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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

The tvjunkie files #9

D.W.Q.M.: Sgt. Benton: "What are we going to do now?"
The Second Doctor: "Keep it confused, feed it with useless information. I wonder if I have a television set handy?"

Ahhhhh, Stargate. New season-yay!!! So I'm a little slow getting this typed out. I thought I'd better do it now, or it'd never get done!
Series: Stargate: SG-1 (SciFi)
Episode: New Order (season 8 premiere)
Original Airdate: July 9th, 2004

"So Teal'C, what's with the hair?" -O'Neill

Okay, first of all, the actress who played Dr. Weir changed. I didn't even realize it until the actual airing of the episode (I had been reading about Atlantis for weeks). So far I'm cool with it, but it disturbed both "the Doc" and Jerm. ;)

I think she's cool-I'm glad she didn't turn into another Kinnsey.
Next big thing-no General Hammond. :( Apparently he has some desk job somewhere (although I did see his credit for a guest spot on a future episode-via
IMDB, not Gateworld. Now, I think Gateworld is a really cool site, but I refuse to look after it after accidently reading about the death of Dr. Fraiser several weeks before it actually happened. I'm the only one of my friends who couldn't say 'I so did not see that coming!' grrr...

Moving on: so, who's the new Big Bad Go'auld in the house? Why, it is Ba'al! He's takin' over everything!! Now the remaining System Lords want to form an alliance with Earth. Among them, Yu (never trust a Go'auld...unless they are insane...), and...Camulus-the very hunky Celtic God of War. ;)

In order to help Col. O'Neill (who is still in stasis), Major Carter and Teal'C go in search of Thor, who is dealing with the replicators. Remember the planet that housed the replicators in human form from season 6? Remember Fifth? Guess who's pretty p'oed!!! Fifth takes Carter captive, and tortures her, and then says he's in love with her...CREEPY. With a capital C. Meanwhile, Thor brings O'Neill to his ship (which, by the way, is the Daniel Jackson) and slowly begins to take him out of stasis, so he can use his knowledge from the Ancients to help in the war with the replicators. O'Neill builds a weapon that he doesn't know how to use, until the replicators start to attack-he just picks up the weapon and fires. Pret-ty co-ol. I love it when he's on the Asgard's planet and starts firing on the attacking replicators: "Who's...Your...Daddy!" The rescue Major Carter (yay!) but not before Fifth collected enough neutronium (needed to make the replicators in human form) to create a replicant of Major Carter. CREEPY. (did I say that before?)

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Daniel Jackson and Dr. Weir are trying to negotiate a treaty with the System Lords-and you know how negotiations with the Go'auld go. Camulus asked for assylum. Now, this can't be good-I see some major potential problems here. Better keep an eye on him. (not in depth, but i'm on my lunch break-and running out of time! ;) )

Col. Jack O'Neill has been promoted to Brigadier General! and put in charge of the SGC. O'Neill in a desk job? we'll see. At least now he "can do really cool stuff" (his words) like promote Major Carter to Lt. Colonel! (I swear, she had the same look on her face when she was promoted from Captain to Major. LOL. ;) )

Ok, I'm running out of time-i'll have to write about Atlantis later. But before I go, I'd like to introduce you to a new game I'm playing. It's called the 'Let's see who's playing a different character on Stargate this week' game.

How do you play? It's quite simple-just look for an actor who played a memorable part in Stargate past playing somebody totally different in Stargate (or Atlantis) present. Sure this happens alot in scifi, but these are pretty memorable parts here... So far I have three:

from New Order:
Steve Bacic: played Major Corburn (of SG-3, I think?) in earlier seasons of Stargate (episode I can name: The First Ones, from season 4) Now he's the Celtic God of War, Camulus. Whoa!

from 7/16/04 episode, Lockdown:
Aaron Pearl: played Lt. George Hammond from the season 2 episode 1969. In this episode he played Major Kearney (the major O'Neill zatted when he was under the influence of Anubis)

And the biggest 'What the...?' of them all comes from the spin-off, Atlantis:
from the 7/16 premiere episode, Rising:
Garwin Sandford For those of you who remembered, he played the Tollan Narim-who had a thing for Major Carter, and who probably died in season 5 (we don't know for sure, but it's pretty likely, considering they lost contact with his planet during a Go'auld attack.) In the premiere of Atlantis, he had a bit part-he was the love intrest of Doctor Weir. Now, I know it was a small part, but still!! He had a fairly important part in Stargate!

Okay, maybe I'm just a nerd who watches too much scifi. I don't care-I'm going to keep my eyes open for the next several episodes. LOL ;)
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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Stoooopid!! :-p

D.W.Q.M.: "Your arrogance is nearly as great as your ignorance." -the First Doctor

Ahhh, how well this quote applies to me today.

So at lunch today, I was paging through my latest copy of Non-Sport Update, when I came across an interesting article by contributor Don Norton. Apparently with the April/May issue of NSU, there were 100 autographed Benchwarmer promo cards inserted along with the other promos from the issue. So far three have been found-and one of those at an Ohio Borders.

I usually buy my copy of NSU at Borders.

Now, for those of you who have miraculously remained untouched by my card-collecting hobby (ie, having had to sit through me excitedly talk about my cards or what I'm reading in the NSU ;) LOL ), here is my stance on promo cards: I usually get about 3 or 4, sometimes 5 promo cards with every NSU issue (published bi-monthly) I have a ton of promo cards for sets that I don't intend to try to collect. I decided to keep all of my promo cards (including ones that I have the sets for), along with a few odds and ends cards, in a separate binder. I have all of my promo cards since I started collecting cards in that binder...

...except for the Benchwarmer promo cards.

I'm not a fan of collecting cards of women in bikinis...or less than that-I don't care if others do, but I'd rather not have those promo cards in my collection. Sure I have several promo cards in my collection for sets that I could care less about, but I'd just rather not have the Benchwarmer promos in my collection. Usually when I get those, I offer it to the guys, and if they don't want them, the cards somehow mysteriously get "lost". LOL.

Hmmm...I wonder if the promo card that recently got "lost" was one of the autograph cards...

...I also wonder what I would have done with that card if it was autographed... Tossed it? Traded it? Sold it? I still wouldn't have kept it.

I wonder what the trading card community thinks of me...

...I wonder what others are thinking of me for even considering doing something other than tossing it out! ummm...I mean, getting it "lost". ;)

In the words of Homer Simpson: D'OH!!
posted by Romana1 on 11:48 AM | *

Friday, July 23, 2004

Summer in MN, part 1

D.W.Q.M.: Time Lord: "I'm travelling incognito."
The Third Doctor: "Oh? Why?"
Time Lord: "We Time Lords don't care to be conspicuous." looks at the Doctor "Some of us, that is."

Well, since I was really lazy this week, and there are new Stargates on tonight, I'll save my tvjunkie files post for sometime this weekend (provided I don't get lazy again) and include the epiosodes that are on tonight...

So, for this trip to Minnesota, I actually wrote in my journal-the theory is it'll make it easier to type up in blogger, and I'll write about everything I want to...well, that's the theory, anyway. ;)

June 29th, approx. 11:30pm
Unlike my other trips to Minnesota in the last five years, I decided it would be cheaper for me to take the Greyhound, instead of fly...I was reminded why I prefer flying, and why it's been 5 years since I've taken the Greyhound. My bus was supposed to leave at 12:25 am. At 12:30 we were still waiting to board. Finally they started loading up the people who were preboarders, and filled the bus up. Only a few people originating in Cleveland got to get on that bus. When they finally loaded us up, it was quarter to one. Then we just sat there. Nobody came to tell us why we were just sitting there. We just sat there! Finally, an hour after we were supposed to have left, the driver got on the bus and said that they were waiting for another to show up (for transfers), but it never came. Thanks for telling us. Geez, it would have been nice to know why we were waiting.
I tried sleeping, but I don't sleep very well on the bus-although I try! Listening to Joliffe's(sp?) Omni helped. (Joliffe was formerly of the group Tangerine Dream, for those familiar with their stuff.) :)

So we get started an hour late-I only had an hour and 15 minute layover in Chicago-the hour was wasted in Cleveland, and we lost the last 15 minutes getting stuck in early morning rush hour traffic in Chicago. I got off the bus, grabbed my stuff, ran across the terminal...i don't even remember handing them my ticket!...and jumped on the next bus. All the people I promised to call in Chicago, I did from the bus. (sorry about that!) The bus was full, so I had to share a seat with someone (i was lucky on the first leg of my trip-my own seat!) But, the guy I was sitting next too wasn't bad at all-he didn't smell weird (those of you who travel Greyhound know what I'm talking about! ;) ), and he was quite nice. He was from Lakewood and had never been out of the state of Ohio a day in his life, and he kept pronouncing 'Minneapolis' wrong. :) We had a nice chat off and on, so that was cool. :)

Wisconsin always seems like it takes forever. We traveled quite abit between Minnesota and Ohio when I was in junior high, and Wisconsin was always the long leg of the trip. Trees, cows, cornfields, more cowss, cheese. ;) Here are a couple of interesting signs I saw along the way (although probably not as good as you'll find on shinycrap, they still amuse me. :) )
-Mars Cheese Castle (I kid you not)
-seen on an exit sign:
Dog Track
(don't know why, but i laughed when i saw it-must've been the lack of sleep...)
-Fond du Lac

We made it to Minnesota on time...well, at least St. Paul-we got stuck in afternoon rush hour traffic between St. Paul and Minneapolis. If you think I-90 is bad, then you need to try driving in Chicago, and on 35W in the Twin Cities!!! Uff-da! Jon picked me up at the station, and it must have taken at least 45 minutes to get through Minneapolis/St. Paul. My sister kept calling us to find out where we were. I kept replying with "oh, about 5 feet from the last time you called!" ;) Before we got to Shafer we had to stop in Ham Lake to pick up Kyle, who was visiting some cousins. As soon as he saw me he got this huge grin on his face and shouting, "Auntie Ella!! It's my Auntie Ella! Bye, guys!" I got a big, sweaty, kid-who-had-been-playing-outside-all-day hug, and it felt great! :-D When we got to Shafer, I got the same kind of hug from both T and Boo. :) :) :) :) My mom was also there, along with my sister (well, DUH.) LOL. I also got to meet their hound dog, Brutis. He's a little hyper for my liking, but after all, he's still just a puppy, and awfully cute. I think he'll grow on me. Now if only he'll stop getting into my luggage and pulling out my underwear. LOL. ;)
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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Rain, rain, go away....?

D.W.Q.M.:  "Who am I to fear the thunder, you superstitious dark dodging decadent?" -Hector (from The Mythmakers)
The rain today prevented us from performing at Mt. Carmel tonight.  We waited around for about an hour, but then they told us that we didn't have to stay.   We heard from one of the band members who checked the radar before he left that there were no signs of it actually stopping for a long while.   Oh, well-so far the procession is still on for tomorrow!
That's okay-now I have time to get caught up on my scifi viewing.  I'm already caught up on Stargate (not hard, considering there's only been one episode for the new season so far)  LOL.  ;)  And I saw the promo for the Farscape mini in October.  It was frellin' awesome!!!!!  Woo!
Blogger added some new text editing features.  I may have to experiment with them sometime...  I'm not to sure about this though-my last entry I composed in Notebook, but had to re-format it when I pasted it into Blogger.  It got rid of all of my spaces!!  I never had that problem before...*sigh*
Well, time for Stargate:Atlantis!!  :)  The VCR calls....
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A Brush With Fame

D.W.Q.M.: "Wicked!!!" -Ace

"Next time something cool like this happens to us, remind me to take out my cell phone!!" -Jerm

So Friday night Jerm and I were trying to figure out what to do after dinner. Since neither of us had gotten the chance to see the premiere of Stargate last week, Stargate Atlantis would be off limits (expect a summer revival of the tvjunkie files sometime this month. ;) ), neither of us had any Doctor Who episodes we wanted to watch, and we finished Zelda 4 Swords last Monday.   Finally Jerm said if I could get P^2 to do something later that evening, he'd consider walking over to Cain Park for a bit.  (I have never been to Cain Park before-I've driven past it several times, but never been there)  Well, Perseph had to work on the wedding invites, but she said Paul might be up for something later.  So Jerm and I said goodbye to her, and we were off to Cain Park (about a 10 minute walk from their place)

We decided to walk around and do a little bit of exploring.  Soon we discovered that there was something big going on, so Jerm suggested that we check out the event boards. We get there and check out what's listed for the 16th.  Jerm nearly did a double take: "Jewel?!" he said.  "At 8pm?!" I added.  "Huh, I thought that the fact that Jewel is here would get a bigger response."  I countered with "It's nearly 8pm now-don't you think it's awfully calm for a concert that's supposed to be starting in 5 minutes?"  He suggested that we finish exploring the park, and then come back to see if we can hear her singing.

We got back about 8:15 and the opening act was still on the stage (we were on the path behind the ampitheatre)  By now a few others had also gathered back there for the same reason we were, although they probably had planned this several days ago, instead of several minutes ago.  LOL. ;)  As we were waiting, we nearly got run over by a big van with tinted windows and three people inside pulls up to be let in the gate.  Okay, that's probably exaggerating just a bit, but we were the closest to the van-and when I say close, I mean really close.  Like 'reach out and touch someone' close.   ;)  We noticed a line gathering on the other side of a covered fence, along with a couple of people on our side peeking through the gap between the fence and the gate.  We got to see Jewel through the gap!  She was taking pictures with several fans who probably were contestant winners. 

After we were shooed away from the gate, we hung back and waited for her concert.  We were chatting with a couple who did this kind of thing often-they said that you used to be able to walk over to the other side and actually see what's going on onstage, but they've been blocking it pretty well lately.  Once Jewel started singing, we sat down to listen to some music.

Now we're not the biggest Jewel fans in the world, but we do know a few songs-Jerm recogninzed one song, and I recognized two-unfortunately during the song we both knew the man we were talking to earlier came over and told us that he was leaving because he didn't recognize any of the songs she was singing and it was too slow for him.  He was hoping to hear 'Who Will Save Your Soul' That's the song that we were waiting for too, but it was getting late and we had told Paul that we would be back around 9:30-plus the mosquitos were starting to bite.  Well, me anyway.  Jerm said they weren't bothering him.  Lucky dog. ;) 
So we didn't get to hear the song we really wanted to hear-that's ok-our brief brush with fame was fun.  And to think-all we were doing was going on a walk with nothing exciting planned.  As Jerm said, 'We rock!'  LOL  ;) 

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

My jambox!!

D.W.Q.M.: "What's wrong with being childish? I like being childish. " -the Third Doctor

Yay, Meatwad!!!!

You're Meatwad! You're easily amused, you can't
read or count, and you can remove your brain
from your body and morph into various shapes.
You'll make friends with anything, including

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - which character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Monday, July 12, 2004

i'm back!

D.W.Q.M.: "Are you coming or going? Or going or coming?" -the Fourth Doctor

I'm back from Minnesota!!! I had a wonderful time. :) As always, it was hard coming back-this time particularly so-in part because I felt so overwhelmed when I got home-I had alot of phone messages, plus a couple of letters reminding me of things that I thought I took care of before I left, but I guess I didn't. Uff-da! To top it off, my avacado plant isn't doing so well, and my aloes are looking a little bit under the weather. *sigh* I knew I should have waited to repot them! Hopefully I can figure out what's wrong with both of them, so they will be as good as new. Anyhoo, Perseph's brother picked me up at the bus station Sunday afternoon (Thanks again, Adam!!!!)-after I went through my mail, messages, and made a couple of phone calls, I jumped into the shower, then took a nap. I try to sleep on the bus, but it's usually a restless sleep, so I'm a little tired after the trip. ;)

I actually managed to write in my journal several times during my trip, so that should make posting about it easier. ;) Now all I have to do is find the time! *heehee* July through the beginning of September look to be pretty busy. A few teasers for the MN entries:

-Bruno the dog (uh, I mean Brutis. Aaach! I wish they had never told me that Boo used to call him Bruno.)
-Minnehaha Falls
-Roadside Biffies
-Beer at Walmart (heeeey, I didn't know they sold beer at Walmart!)
-Adventures in Fireworks (or, We came to Wisconsin and we're not leaving until we get some "real" fireworks!)

A couple announcements before I go:

If you loved Lino and Generation Cross, then you should check out Lino's new website, LinoAtLarge. Since GenCross ended this past May, Lino decided to start a new website for his dedicated fans. ;) I will probably be updating my link to his site sometime soon. :)

Also, a big CONGRATULATIONS! to my friends Jesse and Tina! Their new daughter finally arrived on July 1st! Welcome, 'Lil K! :) :) Mommy and baby are doing fine. I've seen pictures-she's soo cute!!! :) :)
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