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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Friday, August 29, 2003

St. Rocco's

D.W.Q.M.: 2nd Doctor: "Let's have a tune to cheer us all up!"
Ben: "Yeah, I didn't think we'd heard the last of that."
(the Doctor begins to play his recorder)

Ah, yes! St. Rocco's.. Our last gig of the summer. Here is the schedule of events (i'm sorry this is posted so late-I've either been too busy, or the network's been too slow!!)

Saturday, August 30th: Evening concert, 7pm. We usually start with a short set while we're all standing in a circle in the middle of the festival-we play for about 45 minutes or so, and then we get a break. The rest of the evening is a sitdown concert, with at least one more break during the night. There is usually a bandstand, so you can't miss us. ;) play until 10:30 or so, but, like the Feast, this may change, and we may play a little later-who knows? ;)

Sunday, Augusts 31st: Procession, 3pm. We start in front of the church, but I'm not as familiar with the route as I am in Little Italy. It usually lasts about an hour, and between the procession and the evening concert, we usually go to the Zoo and hang out with the penguins. ;) Evening concert, 7pm-same set up as the night before.

Well, that's about it. I don't anticipate any major changes.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! :)
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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

And finally! :)

D.w.Q.M.: Jo: "So that was some sort of spell you said?"
The Third Doctor: "He thought it was. That's why he ran away. Actually it was the first line of a Venusian lullaby. Roughly translated, it goes, "Close your eyes, my darling; well, three of them at least."

Ah, the last day of the Feast, but before we get to Little Italy, come with me to the West si-ide, to a little place called St. Rocco's :) During the Feast, St. Roccos celebrates St. Nicola with a small procession around the church (while processing, they pray the Rosary...in Italian....with us playing Itlalian marches the entire time) followed by a lucheon. We are told that if we stop playing, they stop moving. We process around the church and then into their dining hall, and after the food is blessed, we play some of the more popular Italian music while they eat. After everyone is served, they offer us lunch as well (they always make sure there is enough for the band!!) Once everyone is done eating, we play Roxie's theme over and over again for them. What usually happens is that several people grab pots and pans and start banging them in time to the music, and they start to parade around the dining hall-others join in, and they are laughing and dancing in a line! It's alot of fun to participate in that. Also, since almost everyone has Roxie's theme memorized (almost a requirement for Italian band!), we are able to watch them, rather than our music. :) It's a nice little break from the Feast. Next year they are planning to have the procession a week earlier, because it will conflict with the procession in Little Italy, which will be on a Sunday next year.

Now travel back east with me to Little Italy! The last day of the Feast we don't have a sit down concert, but we do play standing in the streets for a while, and then visit the neighborhood. We had a few more shut-ins to visit-one of them had a family party while we were there, and they offered us homemade wine! (look out! It's usually pretty strong! ;) ) After that, we went to Angie's-we always have a good time there-there is usually someone at her party who has a birthday and an anniversary, so we play 'Happy Birthday' and 'That's Amore' for them, and they feed us well. ;) Usually we have a break between 8-9pm (they have Mass then) and after Mass is over, we start lining up for the evening procession, as they take Mary from the Shrine outside of the church, and process her back into the sanctuary. Usually we are placed in front of the statue, but this year, Father Racco (yikes-I have been mispelling his name-I hope he can forgive me) wanted us behind the statue, so he and those singing in the procession could hear us play. If you think the street is crowded during the Feast, you should be there on the last day! The crowd usually has to step back a few paces just to make room for us, and it's nearly impossible to walk anywhere without bumping into someone. We play Immaculate Mary the most-I think the record has been 30 times! We start at the church, walk up to the street donut shop formerly known as Prestis and then back down to the front of the church. Father Racco then says a few prayers, then a couple of readings are read, and then some hymns are sung (like Ave Maria). After that, they have an awesome fireworks display! (I love fireworks at night-not too fond of them when they are in the middle of a procession. ;) ) lol. After the fireworks we play the 2 national anthems, and that's it! The Feast is over for another year!

I'm always both relieved and sad when the Feast is over-relieved that I survived another Feast of the Assumption, but sad that it is over, because it means that the summer is almost over. But I had a great time, so it's all good! :) (stay tuned for St. Rocco's agenda this weekend-our last gig of the summer!)
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Saturday, August 23, 2003

...and still, the band played on...

D.W.Q.M.: "I can feel my hair curling, which either means its going to rain, or I'm onto something." -the Fourth Doctor

Ah...the Feast just wouldn't be the Feast unless there was a threat of rain at least one of the days. All day Saturday (well, okay, the half of Saturday that I was up! ;) ) we watched the weather forecast and the radar-the rain was coming! Would it be enough to cancel the Feast? Of course not! We started off as usual in the streets, and there was a slight drizzle, which became heavier as time wore on. Jesse suggested to our fearless leader Nick, that we stop by Primo Vino ( I have yet to actually eat there!!) and play there while waiting it out. It looked like Nick didn't want to do that just yet (he wanted to go around the neighborhood some more) but Jesse convinced him that it would be a good idea-because we still had to get through Sunday (small procession around St. Roccos church, and the evening procession at Holy Rosary) and we didn't need clarinet and saxophone pads falling out on us before the weekend was thorugh. Nick agreed and we headed to the resturant. Now, I don't know if you've ever been to Primo Vino or not, but it's very small, a little on the dark side, and when we play there, it gets really loud! Usually it's pretty crowded too-it's amazing we all fit in there with our instruments. They seem to enjoy us, and serve us drinks. Since it's air conditioned, it's a nice break from the muggy weather. Afterwards it was quite obvious that there had been a downpour-good thing we were inside!! :)

Even though it had rained, it was still quite muggy, so when we made a stop at someone's house who had a small wading pool, a few of us dunked our heads into it! :) That was quite refreshing!!! Unfortunately, though, there was still a threat of rain-while we were visiting two shut ins, it began to drizzle again. Several of us broke into 'Singing in the Rain' and 'Yellow Submarine'. (ah, to think, if this had been 15 years ago, and my parents singing, I would have been very embarrassed.) Not anymore. (hey, i'm still not that old. ;) ) So we decided to break early and see what happens.

While we were waiting it out, Father Rocco came to visit us-aparently Jesse had arranged another piece for us to play during the evening procession, and Father Rocco wanted to hear it. He liked it, and then asked us to play what we usually play. (ok, I do know the name of the song, but I'm not sure how to spell it, so rather than embarrass myself, I'll just wait until St. Roccos next week and write down the name then!) Apparently we have been playing it a little to slow, so he asked us to speed it up a little, and seemed pleased with the results. (We did this in one of the third floor classrooms at the school, so the music echoed quite a bit. :) ) Anyho, he said he was glad he got the chance to talk to us, because he rarely gets the chance to talk to us all at once. On his last trip to Italy, he said he got some really good ideas for the procession-every year he's working on a new aspect of the Feast celebration, and this year it was the procession. He said he wants to make it so that the Plain Dealer will stop calling it a parade, and start calling it a procession. Afterwards he told us that it was our call about the rain-if it stops, great, go out and play...and if it doesn't, well, not much you can do about that-but he agreed about not wanting the clarinets and saxophones out in the rain more than necessary. But we still stuck it out-our first set we set up right next to the school, and didn't bring out the black books (the only music that isn't water proof), but after the first set, it looked like the rain had passed, so we brought them out. I'm glad too, 'cause I like playing music from the black books! The rest of the evening went pretty well, the only bad part was when someone who apparently had a little too much drinky, nearly knocked me off my chair when she bumped into me. Oh, well-that sometimes happens. ;)

Three days down, and one more to go! :)
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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Procession, not a parade! :)

D.W.Q.M.:Ian: "Vicki, I didn't know you knew about the Beatles."
Vicki: "Well of course I know about the Beatles...but...I didn't know they played classical music.
Barbara: "Classicalmusic?!"
Ian: "Times change, Barbara (lowers voice slightly) times change."

Before I go into the second day of the Feast, I have a little work related side note-here's a new one! One of the collection managers approached me today with a book with pages that seemed to be out of order. Upon further inspection, I noticed that there were pages missing, and it its place, were pages from a totally different book! Not even the same subject area! When I spoke to our vendor about it, she mentioned she had seen that before, but had no idea how or why it happens. :) Also-I get to be in a video! Sort of-our preservation department is making a video for new student employees, sort of a training video-the do's and don'ts, etc, etc. I don't have a speaking part, but I do get a credit! :)

Ah, now back to the Feast-the title actually refers to something that happened on Saturday, but I'll get to that later. Friday I woke up about 10 till 8 by the sound of my printer resetting itself! At first I was still a little groggy, and I wasn't sure what was going on, but then it dawned on me that my printer resets itself whenever it is plugged in, or the power comes back on! I did a quick run through my apartment-the fridge was humming happliy away, and the clocks and my tv were working! I even still had cable!! I also discovered that I was lucky and never lost water-yay!!! So I got ready for what is perhaps the longest day of the Feast. :)

I decided to stop by the gas station on the corner to pick up some bottled water (he didn't have the prices jacked, which was good) and made my way down into Little Italy-on the actual Feast day, they close the streets at 10am to get ready for the procession. It was only 10am and already quite warm and humid. Also, we were slightly worried that we wouldn't have a big turn out-we were missing some key people-like Pete, our percussionist. Well, it turns out (as it usually does when we are worried-we always try to make our best impression with the procession-hey, that rhymed! ;) ) that we didn't have to worry-Pete found us some replacements, and we had 6 trumpets and clarinets each, along with a pretty hefty bass section. Yay!! While we were lining up, I spotted several of my coworkers who had come to watch-I thought that was really cool. :) Also, the mayor was there-dressed in the suit she had worn the night before at her press conference-she had been up all night long, and still walked the procession! Wow-I would have been like, 'nite all! i'm sleepin'!' Especially with the temperature and humidity being so high. ;)

The procession went rather smoothly-nobody from the band had to drop out (hey, that's happened before) and as usual, several band memebers brought water bottles to make sure the rest of the band has enough water so we wouldn't pass out. There was only one water stop this time around, but considering the night before, we weren't too surprised. Most of the water was unsafe to drink-this water stop had water from bottles, but for most of our stops the water comes straight from the tap. It didn't matter much though-they shortened the procession by about a half hour-the biggest difference we noticed was that instead of walking all the way up to the corner of Adelbert and Murray Hill, we turned onto Cornell. That was ok, though! We weren't going to complain. When we came to the water stop, they had ice water for us-Tina accidently spilled some down my back-I was definitely startled by the ice cold, but no way was I going to complain about it! LOL. ;)

After the procession we hung out at Wayne's place-I tried working on my scarf, but only got about 3 rows done before I decided I needed a nap. But it was a nice nap in the AC. :) We started the evening events around 6pm, but we discovered that they wanted us to play until 11pm, instead of 10:30-also, instead of a sit down concert at 8:30, it was bumped up to 9. I must apologize to those who came around 8 expecting to find us in the area-I'm sorry! I didn't have a chance to warn you guys! I'm really glad that you decided to stick around though. :) :)

We started our neighborhood walk at the festival, and then we visited some shut-ins before going to a couple of parties. I know that some people may think visiting shut-ins may be kind of a downer, but I don't think so. First of all, Father Rocco gave us a list of people to visit-and usually doesn't tell them that he's doing it, so it's a nice surprise for them, and it shows them that he really cares about the parish community. Also, after we play, you should see the look on their faces-they are really glad that we took the time to come and play-they really appreciate us being there. It's nice to be appreciated, and it's nice to know that someone is looking out for you and wants to make sure you are a part of something, even if you can't get there on your own. Its all good, all around. :) It always puts me in a good mood when I know I've helped someone make their day.

My good mood even got better when I saw my friends at the Feast, waiting for our concert! Jerm, P^2, Andy, 'the Doctor' and Michelle were all there-I hope I didn't miss anybody. Also, Mike drove up from Dayton to play his trumpet-yay!! I even got to play first clarinet, and we played some of my favorite pieces from the black book! I can now say I've conquered (well, for the most part anyway) the 1st and 2nd parts to 'the Barber of Seville'. And I absolutely love playing 1st for 'Libiamo, Libiamo!' (just in case you don't recognize the name-it's been featured in the latest Quiznos commericals-they one where the guys house blows up, cause he left on the gas) :) :) Thank you Persephone for taking some pics for us! :) And I want to thank all of you again for coming! It really meant a lot to me-I have so much fun at these gigs (especially the Feast) and I get really excited when I have the chance to share it with my friends! :) I'm glad you all enjoyed it, even though it was still quite warm and muggy-thanks for sticking it out! :) :) Like I said before, it really meant a lot to me. :)

Afterwards we went over to P^2s house for a while to hang out and play some Cranium and Killer Bunnies. It was a long and tiring day, but a very good day for me. :)
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Monday, August 18, 2003

...and the band played on...

"Holy Rosary, Batman!" -Jerm

Well, this post will cover two events-the first night of the Feast, and the blackout we had here in Cleveland. Our first night at the Feast was rather short due to black out, which started just after 4pm. I was still at work-in the middle of a record, in fact, when the lights flickered, went out for a second,came back on-then we lost our internet connection, and all of the lights in the library went out and the emergency lights blinked on. Mike, one of our tech team members went around and told us to unplug everything. After we discovered that several other states and Canada was affected, I gave my sister a call in MN. I asked her if she still had power, and she groggily said 'yeah'. I told her to turn on CNN or something, and she started to tell me that she was sleepy. So I said, 'the entire eastern seaboard just lost power!'(an exaggeration, i know-but i got a very satisfying 'WHAT?!' from my sister. ;) ) She turned on the news, and my coworkers listened in as i relayed what was being said to them. Well, the library cleared out pretty fast, and I debated whether or not I should go home or to Little Italy. After hanging out at the circ desk for a while, i decided to brave the traffic on Euclid and Mayfield (i had to dodge traffic) and stop by Holy Rosary school (our meeting place) Good thing I did-I was told as long as they closed the streets, we would play. Go, Band!

There weren't very many of us the first night (understandable, under the circumstances), but they closed the streets, and we started to play. We moved from Mayfield to the street between the Church and Presti's, and after we finished a song, Jerm comes up to me and says, 'Holy Rosary, Batman!' then steps away and said, 'I'm good. My work here is done.' I heard someone behind me say '*hehheh, I like that...' His comment was a big hit with the band. :) Unfortunately we were told that they had to open Mayfield, and Father Rocco asked us to stop at 7, because they were worried that if we stayed and played, the crowd would stick around and hinder traffic-but they were still planning on having the procession the next day.

Well, Jerm came over to hang out for a while, so we ate popsicles before they melted, and watched the news on my portable black and white tv. Earlier, when we were still in Little Italy, we saw someone from Channel 3 who had been there for 3 hours. All the news stations kept saying they wondered how many people were actually watching them (i doubt many people had battery operated tvs, but you never know ;) ) When the sun began to set, we went outside to see how dark it really was, and I was shocked to discover that there were actually stars in the cleveland skies! ;) We even saw the Milky Way! We walked around my apartment to see if the moon or Mars had started to rise, and as we walked back, we saw a bright meteor rip across the sky through the Big Dipper. Totally awesome!!! Unfortunatley since the moon was only a couple of days past full,when it began to rise, the sky began to lighten. Jerm left shortly there after, and I gave Persephone and Paul a call to let them know what was happening, and then decided to turn in...well, okay, not really-I went outside again, and boy-the moonlight was so bright it was almost like the street lights were working. It was quite eerie, with no sounds except for the crickets. Yes, what an evening it had been...

Tonight's blog was edited with the help of P^2 (Persephone and Paul) ;) Thanks for letting me use your computer, guys! :)))

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Feast! (and there will be more stuff about Italian band, I promise! ;) ) LOL.
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D.W.Q.M.:"What do you think of my new face, by the way? Hmmm. I wasn't too sure of it myself to begin with, but it sort of grows on you." -The Third Doctor

Woo-hoo! I changed my template!! Successfully!! Yay! Special thanks to both Jaya and Persephone for answering my questions!

I survived both the blackout and the Feast. And coming soon to a blog near you: the Feast of the Assumption! ;) There was so much that went on that I want to share with you that i'm probably going to have to break it down and talk about each day seperately. Each day was completely different, and I had a great time! I also want to take the time now to thank all of my friends and coworkers who were able to come during the Feast to watch the Italian band-THANK YOU! :) :) (and i'll probably be thanking you again..) ;)
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Monday, August 11, 2003

oopss..forgot to mention this

I knew I would forget to add something-our evening concerts usually last until 10:30 pm.
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The Feast

D.W.Q.M.: "Now you've squashed my favorite Beatles." - the First Doctor

Okay! As promised, here is a breakdown of the Feast of the Assumption:

Evening concerts: at 6 we start playing in the street-usually in front of the school or the church, and work our way up through the crowd. This goes until about 6:30, sometimes earlier than that- and then we canvas the neighborhood-visit families giving parties, and also we visit the sick and shut-ins. (Father Rocco usually give us a list of parishoners who are unable to attend the Feast, and we go and visit them and play for them-they are always very appreciative of our visit!) That usually goes on until about 7:30 or so. We take a break, and the sit-down concerts start anywhere between 8-8:30pm. Usually in front of the church or school-you can't miss us, we sit in a circle right in the middle of the street! ;)

Thursday, August 14th- Evening Concert

Friday, August 15th- 11am Procession (well, give or take-these things rarely start on time!!) ;) througout the neighborhood-last time estimate was about 2.5 hours-yikes! ;) ;Evening Concert

Saturday, August 16th: Evening Concert

Sunday, August 17th: last day of the Festival-usually harder to find us at any one given time-we start playing in the streets around 6pm, sometimes we canvas the neighborhood, sometimes we don't-until about 8, i think. No sit down concert. Around 9:30pm or so(may be earlier) we start to line up for Mary's funeral procession-it's a very short procession, just up and down Little Italy, Ave Maria is sung, and then Father Rocco says some prayers...I also believe there are some readings, but I'm not sure... then fireworks, and we play the Italian and American national Anthems.

there's the quick breakdown!! If anything changes, I'll try to post them. Oh, and in case of rain-we usually try to stick it out-we'll wait in the school or something, unless there's no sign of it letting up-we usually wait until we get the word from Father Rocco.

I've been pretty busy lately, and I haven't had the time to work on my scarf much. :( Hopefully after this week I'll have more time! I'm also working on changing my blog template-I've uploaded some images, now all I have to do is find the time to work on the template code! :)
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Friday, August 08, 2003

i'm a busy beaver!

D.W.Q.M.: "Sorry, must dash." -the Fifth Doctor

Tacos Mariachi
(To the tune of "Mexican Hat Dance")

Ta-co, Ta-co, Ta-co
It's taco night time tonight
Ta-co, Ta-co, Ta-co
It's starting to feel just right

I just want to eat all of those tacos
They make me feel good, oh those tacos
From my hat and right down to my sock-o's
I just want to eat all of them up

(taco email submitted by Jerm last week)

Yeah, I know, this is late-I didn't have time to post this last week, and since we had to move taco night to Friday this week, I thought I would post it now. We've all been so busy, that we couldn't get together on Wednesday or Thursday! (our normal taco rescheduled night). As Jerm said in today's email: "Whoa, tacos on Friday. That's got be against some sort of law, or maybe it's just a flaw in the matrix." ;)

Yup, I've been pretty busy-and will be even more so with next week being the Feast of the Assumption and all. I promised Persephone that I would post when Italian band would be performing at the Feast-no matter how busy I am, I will post that before the 14th, so all interested parties can stop by if they have the chance! :) (the festival at Holy Rosary runs from the 14th-17th.) Anyho, I just wanted to check in and say 'Hi!'

scarf update: 271/830 rows. (at 259, the scarf measured 3ft!)
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Monday, August 04, 2003

"I don't want to grow up, i'm a toys ' r' us kid..." ;)

D.W.Q.M.: "What's wrong with being childish? I like being childish." -the Third Doctor

Only 2 copies of the Monster of Peladon in the entire Cleveland/cuyahoga public library systems, and they are both mine, mine, mine!!! Muahahahahahaaa... Ahem. I'm ok, really I am. Not long after I made my rant post, the first copy of Monster was returned to the library and sent my way (yay!). I picked it up on Thursday, but forgot to cancel my second hold-so when I went to return some dvds on Saturday, I passed by the hold shelves and noticed i had another item on the shelf. So I went and checked it out and noticed that some bozo forgot to rewind the tapes. Well, if i'm not going to be nice and take them both, I will at least be nice and rewind the tapes (so I don't get charged for them anyway. *heehee*) I told Jerm that when we watch them, we should watch tape 1 from one set, and tape 2 from the other. LOL. I thought about keeping them both the full 3 weeks, but that will just be way too mean and vindictive-so I will return one later this week. I just couldn't help myself though-besides, everyone has had a good laugh over the situation. ;) Also, copies of this video showed up on both half.com and eBay again-unfortunately the person selling the vid on half.com knows it's very hard to come by, so he or she is selling it for higher than the list price-those meanies! :p

So last week I had to do one of the awful things that grownups have to do-figure out their budget. Yuck! I really hate this part of being an adult-and my friend Sharon agrees with me 100%!! By the time you finish figuring out all of the 'should pay' and 'need to pay' items, you only have about $10 left for yourself. We both remember being teenagers and we couldn't wait to be adults so we could do whatever we wanted and buy whatever we wanted. Disillusioned...that's what we were, disillusioned. And ignorant too-I do believe that I was warned as a teenager, but of course, didn't listen-like most teenagers do! ;) When I was trying to categorize everything, I ran into a snag-cable. What does that fall under? Utilities? Entertainment? Micellaneous? I asked Sharon, and she usually puts it under entertainment-but really thinks it should be in utilites, because, of course, you can't live without cable! I think I agree!!

Ah, my lunch break is up, so i have to go back to being a grownup, and go back to trying very hard to ignore the large pile of pizzelle cookies that our supervisor left on the physical processing table for us. He even sent an email that said 'Hello Happy Workers!' and 'please eat!' Ah, who woulda ever thought that you could gain weight by working in a library. LOL. :)
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