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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Sunday, July 31, 2005

*heehee* at least I'm not the only one.

D.W.Q.M.: Dr Percival: "E equals m C cubed."
the Master: "Squared."
Dr. Percival: "What?"
the Master: "E = m C squared, not cubed." (from the Third Doctor story, the Time Monster)

WVIZ still sucks-it's now after 1, and they are still airing the wine auction. blah

On a much lighter note-I decided to read some blogs and found
this entry at Big Orange Michael. It made me laugh! Hmmmm...I wonder if the 10th planet has Cybermen on it. ;)
posted by Romana1 on 12:13 AM | *

Saturday, July 30, 2005


D.W.Q.M.: "Well I have something of vital importance to tell you, that you sir are a NIWIT!" -the Third Doctor

Ok, well, it's not August yet, so I'm going to post something that made me mad!

I have said it before, and I'll say it again: CLEVELAND'S PBS STATION SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's bad enough that they don't air the cool programs like the British comedies (like Are You Being Served?) and Red Dwarf and Doctor Who (when the BBC was still giving PBS the rights to show them) but now they aren't even showing what they have scheduled to air!!!!

I knew it was too good to be true-I went to WVIZ's website to see when the program Soundstage aired. More specifically, when the Wallflowers were going to be on it. I was quite surprised when I saw an actual listing for our PBS station. I was so glad that I hadn't missed it. It's supposed to be on right now. I was a bit concerned when my Guide Plus told me that a different episode of Soundstage was supposed to be on, so I decided to tune in at midnight to see which one it was.

So, what did I see? And what is on now? A wine auction.

A FRAKKIN' WINE AUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not care about Ohio wines. I'm not much of a wine person. (except for yummy cranberry wine from Iowa ;) ) But that's not the point. The point is, this auction was supposed to have ended a half hour ago!!!! Soundstage should be on now-I should be watching the Wallflowers right now!

You know what's worse? I can't even check to see if Akron's PBS station is airing the program because my cable company sucks just as much as WVIZ, and doesn't carry Akron's PBS station. How dumb is that? (btw, Akron's station shows the cool British comedies). Also, I'm too far north and my antenna is rather weak, so I can't get it through regular broadcast.

*sigh* They are on table 'W' right now (I'm only watching to see if they'll even air the program) I think I'm going to tune out for a while and check at 1 to see if it's all just running really, really late.

LOL. Reading this over, I sound quite childish. Well, I'm upset, so I'll end with the appropriate Doctor Who quote:

"What's wrong with being childish? I like being childish." -the Third Doctor.

/end rant. I feel better now. ;)
posted by Romana1 on 11:17 PM | *

Friday, July 29, 2005

August Blog Challenge

D.W.Q.M.: "When everything is new, can anything be a surprise?" -Cho-je, (from the Third Doctor story, Planet of the Spiders)

I think I figured out what is wrong with my fonts. In Blogger, you have 'Edit HTML' mode and 'Compose' mode. Compose mode allows you to choose your font (if I'm not mistaken, a fairly recent addition) I think that's confusing the CSS file (which controls my fonts), or something. So, for now, after I'm done typing in HTML mode, I'll switch over to Compose mode and change the font to veranda. Haven't decided on the size I like best, though-so the size might change from time to time.


Big Orange Michael has posted a Blog challenge for August which I am going to participate in. Every day (or nearly every day) you post about something that made you happy that day. It sounds like alot of fun! :) :)

If it had started today, I know exactly what I'd post about-I won tickets to a Neil Diamond concert! Yay! I am so excited!!!
posted by Romana1 on 11:47 PM | *

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stargate, where the stars of cancelled scifi shows start to gather...

D.W.Q.M.: "She lets her knowledge out a bit at a time, so as not to embarrass me." -Ian Chesterson

...so says Jerm. But he's right, you know! ;) Just take a look at the evidence:

Ben Browder-John Crichton of Farscape, now Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell of Stargate: SG-1

Claudia Black-Aeryn Sun of Farscape, now Vala Mal Doran of Stargate: SG-1

Lexa Doig-Rommie of Andromeda, now Dr. Carolyn Lam of Stargate: SG-1

Mitch Pileggi-Walter Skinner of the X-Files, now Col. Steven Caldwell of Stargate: Atlantis

(ooh, and as a side note, Robert Patrick-Doggett of the X-Files was Col. Summner(sp?) in the Stargate: Atlantis pilot. Sure his character didn't last beyond the pilot, but that still counts.)

Hmmm...have I missed anybody?

Don't get me wrong-I am not complaining here. I have really enjoyed the new seasons of the Stargates. I just find it amusing. :) (and seeing Browder, Shanks, and Judge at once on the same screen is an added bonus. LOL :-D) ;)
posted by Romana1 on 11:03 PM | *

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

July Night Sky

D.W.Q.M: Duke Juliano: "There's this man in Florence- claims that by arranging ground glasses in a certain order, it's possible to see the moon and stars as large as your hand."
Marco:"Is that a good thing?" (from the Fourth Doctor story, The Masque of Mandragora)

Sorry this is so late and a bit brief!
Today's astronomy post is brought to you by
Sky and Telescope

Around midnight on July 4th I was standing outside my sister's house, looking out at the dark sky wishing I had a telescope! Deep Impact collided with Comet Tempel 1-
click here for an article about the impact! :)

July 5th: Earth is at it's 2005 aphelion (farthest point away from the sun)

July 17th: Mars is at it's perihelion (closest to the sun in orbit)

July 20th: The two brightest starts in the sky will be out at equal, great heights. Vega high toward the east and Arcturus high toward the southwest.

July 21st: Full moon at 7:00am EDT. This is the closest and largest full moon of 2005. Cool!

July 23rd: Saturn is in conjunction with the Sun (almost directly behind it) Also, look south right after dark for bright orange-red Antares, the heart of the constellation Scorpius.

This Day in Astronomy

July 20th, 1969: The first Moon landing!! :) :)

Clear skies and happy viewing!!

(p.s. Happy birthday, Jer!) :)
posted by Romana1 on 11:43 AM | *

Saturday, July 16, 2005

2 trumpets, 3 clarinets, and a partridge in a pear tree...

D.W.Q.M.: the First Doctor: "You know, I acquired that ulster from Gilbert and Sullivan."
Ian: "Oh, really? I thought it was made for two."

Hey! I'm back online. :) I can do everything except send mail from my dreamingheart address-but hopefully I'll have that remedied soon. (I can check it though-thank goodness!) :)

Hopefully I'll get around to talking about my trip to MN soon. Mellon now has her first tooth and can crawl! (Unfortunately both of these events happened after I left) She was backing up while I was there! She hadn't quite figured out how to move forward, but she was pretty close.

Tonight was our first night at the Mt. Carmel gig. My friend Mike and his friend Andy came up from Dayton to play. :) Unfortunately it was raining, and apparently the new priest there hired another band for the evening, so we only did the walk around the neighborhood and then left. Apparently the guys who take us to our stops didn't know we wouldn't be playing tonight either. Oh, well. We were still appreciated when we played, so it's all good. We will be doing both the procession and the evening sit down tomorrow though. There weren't many there this evening, so it's a good thing we didn't do a sit down. While they were counting the number of each instrument we had, it almost sounding like they were singing the beginning of 'the Twelve Days of Christmas'. ;)

This job always seems hard-even harder than the 4 nights during the Feast in August! (Well, at times anyway) It's always so hot and muggy, and we have to deal with rain almost every year (except during the procession-go figure!) I think this procession tomorrow is harder, simply due to the fact that there is very little relief in the way of shade-only one street that's lined with trees. Thank God for the families who make water stops for us-we don't know what we'd do with out you! :) :) We heard a rumor that they are making some changes to the procession tomorrow-possibly longer? Yikes! Ooh, I sound like I'm complaining. Although it sounds miserable (weather-wise) I still have fun doing it-it's also fun to hear stories of the band from members who have been here awhile. What's scary is that some of these stories I remember because I was there! ;) Hmm...let's see-this is my 8th year playing with the band-WOW! :) I'm still having fun!

BTW, I picked up my copy of the new Harry Potter book, but I haven't begun to read it yet. I want to finish the book I'm currently reading first, and I have to decide if I should start on the book I got from the library, or just hope I can renew it a couple more times. ;)
posted by Romana1 on 10:14 PM | *

Monday, July 11, 2005

I am back!

D.W.Q.M.: "No, impossible. I'm fully booked for the next 3 centuries." -the Fourth Doctor

Yes, I'm back! Yes! I had fun! Yes, the kiddies are cuter than ever! Yes, I took pictures! Yes, they are 'instant gratification' pictureS! (digital camera pics) No! they are not downloaded/uploaded. :-D

Hey, I just got back, give me a break. ;) Actually, the uploaded part may be a while-I have to get a new isp (blah) and I don't know how soon I'll have that set up. For now, brief lunch posts, and possibly posts on a friend's computer, is all that I can do. *sigh*

It took me over an hour to get through all my junk mail (yuk). And I don't know what's up with the font on my blog-it's posting in the wrong font. I noticed that before I left, but wasn't able to work on it.

*sigh* The worst part about going on vacation is getting back into reality. I think my alarm went off for 3 minutes before I realized it was going off and I had to get up to go to work! I felt so lost this morning. LOL. ;)

Better go eat lunch-I need my energy to help me get through everthing that piled up at work while I was gone!
posted by Romana1 on 11:00 AM | *

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