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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Monday, June 28, 2004


D.W.Q.M.: "How about a trip in the TARDIS? I'm just off." -the Fourth Doctor

"You know what the Go'auld really want? Minnesota." -Col. Jack O'Neill

Just wanted wish all of you a happy Fourth of July before I go on vacation. This will probably be the last time I'll get the chance to post until I get back-I'm not disappearing off the face of the planet (although some may argue that that's where I'm going! ;) ) Just probably won't be around an internet connection for a while.

So, everyone have a fun and safe holiday!! I don't want to hear about anybody who blew their hands off with firecrackers when I get home, ya hear?! ;)

I'm off to Minnesota! Yay!
posted by Romana1 on 11:07 PM | *

It's a little sad, actually. ;)

D.W.Q.M.: "You know, Doctor, I could play all day in my green cathedral." -Harrison Chase (from The Seeds of Doom)

I started out with 20 lbs of potting soil. I only had to repot nine plants, plus a few break-offs. I only got to four of them...then I ran out of potting soil. Ok, I guess it didn't help that my aloe plant is now three aloe plants, but I was hoping to at least be able to repot my Poinsetta. *sigh At least my aloe, spider, jade, and avacado (yes, I did say avacado) plants are happliy living in bigger homes now. :)

As I was in the process of repotting my plants, I took a quick survey of the available window space for my them. I am running out of space fast. Sooo.....

What should Romana do?
Survey says...

A)Find a bigger place with bigger windows or a nice, indoor porch that's all windows
nice, but probably bit expensive for my budget right now

B)Bring several plants to work easier said than done! ;)

C)Throw out some of them NO WAY, MAN!

D)Finish rearranging bedroom to allow for another window to host some plants.
Finish? You mean I already started that? *heehee* ;)

E)Give some away most of my friends claim they don't have green thumbs.

F)Prove to Perseph that she really does have a green thumb and *beg* her to "adopt" a few plants. LOL-don't worry, Perseph-I'd never do that to you!! 0:-)

Hmmmmmm...well, the best be would be D, followed by B, I think. :) I'll figure something out! :)

Oh, and before I forget-I updated my front porch this weekend. Enjoy!!!
posted by Romana1 on 12:02 AM | *

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Email and other randomness....

D.W.Q.M.:: "My dear girl, I know a computer when I talk to one." -the Sixth Doctor

I'm sure most of you have heard about Google beta testing their new email (1GB of free space!). Since it's still in Beta mode, it's currently invite-only. I had the opportunity to get an account by using Blogger on a regular basis. I started out with 2 invites to give to friends, and then it bumped up to 7. Not sure what I'm going to do with 7 invites. I came across a link to Gmail4Troops.com -they are asking if you are a Gmail user if would you like to donate any extra invites you may have to our Troops. It will help them keep in touch with their families and friends back home without ever having to worry about deleting any email. :) If you are interested, click on the link and check it out! :) :)

Speaking of email-CWRUs email has been down for 2 days now. I feel as if I have lost a friend...a friend who provides nothing but junk mail and an occasionaly important message or two. ;) j/k-seriously though-I was reading ITSs memo about the crash, and shudder to think of what the next few days are going to be like email-wise. I am really glad that I had decided to use dreamingheart email for Perseph's wedding shower rsvps!!!!

Speaking of crazy computers, I was reading on SlashDot that according to an article on ZDNet that PCs use more sick days than people! Apparently the average employee uses 7 sick days, whereas the average PC was down due to a virus for 9 days a year. LOL! Ah, technology at it's best!!!!!

Not speaking of techno music-I've become quite fond of the duo, Orbital (have been for a while, actually) I first heard their music on the Mortal Kombat CD (Halcyon + On + On) and thought it was really cool. I just recently found out that on one of their latest albums, The Altogether they have a track called 'Doctor?', which is a remix of the Doctor Who theme, made for the 40th Anniversary. I finally was able to hear the track, and I think it's really cool!! :)
posted by Romana1 on 12:34 AM | *

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Marcon 39, part 3

D.W.Q.M.: Brock: "His scarf killed Stimson!"
the Fourth Doctor: "Arrest the scarf then."

I decided I should try to write a little more about Marcon before I go on vacation next week-otherwise I'll get too far behind in my postings! *see previous entry. ;) )

Saturday, May 29th, 2004

8:50 am
The shrill sound of the alarm makes us all jump out of our beds. I had forgotten that we set the alarm for that time when we thought we'd have to register in the morning. Arthur was up and out within 10 minutes-reading to start his day of geekiness. He decided to wait until later to put on his costume (he was also planning on taking part in the masquarade-go Arthur!!) I decided to put on my costume right away. After Alicia and I had breakfast, we decided to wander around a bit. We left a message at the front desk for Karen, Chris and the girls, and then I headed up to the Farscape table and met fellow OhioScaper Julie-we had fun chatting and i picked up some postcards and temporary tatoos. That's when I had my first encounter with someone who also had a Doctor Who scarf! ;) After posing for a couple of pictures, Alicia and I headed up to the Dealers room to take a look around. I may have said this before, but when you go in costume, people will try to sell you stuff that they think might intrest you. ;) I did succumb a little bit, but not too much. ;)

After our trip to the Dealer's room I decided to head back to the room to drop off some stuff and Alicia decided to check out the anime and movie rooms. When I got back to the room there was a message from Karen saying that they had made it, so I grabbed K9 and caught up with them. Since the girls were under 7,they had 'Kids-in-tow' badges. They loved my scarf, so I let each one grab an end and tag along. We took 'kids-in-tow' quite literally. LOL.

Before I knew it it was time for the Doctor Who program I wanted to attend. I enjoyed the program very much! :) Although I already new most of what they were talking about the new series from reading Outpost Gallifrey, it was still fun to share opinions with everyone. (we have been assured that there are quality rock quarries in Wales, where they are filming the new Doctor Who stories-LOL.) Since Doctor Who was originally a childrens program, the panel asked us who had been watching since we were children. I was suprised that I was one of only a few (like less than 10 in a room of about 30 or so...) who had been. In retrospect, I really shouldn't have been. After all, Doctor Who didn't come to the States until the 1970s. I was born in the late 70s, and was watching with my mom and dad as soon as I was able to sit up. Most of the people in the room were several years older than me-they were teenagers when Doctor Who traveled across the pond. ;)

The Farscape panel was in the same room right after the Doctor Who panel, so I stuck around and was joined by Arthur, who had changed into his costume (and looked very good in it, btw!) As with the Doctor Who panel, I knew quite a bit about what they were telling us about the miniseries-but as before, it was fun to share opinions and talk scaper talk with fellow Scapers! Arthur enjoyed it so much he wanted to have a Farscape marathon when we got back to Cleveland. We still need to do that!!! I'm not sure when I'll have the time, but it better be before the miniseries hits the small screen!!!! ;) After the panel Arthur had to leave for pre-masquarade stuff, but I promised him we'd be there to cheer him on!!!

Since it had been 3 years since I went to the masquarade on time, so I forgot how long the line and the wait would be-we must have been waiting in line for a good hour before they finally seated us. The poor girls-they were getting quite ansty. It may have been tiring, but it wasn't a complete waste-we had fun chatting with people-we chatted, exchanged emails, and posed for pictures. :) By the time we were able to sit down, Karen and Chris decided that the girls should probably go to bed-so Chris took them up to the room. Good thing he did, too-'cause one of the costumes was pretty bad. This guy, who wisely remained anonymous, came out it this pink thing-it turns out he was representing the vag...uhhh, never mind-i'm sure you get the picture. Eewwwwwwww...Grooooooosssssss...

Anyhoo, back to the important part of the masquarade-Arthur came out dressed in his Babylon 5 uniform-he was an Earth Force Lieutenant who was angry at Sheridan for breaking away from Earth, causing hostilities that resulted in the deaths of his friends. I think he did a great job, and Alicia, Karen and I screamed our lungs out, cheering him on. I hope my pictures turned out. :)

While waiting for the judges to determine awards and whatnot, we were entertained by the Great Luke Ski (who performed 'Stealing Like a Hobbit-the number one request on Dr. Demento's radio program) and Tom Smith- two very funny filk performers. I'm starting to really enjoy filk! But more on that later.

Finally, after what seemed like, forever-the judges finished judging the costumes. Alicia and I both agree that Arthur got slighted-it seemed that everybody and their mother's uncle got awards except for Arthur and a few others. We don't care what kind of experts they think they are-your costume was awesome, Arthur!!!!

Since the judging took so long, we didn't get a chance to stop by the dance that night, 'cause we wanted to do some gaming at midnight. We ended up playing one of the looooonnnngeest games of Settler's ever. I swear the game didn't end until about 3:30am!!! ;) I think I won that game, but I was soo sleepy, I'm not quite sure. LOL. ;)
posted by Romana1 on 10:36 PM | *

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

busy, busy, busy!! ;)

D.W.Q.M.: "No, impossible. I'm booked for the next three centuries." -the Fourth Doctor

It's happened to all of us at least one time or another-we get so busy, and have so much to do, that we just want to stop everything and do nothing for a while. For me, it also applies for blog posts!! I have in mind something I want to post, but then either I don't have time to post it, or I get to tired (lazy) to post or I come up with some other (and this one's for you Perseph!) 'circular reasoning' excuse for not posting. ;) I still have to finish posting about Marcon, and there was an article in my latest issue of Non-Sport Update that I wanted to comment on. There's so much that I want to write about, and I just don't get around to it!! :) Ah, well- que sera, sera! ;) (yes, I was watching AFI's 100 years, 100 songs tonight-and I loved it! )

House sitting is going well-Blue and I are getting along, and I'm finally getting used to her 'puppy dog eyes.' She doesn't have to get a biscuit every time she wags her tail! ;) I even took her for a walk-my first dog walk, believe it or not! ;)

I had a pretty busy weekend this past weekend-Karen, Kim and I got together to work on Perseph's wedding shower invites (we missed you, Jaya! You were there in spirit. :) )the morning I was supposed to start housesitting-we made pretty good time! I had to come back Sunday, though-our cable company is rewiring us and I found out that they want to drill new holes and there's a bookcase on the wall they want to drill the hole in! So I had to go home to try to make a little room for the cable guys. (improved quality? Yeah, right-it seems they are just trying to make the building look more aesthetically pleasing-we'll see if the quality of the picture improves.)

Hmmm...I really should repot my plants soon-my poor plants! Hopefully they'll survive just a little while longer...

*yawn* I'm starting to get a little sleepy-i'm sure there's more I wanted to say in this post, but I've forgotten! Can't think straight when you're tired. ;) (does this fall under the 'circular reasoning' category I mentioned earlier? LOL)

And now for something completely different-I've seen this episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force before! I didn't think I had seen enough yet to see one's I've seen before. No matter-I still think it's funny. ;) "You gotta study me, like a pupil! Like a pupil!!"
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Friday, June 18, 2004

Random thoughts...

D.W.Q.M.: "He's the one you should be talking to, or rather listening to, if you have the stamina." -Romana 1

More lunchtime blogging from the cluttered desk of Romanadvoratrelundar.

Ahhh, sorry it's been so long since I last posted-I've either been too busy or too lazy to post. ;) Tomorrow I start housesitting for a friend of mine -I get to puppy-sit too! I'll be watching over the family dog, Blue. Unfortunately the side effect of this is that I have to get up earlier than I'm used to-so I can let the dog out and get to work on time-I have to remember to account for the fact that I will no longer be only a 5 minute bus ride from work for a few days. ;)

Sunburn, fireworks, small practices, and instruments that refuse to get in tune with each other-Yup! It's summertime and time for a brand new season of Italian Band! Sunday we performed in the procession for the Feast of St. Anthony-I think we sounded pretty good for only having 10 instruments. ;) Of course, silly me-forgot the sunscreen-so I came home with a sunburn-ow! Ah, you gotta love Italian band!

Hey Andy, I'm a sidekikc, too!! :)
Your comic relief saved you. You were probably
the hero's best friend and messed up a lot, but
helped him in some major way, believing in
yourself, near the end. As the sympathetic
character, you live.

How fast would you die in a cheesy zombie flick?
brought to you by Quizilla

Last week we watched 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', which takes place in a small town in Minnesota. After the movie I was asked if their accents were authentic, and I told them that I was wrong person to ask-I don't even realize when I speak in an accent! ;) Perseph insists that some of the characters sound like my mom. LOL.

The other day Jerm and I were at Home Depot, 'cause I needed some new pots for my plants-all I wanted was plain, standard terra cotta pots-pots that are only $2 or $3 dollars. The only pots they had at eye level were the fancy pots that were $10 or more. I managed to find a few standard pots, but the rest were way out of my reach and Jerm's reach, so he suggested that I find someone to help me. I found someone walking around and he said that someone from Lawn and Garden would be by shortly. Five minutes later a man who was shorter than me came up. Go figure!! He grabbed a ladder and then scaled the shelves to get to the pots. That's service for ya! ;)

3 weeks until the season 8 premiere of Stargate SG-1!!! Woohoo! Too bad I'll be in Minnesota then...must remember to set VCR.... ;)

I swear, I do have more posts about Marcon-I started one the other day, but didn't have the chance to finish it-I'll get back to finishing it soon...I hope! ;)

COMET UPDATE: Still haven't seen the comet-of course, the weather has been terrible at night, and there is just too much light pollution in the city of Cleveland. *sigh*
Oh, well-soon I'll be visiting my sister, and I'll actually be able to see some stars in the sky!! :-)
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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wow! 1 year!

D.W.Q.M.: Moberly: "You must be the Doctor. We were expecting someone much older."
The 4th Doctor: "I'm only 749. Used to be even younger."

Happy blog day to me, happy blog day to me-Yup! Today is my anniversary date-I've been blogging for a year now! Thank you, Persephone, for encouraging me to start one!!! :)

To the Taco Night gang-I am sooo sorry (especially to Andy and Persephone-I hope you are both feeling better today) that it was so hot in my apartment last night!!! With the crazy weather we have been having (hot, then cold, then hot again) I haven't had the energy to put my A/C in the window yet. Also, it's been so long since we've had a full house, that I've forgotten exactly what it's like when more than 2 people come to visit during the summer! It doesn't help that I've had to keep most of my windows closed because my screens are so bad. This weekend I will work on getting the rest of my screens out so they can be fixed, and also hopefully I'll get the A/C unit in the window...

I think we have been totally spoiled Mario Kart wise. Last night, when Brigie and Arthur went on a Dairy Queen run, Paul, Jerm and I decided to play some N64. Paul suggested we play Mario Kart, the "retro" version. Boy, you wouldn't think that there would be that much difference in the graphics, but were we wrong! After months of playing Double Dash, here is a sample of some of the things heard while playing Mario Kart 64:

"Who-oa...these graphics are terrible!"

"Oh, I forgot-when there's more than 2 players, we don't get any music."

"Umm....how do you use the items again?"

"We still have one more lap?!?!?!!"

"Who's dumb idea was this anyway?"

"I can't shoot anything backwards!!"

"Dude, I don't remember Rainbow Road being this difficult to see on."

"This is like when we were playing F-Zero on my Super Nintendo."

"Make it stop! Make it stop!"

After four races, we switched to Tetris.

LOL-the guys thought it was pretty awful-I bet they are just upset because I came first and second more than they did, instead of in last place, like I usually do. LOL,
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Monday, June 07, 2004

Before the moon rises...

D.W.Q.M.: "Our lives are important-at least to us-and we see, so we learn...Our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it..." -the First Doctor

The weatherman on Channel 5 says that there will be lots of stars in the sky tonight. So I'm wondering, where the heck does he live?!?!?!!!!!

Once again, I am outside, binoculars in hand, trying to find NEAT!!! I must look like a total weirdo to my neighbors. One of them nearly ran into me a few weeks back when I was trying to find the comet using the smaller telescope my Dad made-the one that has no mount, so you have to hold it in your arms. (Don't ask, I really don't know...)
So tonight I was standing out in the middle of the courtyard with my binoculars, until someone came home and set off all the motion sensored lights in front of the doors. gaahh...

I am sooo naive-and I should know better-I thought, fairly clear skies, the moon doesn't rise until after 11:15 (after all, it's only 4 days past full), plus, NEAT is fairly close to the Big Dipper right now, so it's easy to get your bearings in the sky. I go outside, and what am I greeted with? Haze. Lots and lots of haze. Not to mention light pollution. (Have I mentioned that I really dislike Cleveland skies at night?) I guess I am like my Dad-I know the odds of actually seeing something, and yet I go out, in the hopes that I might get lucky. ;) I was planning on trying to convince some of my friends to drive someplace where it might actually be dark this weekend, but a quick look at the forecast for Friday and Saturday suggests that that too, may be in vain. Arrrrrgggg!

NEAT (and LINEAR for that matter) will start to fade this month. For details and a sky chart to help you find them, click here.

In other astro news, guess what happened 122 years ago? If you guessed that Venus glided across the sun, you would be absolutely correct!! Now, guess what will happen tomorrow? If you guessed Venus will again transit the sun, you would be correct!! Unfortunately, by the time most of you will be reading this (in the Northern Hemisphere), it will all be over. By the time the sun rises in the Eastern time zone, the transit will be about two thirds of the way finished, and Venus will begin to exit the sun at about 7:05am EDT. The whole thing will be over at approximately 7:25am EDT. During the transit Venus will appear as a black dot against the sun's face. Don't forget your solar filters for your telescopes and your eclipse glasses for the naked-eye viewer. For more information (and safety tips!) Check out the article at Sky and Telescope here. :)

If you miss it, you can catch it again on June 6th, 2012, but it will be the only other time this century. :)
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Marcon 39, part 2-the Costume

D.W.Q.M.: "Pity about the scarf. Madame Nostradamus made it for me. Witty little knitter...never get another one like it." -the Fourth Doctor

Not quite a week between entries-not too bad, but I need to try to keep up with my posts! ;)

*Warning:* This post is all about me, me, me! at Marcon. ;) I promise my next Marcon post will be about Saturday events.

Before continuing, I'd like to thank the following people:

To my Mommy: Thank you for teaching me how to knitt-without you, I'm not sure the scarf would have been a reality so soon!!! I'm also glad you got the chance to work on a little bit of it yourself. :)

To Suzanne and Sharlane: Thank you for lending me the (respectively) hat and vest for my costume.

To Persephone: Thank you for the material for the collar for Krismutt's K-9 costume! Not only did it add to the costume, but it helped hide the strings holding it together! :) Also, encouraging words, even though you probably had no idea what K-9 is supposed to look like, was helpful, too. :) *heeehee*

Ok, I think I got everybody...

I had decided that Saturday would be the day to wear my 4th Doctor Costume-I still wasn't sure how long I'd wear it, so I packed an extra tshirt and pair of shorts just in case. I decided to wear it Saturday morning when I got up, but I didnt' add 'K-9' until later in the afternoon. For those of you curious, this is what my costume consisted of: white long sleeved-shirt, khaki pants (no way was I going to go checkered, like the 4th doctor), brown shoes, a vest (not the same pattern as the Doctor, but it was close enough so people would get it.), a cowboy hat (no, not a 10-gallon hat-again, not the same, but close enough-I like the hat i used!), a TARDIS key that I had purchased at Marcon the year before (that was part of my decision to make the scarf-I decided I wanted to make a costume for Marcon 39), and the scarf that I made over the past year. Later in the day I added a bag of gummy bears ('Would you like a jelly baby?') 'cause Jelly babies are a little expensive, and Krismutt as K-9. I originally made a costume for Krismutt so I could do Krismutt pictures without looking too weird, but I'm glad I added him! I made him a little K-9 mask, with a sandwhich board-one side said K-9, and the other was a drawing to represent the buttons to K-9's computer-and a collar that said K-9 on one side, and the TARDIS on the other. ;)

I cannot even begin to tell you how cool it was to go in costume this year! It's so cool when people stop you to ask you about your costume, or ask to take your picture. One of my first encounters was when I was visiting the Farscape table-another girl very excitedly ran up to me-she had a scarf, too! She thought it was so cool to find people with Doctor Who scarves and asked if we could take a picture together. Well, of course I said yes! Later that morning, in the Dealer's room, I was stopped several times by different people who love Doctor Who-one person even tried to sell me some stuff from the show (ok, well, I guess I should have figured that would happen) Later, when I was walking around with Karen and the girls, each girl grabbed one end of my scarf, and we formed a train. (Brought a whole new meaning to their 'Kid-in-tow' badges. ;) *heehee*)
Around 1:30 there was a Doctor Who panel that I was late for, and I remember saying to Karen and Alicia, as we were rushing down the hallway that I couldn't remember where it was at. Then somebody, rushing just as fast in the opposite direction called out, "At the end of the hall...your scarf gave it away!" When I walked in, the man leading the panel said, "Ah, the Doctor is here so now we can get started." (by this time I had K-9 in tow.)

It is so cool to be recognized. At one point during my wanderings, I came across a group of guys-one of them said, "Oh, look, it's the Doctor!" and when K-9 came into his view, he said, "AND K-9!!! THAT IS SO COOL!!" I know I had a big grin on my face everytime someone said something to me. I couldn't help it. People would ask me where I got the scarf, and when I told them I made it, I loved watching their jaws drop to the floor. It wasn't only the scarf that brought attention-several people asked about my TARDIS key, and even K-9!!! While standing in line for the masquarade, a couple of people asked if they could take my picture. One man even came back to me later and said, "Ok, my wife is a big Doctor Who fan, and I know I took your picture before, but it didn't turn out, and I was wondering if you'd mind if I took another one?" Of course not! :)

I also learned something-I have always been hesitant to ask people in costume if I could take their picture-even after doing so for three years. One year there was a big group of Jedi, and I wasn't going to take their picture 'cause I was too shy to ask. Well, Alicia, knowing how I loved to take pictures and scrapbook Marcon, went and asked for me. After I took the picture she explained that I was a little shy, and one of the women in the picture said, "No, we don't mind at all-in fact, we love it when people ask to take our picture, lots of people do." I think I'm finally beginning to understand how they feel. :) :)
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Marcon 39, part 1

D.W.Q.M.: "Sleep is for tortoises!" -the Fourth Doctor

...sleep? At Marcon?!?! You've got to be kidding me!! ;)

Friday, May 29th

Okay, before I start talking about Marcon, I have to say this- To Persephone, Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! for coming to our rescue!!!!! We didn't get to Columbus until after 10 (don't feel like going into details here-lets just say everything that could go wrong...did! ;) ) Anyhoo, when the car situation became hopeless, we decided to ride the greyhound down-I called Perseph to ask for a ride to the station, and she asked what happened-after I explained it to her, she said she'd have to ask Paul, but if it was alright with him, she said she would drive us down to Columbus. She called back a few minutes later and said, "The man said yes! Let's go!" (and she was driving to Iowa the next morning to see our friend Heather!) She knows how much I love Marcon, and it was also Arthur's first Marcon, so she wanted to help us out. Sooo, we (me, Perseph, Alicia and Arthur) all piled into the car and were off! We made pretty good time, considering it was nearly 8pm by the time with left Cleveland.

When we got there, before checking into the hotel, Perseph stayed with our luggage and we ran to the registration room to try to register for the weekend-we missed it by 11 minutes! aarrrrgg...oh, well-we said goodbye to Perseph (after telling her how awesome she was and giving her some money for gas) and checked into our room. We could not have been there 20 minutes when I noticed that my dufflebag that had most of my Doctor Who costume was not in the room, and no one seemed to remember seeing it anywhere! I made a quick phone call to Perseph, who was coming up on a rest area, so she said she would pull over and check in the back of the car. I told her I was going to check the lobby to see if it might have been left behind there, and that I would have my cell phone with me. Arthur came with me-we got into the elevator, then it stopped on the 14th floor, and Dr. Demento got on!! It stopped again and more people got on, and then my cell phone rang-I tried to answer it, but it wouldn't let me-here I was in an elevator crammed with people shouting, "I keep hitting 'yes', but the phone won't let me answer it!!" When we got out of the elevator I checked with the desk, and they hadn't seen my bag-they told me I could fill out a missing item report and at that point my phone beeped because Perseph had left me a message. I told the clerk I would be right back, and told Arthur I was going to go outside to check the message, and he told me he was going to mosey around the bar area. I checked my message-Perseph found my bag!!! She couldn't believe it 'cause both she and Alicia had checked the trunk to make sure it was empty-we must have really wedged it in there! At this point I was just happy that my scarf that I had worked on for 9 months was found! (830/830 rows, baby!) Well, guess what? Perseph said that she was going to come back to drop off the bag! (Have I mentioned that Persephone totally rocks?!) :)

In the meantime, Arthur had gone exploring and discovered that since we had pre-reged, we could get our registration stuff from the Marcon Operations room. Woo-hoo! That meant we could do some late night gaming and wander the halls without being hassled. ;) He waited for Perseph while I ran up to get my badge, and when I came back, he went to go let Alicia know. A few minutes later Perseph pulled up and dropped off my bag (Thanks, again!!) I told her to call me when she got home. We finally settled in and decided to roam around the con. I stopped by the Farscape table to say hello, and then we headed to the gaming room for the midnight game of Settlers. (woo!) After that, Arthur decided to catch some anime in the anime room (they were showing the 'Read or Die' tv series) and Alicia and I decided to do a little more exploring before deciding to turn in. Ahhh...the weekend of total geekiness begins... ;)
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