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Sunday, November 30, 2003


...or, 'I shoulda stuck with the Wizard of Oz.'

D.W.Q.M.:The First Doctor: "Pretty soon we shall be having visitors."
Ben: "Visitors? What, 'ere? Well, who do you think's bringing them, Father Christmas on his sledge?"

Ah, the Christmas season doesn't start until you've frozen your butt off waiting for the Christmas lights downtown to be turned on. :)

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty good, considering...just kidding, it was good. :) I have a pretty set way of how the weekend usually goes-Thursday morning I get up, turn on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and during the commericals, make the stuffing and get the turkey ready for the oven. After the parade, I start the turkey and watch the Wizard of Oz while it is roasting in the oven. Then dinner, rest, clean up, dessert, and maybe a movie. Friday I get up early and brave the crowds, shop around, then in the evening, I head downtown for the beginning of Winterfest, with the lighting of the lights downtown. Saturday is spent putting away my Thanksgiving decorations and bring out my Christmas ones-and the rest of the day, and all of Sunday is spent decorating. Hey, it's worked for all the years I've been in my apartment!! :) :)

This year was different-for starters, Green Bay was playing at Detroit at 12:30pm on Thanksgiving day. My team playing on Thanksgiving? Well, duh! of course I had to watch! The Wizard of Oz forgotten, I sat down ready to cheer for my team. Unfortunately they lost. :( To Detroit. The worst team in our division!!! My sister called to gloat (this meant that the Vikings are even farther ahead...but they play tomorrow, so we'll see), but Persephone called to offer her condolences. (Thank you, Persephone!) So I felt better. The next unusual thing was the lighting ceremony downtown was moved from Friday to Saturday...what the hey? They never did give the reason for moving it. I don't think it was because of the weather-there's no way they could have predicted that the weather would be bad Friday-they just got lucky. ;) So all I got done today was putting my Thanksgiving stuff away, and I have two boxes of Christmas stuff out. Tomorrow I will be in a mad rush to put everything up and the boxes away before the gang comes over for the Simpsons. Otherwise we'll be playing Euchre on Christmas boxes instead of a card table!! (just kidding-i'll be sure to move the boxes out of the way if I'm not finished)

Winterfest was fun! It was cold, but most of the snow had melted from the night before, so it wasn't too bad. The performances before the lighting seemed a little bit longer this year-we saw the Singing Angels, actors from the show, 'A Very Plaid Christmas' (uh...i think that's the name-I've only heard it about a hundred times, so you'd think I'd remember...ah-ha! think again!), and the Broadway Kids. By the time Santa showed up to light up downtown, it was hard to tell if the crowd was dancing because they were excited, or dancing because they were freezing and just trying to keep warm. ;) The only complaint I have about the lighting is that they are still doing it in one shot-like someone flips a switch and all the lights came on. In the past, they've had wires hooked up to each of the main display areas, and then Santa points a finger and shoots what looks like a jolt of energy (thank you special effects! ;) ) and each of the display areas light up. It's pretty dramatic and really cool. Oh, well, can't have everything. The fireworks were cool-they started out with Mannheim Steamroller's version of 'Deck the Halls' and ended with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's 'Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24' Really awesome, and I've come to believe that you can't have a Winterfest fireworks display without them! ;)

Oooh, speaking of other events during Winterfest-on Saturday December 13th, there is going to be a Carriage and Candlelight parade, followed by fireworks at Public Square. A parade of horse-drawn carriages that will end up in public square....plus fireworks!! Anyone in the Cleveland area who would like to join me, please let me know-I think it will be fun! Plus, there will be fireworks!!! (did I mention fireworks?) *heehee* :)

I can't wait for next Saturday-St. Nicholas Day. Persephone, Sharon and I will be making Christmas cookies! (and other goodies...like rumballs...if I can find my receipe!!) Anyone for Chai Nog? ;)

Better get to bed-I have a full day of Chirstmas decorating ahead!!! 'nite all! :)
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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Website update

D.W.Q.M.:: "A question! Isn't anyone going to pay attention to that computer over there?" -the Third Doctor

Corny promo of the week: "Can Starbuck buy Starbuck a Starbucks?" -Dirk Benedict (Lt. Starbuck of BattlestaR Galactica) joking around with the new female (what the heck?) Starbuck of the SciFi miniseries BattlestaR
Galactica in front of Starbucks.

Corny line of the week: "This can't be right...these files are too big." "That's not the only thing that's too big..." Abby and Duckie, checking a harddrive full of porno for hidden files. (Navy: NCIS)

I've added another section to my website-I think I'm going to call it my 'Travel Dog' section-it is a collection of pictures that Persephone, Paul, and I took of my Krismutt when we went to Cincinatti a couple of weeks ago for Kari's wedding. I have already have had two of my coworkers in stitches, so I hope you will enjoy them too!! :) You can reach it by going to my index page and clicking on the link for Travel Dog. :) I actually put it up last night, but my computer crashed on me so I couldn't see how it looked online. When I got into work, I only told a few people, so they could check it out and give me some opinions, sort of like they were looking at a rough draft. ;) I had a few things that needed to be corrected, and I added a little more text, but I think it's ready now. :) Let me know what you think!!

I must also apologize for the font on my index and front porch pages. I had orignally used 'heritage' for my front porch, but by the time I changed it from Halloween to Thanksgiving-themed, I realized it was a really bad font to use-it was hard to read. I switched the font to 'Roman', which I mistakenly thought was the same as 'Times New Roman'. Since I didn't have 'Roman' installed in my computer at home and at work, it defaulted to Times, so I thought it was okay. Thank you Jerm for mentioning that the text was a little hard to read! :) I've changed the font on the index and porch pages, so hopefully they will be easier to read now. :)

Scarf update: 472/830 rows
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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Happy 40th-Woo!!! (warning-totally geeky post ahead) ;)

D.W.Q.M.: "One day I shall come back...Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." -the First Doctor

Tomorrow (November 23rd) marks the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who, the longest runnng scifi show in history. Happy Birthday, Doctor!!! ;) As a tribute, and to add another geeky nail to my geeky coffin, I decided to post some stuff that i've learn over many years of watching and reading about Doctor Who (some 20+ years of watching and reading) LOL.

First I'll start with the quote above-it is from the 10th Doctor Who story, 'the Dalek Invasion of Earth', with William Hartnell. The segment was reused again for the 20th Anniversary special, 'the Five Doctors'. It was shown just before the opening credits. Hartnell had already passed away before the 20th, and another actor was cast to reprise his roll, so I thought it was a nice touch adding that segment to the episode. :)

Ok, more geekiness...
-story that was airing when I was born: 'The Face of Evil'
-my Favorite episode: 'Genesis of the Daleks'
-my Favorite Doctor: Tom Baker (hence the scarf I am making. ;) )
-Each story consisted of a certain number of episodes, show weekly, in 25 minute segments. There have been stories with as few as 2 episodes and as many as 12. There was also 1 90 minute special (the Five Doctors) and a 50 minute spinoff pilot (K9 and Company)
-DW first aired in the UK November 23, 1963. Because it was the day after JFK's assassination, the BBC assumed (correctly, it turns out) that most people would watch coverage of the situation. As a result, when the second episode aired a week later, they decided to air the first episode again before the second.
-First episode filmed entirely outdoors: 'the Sontaran Experiment' (feb 22nd-march 1st, 1975)
-In Genesis of the Daleks (3/8/75-4/12/75) the second episode ends with a freeze frame of Sarah Jane falling off a scaffolding-that was the first time a freeze frame had ever been used to end a segment. (thank you, script books! ;) )
-Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor) refused to appear in the episode where the 6th Doctor regenerates into the 7th (Sylvester McCoy), so McCoy donned a blond wig a played the part of the 6th Doctor for the beginning of his first story.
-Ever wonder why the Daleks have a plunger as an arm? Originally it was supposed to be a claw, but it is said that Hartnell, who was very saftey-minded, wanted something that looked safer-hence the plunger!
-DW was originally supposed to be educational-with the travelers traveling back in time to witness historical events ('the Aztecs', 'Marco-Polo', and 'the Romans' to name a few) turns out that there was a bigger audience for the 'fantastic outerspace adventure' episodes. Imagine that! ;)
-It was the first popular scifi show in England
-first came to America in 1973 (the Jon Pertwee years). It didn't really catch on until Lionheart entertainment syndicated Tom Baker episodes in the 80s through PBS. They then ordered Peter Davison episodes, re-syndicated the Pertwee episodes, and by 1985, had syndicated Harnell and Troughton episodes.
-Tom Baker's long scarf came about because the knitter who made it thought that they wanted all the wool that was given to her to be used, so she just kept knitting and knitting and knitting...
-Did you know that DW was a children's program?! I didn't find that out until I saw some of the extras on the 'Tomb of the Cyberman' dvd-there were clips from a conference, and they kept refering to it as a children's program. From reading some of the comments from the BBC website, it turns out that my family wasn't the only one that gathered around the television to watch DW together-cool!!
-For 6 years the writers got away without mentioning anything about the Doctor's origins. It was finally revealed that he was a Timelord in Patrick Troughton's (the 2nd Doctor) final episode, 'the War Games'
-the Doctor Who character was inspired by H.G. Wells 'the Time Machine.'
-so what's up with the Police Box, you may ask? Originally the TARDIS was supposed to change to blend into it's surroundings...unfortunately the budget did not allow for that, so they decided to keep it as is. Eventually something was mentioned about a faulty 'chameleon circuit', and a couple of times it was fixed temporarily-I think it's been a organ...but for the most part, it has remained a Police Box. Way Cool.
-Unfortunately, not all of the episodes still exist. A few have been patched together for video/dvd releases. Examples: the Tenth Planet (Hartnell's last story) only 3 out of 4 were complete episodes, but they apparently had all the audio for the last episode and a little bit of film footage (less than 5 minutes, I think) So they played the audio, and had a slide show of scenes from the episode, and whenever they had surviving footage, added it in. Patrick Troughton's 'the Invaison' was missing 2 out of 8 episodes. Those episodes were nararrated by Nicholas Courtney, (the Brigadier). There were also a couple of Pertwee stories where color versions were missing, but black and white ones were still in exsistence, so they were put together to make one full story.

Okay, since I have probably totally saturated you with way too much Doctor Who info, i'll stop for now. ;) (and i can just picture you all saying, 'oh, no, there's more?!' ;) Maybe, maybe not...we'll see! ;) muahahahahaa!!!

scarf update: 445/830 rows
(i'll try to get a pic up of my progress soon.) :)
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Friday, November 21, 2003

Thank you, AstroAlert!

I signed up for Sky and Telescope's astro alerts awhile ago, and I received this in my inbox earlier today (well, it actually came last night, but I didn't check my email last night) So, rather than try to summarize what it said, I thought I would post part of the message:

"The location of the auroral ovals have migrated substantially equatorward. This means that locations that are normally far from the auroral oval may be located inside the oval. As a result, the potential for observing periods of moderate to strong auroral storm activity exists for a large area of the middle and low latitude regions.

"The areas that are particularly well placed are those in New Zealand and Australia and Europe. The arrival of the disturbance provided western North America with a powerful show (bright red auroral activity visible well into the United States). Unfortunately, sunrise quickly extinguished attempts to view activity from the eastern regions.

" The disturbance probably won't have the duration to last through to nightfall in North America. Nevertheless, storms of this strength usually produce sporadic periods of visible auroral activity well into the middle latitude regions even during the declining phase of the activity. So it might be well worth the effort to take a moment and look skyward tonight even if conditions might not appear favorable..."
-From the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch. dated 11/20/2003.

Woo-hoooo!!!!!!!! :) :)
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Starry Nights

D.W.Q.M.: "We are being dragged towards a relative continuum displacement zone." -the Fourth Doctor

Okay, I know it's really late, so that's why I'm writing it at home now (about 2am) and posting it when I get into work-the connection is much faster there-trying to post at home would just add on another half an hour-and I'm already up too late! ;) (yeah, those who know me are saying, 'well, this is normal for you.' I'm trying to get to bed earlier, really, I'm trying. ;) )

Well, almost everyone knows I get excited over the smallest things, so you won't be too suprised with this entry. As I was leavingP^2s home tonight (or last night, since it's really Friday morning now) I spotted a meteor just as I walked out the door! The sky was unusually clear for Cleveland, and the meteor was very bright in the sky. November is the time for the Leonids, and they officially peaked the morning of the 18th, which was unfortunately cloudy here in Cleveland. There was going to be another possible peak the early mornign of the 19th, since the Earth would be passing through the 1533 dust trail of Comet Temple-Tuttle (the source of the Leonids), but once again, the sky was too cloudy. *sigh* So, knowing me, you could see why I would get so excited over seeing one meteor-I thoght I had missed seeing any of the Leonids. Yes, I know-even after it peaks, there's still a chance to see a few, but try to find someone who wants to go out looking for meteors after the peak-you won't find many. (I am one, of course-so if you ever want to go looking at all and want some company, just give me a call! ;) ) I did get to see the Leonids when they were at storm level a couple of years ago-it was absolutely amazing-I'll have to post about that sometime when I am in another reflective mood (look out!) ;)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, regions 486 and 488 of the sun are returning to the visible disk, and are showing potential for more solar flares. They will be renumbered soon. Region 501 (the region formally known as 484) has produced several M-class flares. So, what does this mean for the casual observer? There may be another chance to see some aurora displays sometime. ;) (hey! I did mention that I get excited over the smallest things) Also, it's late, and my brain has turned to mush. :-D

Just a couple of quick notes:
- Paul, yes, the star we were looking at was Sirius (ok, enter joke here_____.) ;) Also, I believe the constellation I was looking at and trying to name was Gemini.

-I was listening to WCLV this morning as I was getting ready for work and heard a version of the Anvill Chorus that sounded rather big-band/swing-ish. After the music ended, the announcer came on and said that it was an arrangement of the Anvill Chorus that had been originally performed by Glenn Miller. Well, no wonder! :) I didn't know you could swing dance to the Anvill Chorus. ;)

Scarf update: 434/830 rows
(I'm halfway there!)
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Luck be a taco, to-nigggghhht....

D.W.Q.M.: the Second Doctor: "The power cable generated an electrical field and confused their tiny metal minds. You might almost say they had a complete metal breakdown."
Jamie: "Oooh."
The Second Doctor: "I'm so sorry."

Since I haven't made any taco night email posts lately, I thought I would post this one I got from Jerm today:

I eat tacos / Oh such tacos / I eat tacos and nachos and cheese"
"...the power of / Burritos of the night..."
"Tacos / All alone in the hot sauce"
"Hot sauce, Mild sauce / Hot sauce, Mild sauce"
"Seventy Six Tacos in the big white bag"
"TacooOElla'sHome, where the sauce comes seepin' down my chin"
"My Taco / I just met a meal named My Taco"
"Ho-taco Hey-taco Taco Taco Ho / Taco Hey Taco Ho Taco"
"Taco / and beer / I need more beer / Hey, why don't you get me beer?"
"Don't cry for me, It's just hot sauce / The truth is I wanted Mild"
"Getting my tacos / Getting to eat them and hot sauce"
"You've got to eat on down / Eat on down tacos"
"Taco man, taco man, bring me a sack / full to the brim with this evening's snack"
"Something that's crunchy / I've got the munchies / Nachos for everyone / It's Tacos Tonight!"
"Burrito dreams, ripped at the seams / But, oh, those taco ni-IGHTS"

So, can you guess the songs that these were parodied from? (oooh! Audience participation!!!) Enjoy!

Soon i'll post about the fun we had in Cincinatti this weekend-Kari's wedding was a blast! Woo! :) Also, stay tuned for more astro talk-the sunspot regions are coming around again to the visible disk(and will soon be renamed), and experts are theorizing that there may still be a chance for some auroral activity!!!

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

If Alex Trebek can say it, why can't I?

D.W.Q.M.: "I'm not going to just sit here like a spare lemon waiting for the squeezer." -the Brigadier

A few months ago, the President of our university announced plans for a new logo and new overal image that is supposed to make CWRU more marketable, more well known in higher education circles. As far as I can tell, all it has managed to do is PO many alumni-especially the alumni of Western Reserve. We will no longer be referred to as Case Western Reserve University...oh, no, from now on, we are going to be called, 'Case.' Our school name will still be Case Western Reserve University, but when talking about our school, just call us 'Case.' yeah, whatever. As my friend Michelle once commented, "Havard, Yale, Case....no matter how much money they put into it, it will never grow ivy." ;)

Skip ahead, skip ahead, skip ahead.

Present time, Taco night-the players? Myself, P^2, and Jerm. We were watching Jeopardy just before Enterprise, and one of the categories was 'Shared Nick names' .

(in jeopardy land)
Trebek: "Answer: Michigan and Case Western Reserve University"

(at home, pretty much in unison)
Jerm: "Hahahahahahahaha....."
Persephone: "OH, MY GOD!!!"
Romana: "HEY! He used the long name!!!!!"
Paul: "Ahhh...uhh.....wait...uh....no...oh..."
(from the tv) "What are the Spartans?"
Paul: "D'awwww." (throws arms up in defeat) ;)

So, if Alex Trebek can still use the long name, why can't we?!? Seems that the long name worked just fine in this example...just fine, indeed. :-)

A few quick notes:
-Paul-in regards to your comment about the Macgyver episode-you were right! You totally rock. :)
-I've updated my front porch. Enjoy!

Also, finally, a scarf update!!! 395/830 rows. Yah, I know-i was never able to regain the pace I was at before the Feast of the Assumption. Maybe I'll get a chance to work on it on the way to Cincinatti this weekend. :) But I will finish this scarf before Marcon 39!!!! :) :)
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Monday, November 10, 2003

sisters and football

D.W.Q.M.: Sixth Doctor: "I am another aspect of him, as he is of me."
Jamie: "Eh?"
Sixth Doctor: "I was him, he will be me."
Jamie: "Who will I be?"

The events of the following story happened approximately one week ago...just been to busy to post it. ;)

Sunday, November 2nd, approximately 10am, EST.

ring, ring

Romana: "mmmm...hello?"
Romana's Little Sis: "hey, did i wake you?"
R: lying through her teeth "No, wassup?"
RLS: "Well, you know the Vikings play the Packers tonight in MN, right?"
R: "yeah, so?"
RLS: "I want to make a bet with you..."
R: "Oh...?"
RLS: "If the Vikings win, you have to take me out to dinner, and if the Packers win, I'll take you out."
R: thinking ahead "ummm...could it be as cheap as McDonalds?"
RLS: "yeah, that's cool-it could be White Castle for all I care-the only thing is it has to be just you and me."
R: "Okay, then-it's a bet!"

Skip ahead, skip ahead, skip ahead...
Time: approximately 7:30 pm EST. Jerm has arrived, and the two of them are waiting for the arrival of P^2 and for the Simpsons to come on.

ring, ring a quick check of the score before answering has the Vikes ahead of the Pack, 7-6.

R: (to Jerm) "here we go..." (answers the phone) "Hello?"
R: "uh-huh-well, I love you too-and the game is still early"

Few minutes later, the Pack scores a touchdown
Jerm: "aw, come on!"
R: "I have to do this just this once!!" dials MN
J: "but the game is still early!"
RLS: "hello?"
R: "hahahahahahahahaha....who's on top now?"
RLS: "the games still early" hears jon mumbling something... "jon admits that you do have the better quarterback, but so what?"

skip ahead, skip ahead, skip ahead....
The group is in the middle of a Euchre game when...

ring, ring

Everyone groans: "oh, no."
R: "....hello?"
RLS: "WE JUST INTERCEPTED YOUR BALL!!! I will be calling you in a few minutes when we make that touch down!!!!"

Funny thing is, I never received that call. ;) After my friends left for the evening, I watched the rest of the game-the Vikings never got ahead again!!! Final score: Vikings-27, Packers-30! WOO-HOO!!! Even though I knew she wouldn't answer, I gave my sister a call and asked her where we were going for dinner. She actually surprised me the next day when she called and asked if I knew the final score. I told her yes, and she asked me where I wanted to go to dinner. Well, since I was going to be as cheap as McDonalds-I told her she can choose. She suprised me by saying she was going to take me someplace where we could get a drink, like Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays or something. Wow, made me feel cheap. ;) But it's all good. It's always fun when the Vikings play the Packers-my sister and I constantly nag each other throughout the game. Once when the two teams were on Monday night football, we were on the phone for the entire first quarter!!!

I do feel a little bad for her...the Vikings lost again yesterday, which I believe makes it 3 losses in a row...

...okay...maybe i don't feel all that bad. ;)

Ahhh...Vikings/Packers rivalry = Sibling rivalry at it's best. Woo!

Tonight Monday night football is in GREEN BAY!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! goooo Cheese!!!!
Cheese, Gromit, Cheese!!!

yes, i love football.
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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Thank you! Come again.

D.W.Q.M.: "I'll never be cruel to an electron in a particle accelerator again." -the Fourth Doctor

Hmm...ok, so maybe the title of this entry isn't as funny unless you've played Apu in Simpson's Road Rage... Oh, well, I tried. ;)

Before I go on...

Novelty Item of the week: The Fast Food Novel, aka, the Romance Novel, or the Mc-Novel (ah,yes, this is what we talk about at lunch in the library-books! Imagine that... ;)) They are $$cheap, fast, easy reads...

Chemical Compound of the week: NUCO2, Nitro-urano-carbon dioxide....what?!?! Persephone's brother and his boss were driving on the highway last weekend and saw an overturned truck with that compound on it...or what he thought was a compound. So he called Perseph to see if she knew what it was. She didn't recognize it, so she did a Google search, and found out that it was a beverage company! Silly little brother. ;)

More Solar update info: Both regions 486 and 488 have rotated off the visible disk, but apparently just before it rotated to the other side of the sun, 486 managed to produce another X-17+ flare! NOAA predicts that region 486 is still capable of producing isolated major flares, and will probably become more moderate as the week moves on. Solar activity is still high, but there's no telling whether or not this activity will reach it's former glory when the regions become visible again in 2 weeks. (Most likely not-which is good for the satelites, but not so good for the aurora watchers. ;) ) BTW, chek out the gallery at the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch-they have some beautiful pictures from last week's auroral displays from all over the world! The Solar Terrestrial Dispatch reported that the flare was somewhere in the X30-X40 range-definitely record breaking flare. NOAA only says it's a recorded breaking X17+, they didnt' give a specific value. You be the judge-here's a link to the reports for NOAA and the S.T.D. Oh, quick note : the info provided by the links will probably change if either site gets new reports. You'll notice the link to the STD from my previous entry will bring you to the same page as the link in this entry. :)
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Monday, November 03, 2003

Solar update #5

D.W.Q.M.: "Was that bang big enough for you, Brigadier?" -the Fourth Doctor

This will be a relatively short entry, as I should be getting ready for bed so I can get up and go to work tomorrow! ;)

Woo! Region 486 released an X-8 flare yesterday! They expect this to hit Earth sometime after midnight on November 4th (hey, that's Paul's birthday!) They also think this will be the last CME, since region 486 is almost out of visual range. check out http://www.spacew.com/cme/index.html for more info, and note that it says the predictions are based only on preliminary data, and may be revised without any warning. I would say if you are going to go looking for auroras, check the map just before you go out to see how high the activity is.

Also, Region 488 produced it's first major flare. rated X-2, just a few hours ago. :) (01:31 UTC)

Well, that's all for now-'nite all!!!
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Saturday, November 01, 2003

All Hallow's Eve and solar update

D.W.Q.M.:"I accept without reservation the results of your excellent potassium-argon test." -from The Image of Fendahl

First of all, I would like to print a retraction-Karen noticed an error in my 10-31 entry. I accidently gave you Cleveland's geographic latitude instead of the magnetic one. The magnetic latitude is 51, not 41. Thanks, Karen! :) (and that's what I get for trying to write a blog entry while im-ing 3 friends and taking a phone call at the same time. ;) )

Solar activity, for the most part, has settled down for now. Higher latitudes may still see some aurora displays, but those of us in the middle latitudes will not unless activity picks up again. Region 486 has finally started to decay, although NOAA's 3-day solar-geophysical forecast says that both regions 486 and 488 are still capable of producing some major flare activity. Needless to say, it's been an exciting week!! BTW, if you are interested, NOAA's Space Weather Now page has an auroral map which allows you to see the range of auroral activity for both the northern and southern hemispheres. When I checked Thursday before I left work, Ohio was in the reddish-orange region....maybe borderline yellow. Right now we are in the blue/white range (little or no activity-bummer) The map is really cool. :)

Halloween was alot of fun! Since I don't get trick-or-treaters in my apartment, I went over to P^2's house to help Persephone hand out candy. Jerm joined us as well. I must say, Persephone did a great job describing events before the kiddies came to the door-check out her site for the details-I don't think I could have put it better myself. ;) I loved it! The little kiddies were soo cute! (especially the Cookie Monster and the little leopard) I also thought it was cool when the kids said they liked my costume (and the parents, too!) I was dressed as a witch-complete with a long, strangly wig, hat, black cape, a plastic cauldron, and my Harry Potter wand. ;) LOL-next year I'm going to try to get Persephone to dress up as well (she said she would have this year, but lost her costume-we'll have to create another one for her! :) ) I tried to paint both Persephone and Jerm's faces, but they weren't too enthused. ;) Jerm was quite successful in making me scream before trick-or-treats, during trick-or-treats, and after trick-or-treats. Although I didn't actually scare him, I did worry him for a bit...

Perseph had to go pick up Paul from work-which meant Jerm had to go move his car so she could get out. As I was sitting in the dark living room (the only lights we had were the candles and the tv), I suddenly decided that this would be the best opportunity to get Jerm back. I headed for the upstairs, but quickly changed my mind-I figured if I needed to move around, he would hear the floor boards creak, so I headed for the basement. I made my way to the storage area by the furnace, and quietly waited. I heard him come in and move around-looking for me. He told me later at first he thought I might have gone outside, until he saw my shoes in the middle of the room. He took the candlelabra and went outside to check anyway. When he came back in, he headed upstairs, but decided against it-he thought it was too dark up there for me to see what I was doing, so he checked the basement-he opened the door, stuck the candlelabra out, then strained his ears to see if he could hear something. Then he closed the door, put the candles back, and started to walk around the the first floor, faking footsteps to try to lure me into a false sense of security and give up my hiding space.

Meanwhile, I was down in the basement, quietly moving around, careful not to touch or bump into anything, and careful not to make a single sound. (do you know how bad I wanted to clear my throat?!? But I didn't dare...) Occasionally I would run past the stair well to see if the door was ajar, but for the most part, I, too, stood in one place and strained my ears, in a vain attempt to figure out where he was in the house. Once I thought he was far enough away and started making my way back up, but then, knowing Jerm, I figured he might be trying to trick me into thinking he was farther away. So I stayed put. I don't remember how long I was down there, but eventually he came back to the basement door, flicked the lights on and off a few times, then closed the door. Now, if I had been thinking straight, I would have realized that something was odd when I didn't see the orange glow of the light switch at the top of the stairs... Just as I was about to head up, he flipped the light switch on and shouted "BOO!" (he had covered the light switch with his hand and kept his back to the door so I wouldn't be able to see him) He claims that that counted as another scare against me, but I didn't scream, and part of me figured he might try that eventually. ;) hahaha. :) :) He said that while he was looking upstairs, the tv kept throwing him off (we had been watching the 1931 version of Frankenstien) Everytime he heard a knock or a creak, he thought it was me and would whip around, ready to scare me, only to discover that he was scaring the tv. When P^2 returned, we tried unsuccessfully to scare them. ;) Ah, it's good to know that you don't have to be a kid to have fun at Halloween!

In closing, I will leave you with what is most probably my favorite quote of all time:
"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: Religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin." - Linus Van Pelt. :-D
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