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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Friday, January 26, 2007

Ahhh! New blogger!!!!

D.W.Q.M.: "We still have our homicidal computer to deal with." -the Sixth Doctor

Well, in order to post, I had to upgrade. This is just to see if my template still looks ok. One of the issues that I had to deal with were custom-made templates-like they wouldn't upgrade...or something. I don't know-I had looked into it a little bit last week, but never got around to doing anything about it. I did a test post for the Idiot's Lantern, and that turned out alright. (I guess it recognized me as being the owner, even though I sort of inherrited that job-there were issues about that, too-but since it's a moot point now, I won't get into that.)

I'll do a posting on Ro Knits later-if these two work, then that one's bound to work.

Hey! It merged my profiles together without a problem! I can access SarahJane.tv from my dashboard again. Yay!

Alright, I'm going to publish this-keep your fingers crossed that this post correctly. LOL. ;) *crossing fingers*

I apologize in advance if things look stranger than normal on my blog. ;)


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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what? where'd the time go?!?

D.W.Q.M.: "You cannot speak as though reality is a one-dimensional concept." -the Valeyard (from the Sixth Doctor story, the Ultimate Foe.)

First of all, I just want to give a big THANK YOU to all my family and friends (both in person and online!) who made my birthday one heckuva happy one. Thank you sooo much!! You guys totally rock.

So as to my New Years resolutions-well, some are going ok, some have been broken, others are hanging on... ;) I know I said I was going to post more, but dang it-I just haven't had the time! :( I haven't even migrated my blogs over to the new Blogger yet, because I haven't had the chance to reinvestigate the issues that were holding me back before to see if they are still issues. Oh, well. I did update my profile for the new Blogger-I was planning on holding off on that until I migrate my blogs over, but decided to just go ahead and update a few things-hopefully that won't cause a problem when I finally do decide to migrate.

BTW, long weekends mean absolutely NOTHING if it's football playoff time. I got absolutely nothing accomplished this weekend. Oh, and just an aside-an entire game without a touchdown...not so exciting. lol. I guess I really am a pro-football junkie-it's the only sport that I really enjoy watching even if my team isn't playing. (actually, hockey might be the same-if I actually got to watch some hockey games! stupid cable...) ;)

Well, I take that back-I did get something thing accomplished-I went to the weigh-in for the
National Body Challenge that Discovery Health is running. I thought it would be a great way to kick-start my diet again. So far it's working! After 2 months of maintaining my weight, I've lost weight again! YAY!!!!!
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Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm how old?!?

D.W.Q.M.: Moberly: "You must be the Doctor. We were expecting someone much older."
the Fourth Doctor: "I'm only 749. Used to be even younger."

I've reached a milestone. Today, I'm 30. Holy crap! I'm 30!!! Hard to believe that just the other day I couldn't believe how old my niece was-and now I can't believe how old I am! ;)

Speaking of Boo-she was sick on her birthday. :( She was pretty bummed. I had been planning on having the gang at TacoNight sing to her-so after our weekly viewing of Farscape, I called her up and we sang to her. Alicat said she could tell when we started to sing, because this huge smile started to spread across Boo's face. Yay! And to my friends: THANK YOU! :)

Hmmm..I had this big long entry planned about how I felt about being 30 and reflecting on my life so far...but it got kind of boring in my head-so I decided not to post it. All I gotta say is, so far, so good!

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my friends, and you know-I might just have to get something to drink that's stronger than pop! LOL. ;) After that, I don't know what else is planned, but I'm gonna have a good time, doggonnit! :-D

It's 48 degrees here. It was 78 degrees colder when I was born. It's too warm!! (well, to be fair-Minneapolis is at 10 degrees right now-so it was only 40 degrees colder at the place of my birth) LOL.

Yes, I do love the cold. ;) No, despite what you might think-that's not the common feeling among Minnesotans-most just tolerate it more...at least that's the feeling I get among the ones I know. ;)

Oh, and before I forget-Happy 30th Anniversary of becoming a mommy, Mom! ;) Love ya!
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Friday, January 05, 2007

nighttime musings

D.W.Q.M.: "Hey, you're giving me the willies." (from the Second Doctor story, the Abominable Snowmen.)

Alot of fun stuff happened in Minnesota, and I want to share them here. However, readers who have been with me since the beginning know how that goes. LOL. I'll make my usual statement now-over the next week or so, I'll try to post some of the stories I have. Ha! ;)

Actually, I was inspired to write one now. I like to walk, especially in the evenings, after work. Well, today it was pouring rain, I mean REALLY pouring out-it was raining so much that the KSL oval looking like a raging river. (ok, maybe not THAT bad, but still-it was rainin' hard.) No walk after work tonight! Well, around 10, I noticed that the rain had let up, possibly even stopped. I thought-'hey, I'll go on a walk now.' Then my brain kicked in and said, 'NO, DUMMY! You're not in Shafer anymore!!!!' Especially after hearing the story of someone who was held up not to long ago along one of my walking routes-late at night.

The development that my sister lives in is a pretty safe place to walk at night. Several nights I'd go out for a walk after the kids were in bed, sometimes after the late night news as well. One night, around 9, I decided to go for a walk. Jon and my nephew, Kyle, were watching tv-so I called out to them that I was going on a walk so they'd know where I'd be. As I was about to leave the house, Jon called out, 'Watch out for timberwolves!' No, he wasn't joking-he was serious. Remember-last summer one of my sister's neighbors woke up to find a bear in their backyard, and they live right across from the woods. There had also been reports of cougars crossing into St. Croix (a mere seven miles from my sister's place), so he said I should keep an eye out for them too...just in case. I turned around and grabbed my flashlight. (not that that would really help, but I felt a little safer walking with it.)

So I started out on my walk. All of a sudden, a Siberian Huskie silently comes up from behind me and stops in front of me and starts to growl and bark a little. I froze completely as my brain seemingly took it's time to register that this was a dog and NOT a wolf standing in front of me. Hey, it was dark and I had just been told to watch out for timberwolves. As I tried to move forward, she would move to block me. Not wanting to argue with an unfamiliar dog, I decided to turn around and head back to the house. She followed me and stopped two houses away, and ran up the driveway when she saw that I was heading up to my sister's door. I stepped in the entryway and called up to the guys, 'hey, anyone you know have a Siberian Huskie?' Kyle immeadiately said that his friend Ben did. So Kyle came out with me to see if it was indeed Ben's dog, Sheba.

As we were walking, Kyle was debating calling out for her. I told him not to, because she had come up from behind me, and I hadn't been making any noise-perhaps she'd do the same as we were walking. To avoid being out all night for a dog not our own, I suggested to Kyle that we walk around the block and see if we can find her (keeping in mind that their block is significantly longer than your average city block). We were nearly home when she came up from behind us-the same manner as she did with me. (although this time she didn't growl or bark) We slowly walked up our driveway and she stopped at the house next door and looked at us. She slowly started to come towards us, so I told Kyle to grab Brutis's leash, but to only put it on her if she came up to him and let him do it. He jingled the leash and she walked up to him-so he hooked her up and we brought her back home, much to the relief of her owners. :)

I think we're lucky she recognized Kyle, and probably recogized the house as where Kyle lived. Reflecting on that, I keep remembering a story from my favorite Little House book, Little House in the Big Woods, when Laura's aunt and uncle and cousins came to their cabin for Christmas. As the kids were trying to fall asleep one night, they overheard Laura's aunt telling of the story about how the family dog had seemingly gone crazy one snowy winter night. Her uncle had been away, and her aunt needed to get water from the well-everytime she tried to go outside, their dog jumped in front of her and growled. She wasn't sure what to do, so she decided to wait until morning to try again. This time their dog acted normal and trotted along beside her. When she got to the well, she noticed panther tracks all around it. When Sheba had come up from behind me, she wouldn't let me go any farther-only back the way I came. She recognized Kyle as a friend, and where he lived. Did she see me leave the same house, and determine that I must be okay too, and didn't want me to go any farther because of what might have been waiting for me farther along the road? Guess I'll never know.
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

D.W.Q.M.: "When everything is new, can anything be a surprise?" -Cho-je, (from the Third Doctor story, Planet of the Spiders)

Happy New Years, everyone!!! Hope you all had fun! I had a fantastic time at
Persephone's (as usual! Yay!)

I know it's a few days late, but I thought I would post some of my resolutions.

1. Update my blogs more often Ok, so this one hasn't gotten off to the best start, but I used to update my blog quite frequently, back in the early days. I'd like to try to go back to more than just one update (if that) a week.

2. Attend church more than just 3 or 4 times a year I'm not sure if I'm ready to become active in church activities yet, but I would like to try to attend more than just the standard Christmas/Easter and the few other times I go. I actually got a head start on this-I went to church every week of Advent.

3. Loose 40 pounds this year This is actually a part in a long term plan-I want to get back down to a healthy weight, so this is the first part of that goal-I'm also planning on several mini-goals so I don't get discouraged.

4. Walk at least three times a week for 30+ minutes This seems like it should be easy, but there have been weeks where I'm lucky to get one walk in.

5. Report weight loss/exercise progress on this blog once a week Hey, this helps with 1, 3 and 4, too! ;)

6. Practice drawing Okay, so this has nothing to do with my job or future or anything, but I really would like to learn how to draw better. I'd like to overcome a few barriers I have when I'm sketching-like getting proportions right, etc.

7. Work on knitting something to sell Hmm...that sounds a little greedy-so let me explain: I love knitting, and I love knitting for people-especially when they really love what I've made them! This year I made Shan a scarf for Christmas-she really needed one, and she really loved the one I made her. She and another childhood friend of ours, Chrissy-do craft shows, and Shan thinks my stuff would sell, and if I was interested, offered to sell some stuff. I have to admit, that made me feel good. I think it would fun to make stuff to sell at craft shows, maybe even arrange to go to one with them this summer. I told her I'd think about it-but I need to become more consistent with the time I spend working on things-I still want to make stuff for others and myself! :) So we'll see...

8. Be a better sister, daughter, auntie, friend (especially long distance) I am terrible about keeping in touch with people who live out of state. I guess I'm not much of a phone person, but I really need to keep better in touch with my family and friends outside of Ohio. I'm very blessed with all my family and friends, near and far. I don't want to loose any of them!!

Happy New Year!!!!!
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