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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hell hath frozen over...

D.W.Q.M.: "Who sold you on that? An Eskimo?" -Sarah Jane Smith (from the Fourth Doctor story, Seeds of Doom)

I never thought I'd see the day.

Case Western Reserve University will be closed tomorrow.

That's how bad the weather is. Case never closes. I've been on the phone all night with people-including my supervisor-he said it's official, we don't have to report into work tomorrow.

WOO! My first snow day as an adult!!!!!!!!!!

Today has just been crazy.

8:00am Radar shows all of Ohio covered in some sort of precipitation. Mostly snow, except for a slight line of pink, followed by a bit of green in southwest Ohio. Ohio is under a winter storm warning...except for the Toledo area...they are under a blizzard warning.

11:00am Karen, in Columbus, is worried about being able to dig out her car. Up here, the snow isn't that bad...yet.

1:15pm Her boss comes back from lunch-says it's only going to get worse-but doesn't let them go home. Ohio State has closed at this point. Snow has turned into freezing rain there. Up here, the snow has started to pick up-it's getting more and more difficult to see CIA or that monstrosity that they call the Peter B Lewis building.

3:00pm Downtown Cleveland closes-people start to head home. We're still here, but the admin offices are starting to get rather empty. ;)

4:00pm Carolyn and Suzanne decide to leave at 4:15 (their normal time is 4:30).

4:10(ish) Chatting with my sister in MN, I toy with the idea of leaving at 4:45. She thinks it's a good idea.

4:15pm Carolyn and Suzanne leave-maybe they'll see me at the bus. (I hope they are joking)

5:00pm Staying until 5 after all, I finally leave. I get to the bus stop, and Suzanne is still there. Kathy's been there since 4. Carolyn managed to squeeze onto an already over-crowded bus. There hasn't been a 9 or 6 bus since then.

5:09pm Standing in the crowded bus shelter, I decide to walk home-there's no guarentee that I'll be able to get on the first bus that shows up anyway. Call me insane, but I did it anyway. I head down Adelbert towards Murray Hill.

5:21pm Reach Murray Hill, and start walking towards Edgehill. At this point I am silently cursing myself for totally slacking off on the exercising these past couple of weeks, as my calves start to hurt.

5:25pm Begin the slow, torcherous climb up Edgehill. (I had decided that although Mayfield might have been quicker-it's also steeper-and with all the snow and the way my legs were feeling-if I had fallen, I might not have been able to get back up again.)

5:32pm I made it to the top!! Is the worst over> Depends on your point of view, I guess. ;) My glasses have started to freeze up. The wind and the snow seemed to be coming from all directions. My cheeks are starting to feel kind of hot-and I silently thank my Mommy for the nice long scarf, headband and tam she gave me several winters ago. ;) I'm also thankful I pulled my warmer gloves from the basket this morning.

5:41pm Hit Kennelworth..I think it was 5:41-it was hard to see with my glasses.

5:45pm Finally hit Mayfield...then end is near! I decided to walk on the side of the street with the cemetary, so I could use the fence as a guide and possible support. Halfway up the street, I pass a guy walking in the opposite direction. We both smile, wave, and chuckle at the thought that we are not the only ones impatient enough not to wait for a bus. At this point, traffic is backed up to Euclid heading east. Heading west, the road is pretty empty. I can see the glowing read sign at the Marathon station at the corner. Huh. Gas is $2.35.

5:55pm Mayfield and Coventry!!!!! The snow drifts seem worse. I'm pretty sure I haven't been walking in a straight line-I can barely see out of my glasses. I decide to walk in the street for a bit.

6:09pm HOME!!!! I must have shaken off at least two inches of snow from my coat, hat, scarf, backpack and purse.

7:00pm Snow is still falling at the rate of 1-2 inches per hour. The weather guy says we may even hear thunder from time to time. There is still a blizzard warning to the west-now it's as close as Sandusky.

Snow is still falling, and the snow plows are moving rather slow. I'm just glad I made it home-the walk was rather tiring, but I survived. (hey, I was raised in Minnesota-I'm used to this kind of weather!! ;) )

However, after being scolded by
Perseph, I promised her that I would call her before walking home in terrible weather again. :)


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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ro and Shar's LAFF update #2

D.W.Q.M.: Mel: "His favorite drink is carrot juice."
the Seventh Doctor: "I hate carrot juice!"
Mel: "Oh."

Oops, I've been a little lazy about LAFF updates. So far it's been going okay since the beginning of the year. I haven't been loosing much weight, but then again, I haven't been gaining much either. ;) I've lost about 5 pounds since the beginning of the year-not bad, but not great-I know I can do better.

I've been kind of lazy in regards to exercising in the past week-I didn't do much at all. I thought I was coming down with a cold last week-I was feeling very tired and a little achy. Actually, it probably would have been a lot worse-but since starting this with Shar, I've changed my diet to include more fruits and vegetables-and other healthy choices-I'm sure my immune system appreciates that. ;) I haven't been walking much, either-at least not for 30 minutes. I do enjoy walking in the cold-however-it's been just a little too cold the past week-with temps and windchills being near or sub-zero. Breathing in weather like this can be hard on the lungs-plus there is the possible frostbite issue... I've tried marching in place for 30 minutes, but I discovered I don't like that as much. Must work on that...

Hey, speaking of our LAFF plan-Shar and I have been doing this for 22 weeks!!! Overall I am pleased with my progress. Despite my laziness this past week, I am trying to exercise more, and I've changed my diet. Hopefully my chloresterol with show that at my next Dr.'s appointment. ;) Also, friends and family who don't see me as often have noticed that I've lost weight-even those who see me everyday have been noticing-so that makes me feel good. Yay! :)

This week also marks the halfway point in the National Body Challenge. I was a little disappointed with Ballys (won't get into that now)-but oh, well-the 8 week free membership wasn't the reason why I joined the Body Challenge in the first place. ;) I'm halfway to my weight goal for the course of the challenge, so, yay!! :)

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Look, Ma! It can get cold down here!

D.W.Q.M.: Moberly: "Are you OK, dressed like that? You don't seem to notice the cold."
the Fourth Doctor: "I haven't come ten thousand miles to discuss the weather, Mr Moberly."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My friend DJ took this picture yesterday morning at his bus stop. Yup, that's two below!

To me, this
is what winter is supposed to be like. So cold that you have to bundle up so the only thing people can see are the whites of your eyes. Of coure, I didn't get glasses until I was down here in Ohio-so not being able to see since your glasses are fogging up because of your warm breath is being directed back to them due to the scarf wrapped around your face is still quite an adventure for me. ;)

For the past couple of days, people have been asking me if it's cold enough for me yet. Yes, I constantly complain that it's not cold enough to be winter. I mean-to me, winter means cold! Snow! Sledding! Skating! Ice fishing! (well, ok, I've never done that-but my sister took her kids ice fishing last month and said they had a blast.) Oh, and how can I forget? Snowball fights!!

I grew up tripping over car batteries in the morning, because it was so cold my father and grandfather brought them in at night. If we wanted to go somewhere, there was, at least, a 20 minute wait as we waited for the car to warm up. We used to make the most awesome snow forts ever in our front yard. And, living in the land of 10,000 Lakes, there was always a lake nearby that was perfect for ice skating. This past Christmas I went ice skating on the pond behind my sister's house. It was the first time I had gone skating in years. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed gliding along the ice on two blades...

But I digress-I'm supposed to be talking about the cold. LOL. Yes, it is cold enough for me. :-D We've all had great fun joking about it too. Monday morning, MamaRamna asked me how the weather was on my way into work (it was about 3 below at that point) I said it was fine, but I'm not really the person to ask. What is fine for me may be unbearable for others. ;)

My favorite, though-was Jerm's-he's giving me a ride home today-so he wrote:
"Bundle..." (then paused for a moment)
"oh wait, you're from minnesota..."
"feel free to unbundle."

LOL!! :)
bring it on! :-D
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