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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

busy life!

Life's been busy, got somethings to say, just haven't had the time to write a decent post lately.

This weekend is St. Rocco's-which means lots of zeppolli!! Woo! Lots of zeppolli and playing Roxie's Theme. ;)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend!!!

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The mis-adventures of Hoppy the Frog

D.W. Quote: "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish, sometimes." -the Fourth Docotor

No, I'm not quite ready to talk about the whole Brett Favre thing, so instead, I bring you...a long over due update from my vacation!

I know, it's been over a month, but now I'm finally getting around to posting some things.

So, the first day I was there, it rained! Did that stop us from having fun? NO! Ally still fired up the grill, and me and Mellon were sitting in the garage-well, sort of-Mellon was all giggly, and I'd chase her and try to tickle her. *hee* I started to run outside in the rain-and began dancing in circles, just like a little kid. Mellon laughed and ran out with me. Even big sister Tia (formerly known on this blog as T) decided to join us. :) It was fun, but we had to stop once the lighting hit.

You know what you see alot of after a rain shower? FROGS. Lots of frogs-there is a pond in my sister's back yard, which is full of green frogs.
Mellon and the Fire Pit
Mellon and the fire pit-in my sister's backyard

Last year, they were all over the place-all sizes, and the kids were catching them and putting them in buckets. In fact, when I saw one last year, I shouted, 'You better run, little guy!' Jon (my brother-in-law)says he finds them every where-in the kids' sandbox, near the kennel, in the garage, in the garden. Just the other day he accidently stepped on one. (aw, poor froggy)

Anyhoo, the next day, Ally and I went to the Cities to pick up Shanna's girls, Sum and Maddy-who were going to spend the weekend with us. Shanna lives near Minnehaha Falls, and has an awesome vegetable garden. She had heard frogs were good for gardens, and her girls had just made toad houses during a summer kids' program. So she told the girls to catch her some frogs.

Well, Maddy absolutely loved this idea! She loves frogs-last year she was upset because she couldn't bring the ones she caught home-so this was great! Sum wasn't really interested in catching frogs, but Mellon was!

Maddy and Mellon: Frog Catchers

Not long after we let them loose, they caught their first frog, named him Hoppy, and put him in an icecream pail with a rock, some grass, and water. This poor frog-Maddy would pick him up, hold him, kiss his head (I know, ewww...) Mellon has one of those big wheel trucks-Maddy and Mellon would go for a ride, and Maddy would put the frog bucket in the back and take him with too!

Over the course of the next couple of days, they caught 3 more frogs-when I asked her what their names were, she replied, "Hoppy, Hoppy, and Hoppy". LOL. She loved those frogs.

Monday morning Maddy and Mellon were playing with the frogs as usual. All of the sudden, Maddy came running in and said that the orignal Hoppy was missing! Jon had a wheelbarrow that he used for compost, and Maddy had been picking up the frogs and putting them in the compost to play around (mostly grass cuttings), and she lost track of Hoppy the first. So I began sifting through the compost, and came across a shrivled up frog. "Maddy, are you sure you left Hoppy in here?" "Yes! I was only gone for a minute!" How do you tell a 6-year-old that her four-legged friend may have just croaked? I made sure she didn't see the frog and told her to look around the garage some more. Thankfully, a few minutes later-she came running back and said he had been hiding in Mellon's car! *whew* Crisis averted.

Later that evening we brought the girls and the frogs home. We all went outside and Shanna put the frogs in the garden and said, 'welcome to your new home!' Two of the frogs immediately hopped to the fence. The other two sort of sat around, taking in the situation. We would have stayed out longer to see how they were settling in, but all of the sudden, we were attacked by mosquitos-LOTS of mosquitos. Inside we ran!

We were back at Shanna and Lee's for the Fourth, and when I asked about the frogs, Shanna said, 'as soon as they realized they were free, they ran for the Falls!' LOL. Awww, poor frogs...poor Maddy! Guess they'll have to try again!

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