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back from Minnesota

D.W.Q.M.: "First things first, but not necessarily in that order." -the Fourth Doctor.

I'm back from the land of cold and snow...although towards the end of my trip, it became warm with no snow-almost. ;)

Despite a few things, I had a great time. The kiddies are soooo cute! I meant to try to log on while I was away, but I just didn't have the time. Here are a few notes I made in my journal-hopefully I'll get around to talking about my trip more, but you know me. ;) I do plan to post pics, though...eventually. LOL

Trip Notes:
1. Getting sick at the beginning of your trip really sucks big time. The jury is still out on whether I brought it to them, or they gave it to me (they are leaning towards giving it to me), but at one point, my mom said my sister's place sounded like the TB ward at the hospital. Stupid colds!

2. I have witnessed a scene with the family dog and a stuffed gorilla that has scarred me for life and basically turned me off of ever wanting to be a do…


D.W.Q.M.: "More hasta, less vista." -the Seventh Doctor

First off:
Detroit Lions: 13
Green Bay Packers: 16

YEAH! I am soo happy I was able to catch the end of the game! Favre set a new record-he's the first player in NFL history to record 14 seasons of over 3,000 passing yards. Way to go, Brett!! Woo! :) I also watched Gado attempt to make the infamous 'Lambeau leap' after making GreenBay's only touchdown during the game. He didn't quite make it-but give him time. ;) He also broke a Packer's rookie record-had 171 yards on 29 carries. Way to go, Samkon!! :)


Okay, so the last couple of months have been really hectic-I've either been too busy or too tired to post. I noticed at the beginning of this month I didn't even get a November Night Sky post out. dang! I've got so much to say and so little time! I fly to Minnesota this week. Two months ago, leaving this early seemed like such a good idea...

Hmmm...lets see: quick breakdown of the last co…

Valentine's Day present from the BBC....

D.W.Q.M.: "Eurkea!" -the Third Doctor

Doctor Who dvds are coming to America, Doctor Who dvds are coming to America!!!!!

What could be better thank region 1 discs for the first series coming to Canada? The BBC releasing a set in the United States!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

"The BBC is choosing to release the DVD set in advance of any plans to license Doctor Who for broadcast in the United States."

Here's another article of intrest from SciFi Wire.

Perhaps this will help. *keeping fingers crossed*
February 14th, 2006.