe it will make more sense! Maybe I should make use of the 'abc' button in the blogger toolbar... ;)

Ok, on with the tv stuff:

Series: Navy: NCIS (CBS)
Episode: Split Decision
Original Airdate: 05/11/2004

Tony: "I thought you couldn't put Humpty back together again."
Cait: "That's because all the king had were horses and men."

Ah, I love the banter between those two. I'm also glad I watched the episode ("Dead Man Talking, 04/27/2004) that was "worth the price of admission" (as quoted by "the Doctor")-there was a little side in this one that I would not have fully appreciated if I had missed it. ;) Bantering aside, I thought this was another good episode-I'm glad that at least one of JAG's spinoffs has become popular. ;) I'll admit, I knew that Gibbs getting shot was just a setup, but I had no idea who was in on it!

Put in more McGee!! I love his character-innocent compared to Tony, yet not so innocent-also, I think he'll keep Tony in his place-maybe Tony'll become less of a jacka$$ with McGee around more-then again, if that happens, we won't have the fun banter between Tony and Cait...lol. Nah, I think he'll still be an a$$-it'll just be more fun with McGee around. ;)

Series: The Dick Van Dyke Show (CBS)
Episode: The DVD show Revisited (reunion special)
Original Airdate: 05/11/2004

Sally: "Damn? Hell? Rob, since when did you start swearing?"
Laura: "Since we got cable."

Ahhhh..I love this show!! So what if the original series ended over a decade before I was born? Thanks to Nick at Nite and TvLand, I got to see, IMO, some of the best comedy acting out there! Carl Reiner is such at good writer. Instead of the usual cast reunions and reminiscing over old clips (which has been the most popular reunion show fare as of late), The DVD show revisited picked up with Rob and Laura nearly 40 years later. Yes, they did have an introduction with Ray Romano (which was very good, btw), and yes, they did have clips-but they were woven into the story as the characters remembered the times they had while working for the eccentric Alan Brady. Some clips from my favorite episodes were included ("Where Did I Come From", "The Ghost of A. Chance" and "It May Look Like a Walnut", to name a few) Good actors + good writers + good producers = fantastic show!! Thank god the storm that hit last night didn't knock out the power-I would've been one unhappy camper last night! I could go on, but you probably already think I'm nuts. ;)

Series: Judging Amy
Episode: My Little Runaway
Original Airdate: 05/11/2004

Ah, I have found another friend who likes Judging Amy-way cool! ;)

I knew that something was going to happen when Lauren asked to go to the skateboarding park with Victor-I just didn't know it was going to be a kid getting hit by a car, and I didn't know that Victor would be the victim. It brought Amy and David back together again-well sort of-she was there to support him...as a friend (dang!) Well, ok, I can see her point-but she never let David explain why he took off again. Yes, he has issues-who wouldn't after seeing what he saw? But I still am hoping that something will bring them together again as a couple. Alicia is doubtful, but Karen agrees with me. :) Am I a hopeless romantic? In this case, yes!

Poor Maxine-Sean is dating her boyfriend Ignacio's daughter-and he has been accepted by the matriarch of the family (Ignacio's mother) and she has not. These relationships could get interesting.. And Kyle is returning home-I wonder what he's going to do-continue his residency at the hospital? Haven't heard much about Peter and Gillian lately...wonder if we will this season...

Next week Bill O'Reilly guest stars on the season finale! What a hoot! Can't wait to see that! ;)
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

a few thoughts on the "New Blogger"...

D.W.Q.M.: "Well, nothing's perfect. Have to take the rough with the smooth." -the Fourth Doctor

Shatner: "What's..new..about it?"
..."Who could possible replace me?"
Nimoy:*knock, knock* "Hey, guys! Heeey, Bill."
Shatner: "Hey, Leonar..."

*heehee* Sorry, I couldn't help it-I just had to quote my favorite Priceline commerical!

Once again, Blogger has changed it's look-and it's features!! Don't really know how I feel about this change, but we'll see if I get used to it. ;)

Some new features: Besides Blogger having "more curves", it now offers comments! Unfortunately, they are like LiveJournal's comments-you can either post with your blogger name, or as anonymous-plus there is no place to leave your email or website (not that I require you do that, but if you want to leave those with your comments, I'd like to have that option open!) So I guess for now I'll stick with my current commenting system. Another feature I'm not too sure about is the 'dashboard'. When you log in, you get taken to your dashboard, which basically is the same page you would see if you just went to www.blogger.com, minus your blog information. You can also set up a profile, and you can choose whether or not you want it made public. What I miss is the '10 most recently published blogs' feature-now if I want see that-I have to be logged in!

Some cool things-Permalinks-now you can set up your blogger to have permalinks so each entry can have a page of it's own. Now (if I set up the permalinks option) if I wanted to refer you to an old post, I can send you to just the post, instead of a page with several old entries on it. Neato. (although I think the template I am currently using already allows for that, but I'm not sure.) Also, my 'dashboard' displays statistics about my blog-like how many posts I have made, the average frequency per week, etc. Not really important, I guess, but I still think it's cool. 8-) Posting is still straight forward (yay!) *heehee* Guess I'll have to play around with it's new features some more. *Wheee!* :-)
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Monday, May 10, 2004

Just wanted to say...

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say "thank you" for all your thoughts and prayers, both online, on the phone, and in person. It really means alot to me!

Thank you!
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Saturday, May 08, 2004

In Memory

My favorite uncle passed away yesterday. I don't think the reality of it has really sunk in yet, as I am in Ohio, several hundred miles from Minnesota. I found out last night after I got home from a friend's baby shower (which I promise to write about later, maybe in a couple of days). My Aunt Pat had called-they were trying to get ahold of my mother,who was still with my sister, and no one seemed to have the right phone number for my sister. Someone did manage to find the right number, as the next message I had was from my sister, telling me to call home right away. I don't feel like going into anymore details here, but I'm sure you can understand that.

Instead, I would like to share with you why Uncle Johnny was my favorite uncle, and why he was so important to all us. I was once asked who my heroes were-I replied, my Mother and my Uncle John. :)

When my grandfather was alive, he used to build things for his grandchildren-for example, my cousin Christina had a little kitchen cabinent and counter for her to play house with (it now resides with my mom, and Boo uses it when she visits) By the time I was born, my grandfather was no longer able to do those kind of things. My mom had asked my Uncle John if he would build something for me-and he built me a little rocking chair. Years later, when Boo was, I think two, he built her a rocking chair for Christmas. :)

My Uncle was also one of the most positive people I know-he survived both open heart surgery and was a cancer survior (lung cancer). He always remained upbeat-it was never about if he got better, only when. He also had a sense of humor, too. While he was having outpatient chemo for his cancer, he used to wear these outrageous hats-he had a pretty good collection of crazy hats. One of his favorite stories (and mine) was once he went in for his chemo, and he had a baseball cap that had a fake grey ponytail attatched to it. He checked in with the nurse, and she reached under the counter and handed him a hair net and told him he would have to put it on. He just shrugged, said okay, and took off his hat. In his words: "Here I was, bald as a cucumber!!" (while rubbing his head) The nurse was so embarrased and immediately apologized, but he just laughed and said it was okay. He was very amused. Even when his health slowly began to fail and he had to keep an oxygen tank with him all the time, he still remained upbeat. He used to say that he could tell when people were keeping him in their thoughts and prayers, because he could feel the positive energy. :)

Family was very important to him- his own, and his extended. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times he's been there for all of us. When my brother died, he was there for us, made sure my mom was okay, and even offered my mom the family plot next to my grandparents and my aunt (my mom and uncle's younger sister). Whenever I was in town, he always tried to make sure and visit me before I left.

I am sad that I won't be able to make it up for the funeral, (I wish I didnt' live so far away.) I am really glad that I got to see him at Christmas.

I will be okay- Perseph and Paul have been keeping me company, and I've talked to my mom and sister-they are doing okay, and say that my Aunt Jan, my cousins, and their children have been handling it really well. It wasn't unexpected, but it still seems a little shocking when it does happen. At least now I know he is no longer in pain, and he is at peace.

I don't think I did him nearly enough justice with this entry, but at least you have some idea of what he meant to me, and to all of us. :)
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Thursday, May 06, 2004

An anniversary of sorts... ;)

D.W.Q.M.: the Second Doctor: "Well you've been fiddling with it, haven't you?"
the Third Doctor: "It was perfectly all right until you touched it!"

Twenty-three years ago yesterday, I was still an only child. Twenty-three years ago today, I became a big sister! I remember the first time I saw her-she had a big round head with a ton of dark hair, and her face was as red as a tomato. (Hey, I was only 4-how else would you describe a new baby?) ;) My mom remembers a complete stranger following us into her room and saying, "I was in the elevator and your daughter here told me that I had to come in and see your beautiful baby!"

Happy Birthday, Little Sister!!! Love you lots, even when we fight. ;) *HUGS*

I decided to call her during my lunch break, and this is how the phone conversation began:

Voice at the other end: "Hello?"
Romana: "...uh...Alison?"
Voice (with an amused chuckle): "No...try again!"
Ro: "Mom?!?!"
Ro's Mom (now laughing outright): "Yes!!"

Hey, I wasn't expecting her to be there in the middle of the day. ;) If you want my opinion, I think she really enjoyed being mistaken for her youngest daughter. ;) Hmm...although when my sister wakes up from her nap, I don't think she'll be too amused that I mistook Mom for her. Oh, well-now she'll really get a kick out of the Mother's Day card I sent her!!!
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Wednesday, May 05, 2004


D.W.Q.M.: "The universe should be big enough for the both of us ... just." -the Second Doctor

...and LINEAR!

I love looking at comets-they are so cool. These two comets were named after the automated sky-survey programs that they were discovered by (Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking, and Lincoln Laboratory Near Earth Asteroid Research). Hopefully it will be clear enough tonight to try and spot NEAT. If you're living in the Northern Hemisphere and have good whether-grab a pair of binoculars and run outside at dusk!

From my Skywatcher's bulletin from Sky and Telescope:
"Northern Hemisphere stargazers should start checking for Comet NEAT emerging low in the southwest at dusk. On the 5th, the comet appears 9 degrees -- less than a fist-width held at arm's length -- to the left of the bright star Sirius in the constellation Canis Major, the Larger Dog. Use binoculars."

I think NEAT will also be visible tomorrow night around the same time. According to the article in Sky and Telescope, of the two comets, NEAT will be the easiest to view. The article also has a few charts and other information as to when will be the best time to view them, and a few pointers on how to find them. :)

Have fun and happy comet hunting!!! :)
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

You'll never know what you'll find on eBay

D.W.Q.M.: "You could augment an earwig to the point where it understood nuclear physics, but it would still be a very stupid thing to do!" -the Second Doctor

Okay, so by now, I'm sure most of you have heard about 'the wedding dress guy' on eBay. If not, here's a link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4146756343 Pretty popular-and to think, all he wanted to do was to get rid of his ex's expensive wedding dress!!! Very amusing, I think. This guy's even been on the Today Show!

Well, I just saw this on eBay: (via ornamentalillness)
Romantic Weekend (females only)

Geez, this guy is a real creep! Just read the description! Some people have a lot of nerve and will do anything for a quick buck (or in this case, a quick quid). No wonder he only is up to $2.48 ($1.40 GBP) I feel sorry for the lady who gets stuck with this guy just because her boyfriend "hired" him for her on eBay. There has gotta be something wrong with that. BTW, in case you are wondering (as Sharon and I were) a minger is basically an ugly duckling. We both agree-the guy isn't even cute! I still think it's amusing to read, though-if nothing else, you will sit there and shake your head in amusement- or disgust- while saying, 'man, people will sell anything on eBay!'

We both agree-the wedding dress guy all the way! (and he doesn't even want to get married again! LOL) ;)

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And yet, another!!

D.W.Q.M.: "Eureka!" -the Third Doctor

So guess what happened not five minutes after I posted about Sarah's new baby? I found out that another friend of mine is going to have a baby! WOW!

Congratulations to parents-to-be Jessica and Michael!!!! :)

Man, there has gotta be something in the water! ;)
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