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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Friday, January 28, 2005

a quick note:

D.W.Q.M.: "I hate computers, and I refuse to be bullied by them." -the Second Doctor

Just a quick note-I'm not sure when I'll be updating my site again-I've been really busy at work (no time for lunchtime posts!) and my ppp connection at home has been acting up for a couple of days now. They're trying to fix it, but I don't know when they'll be successful!

So, until then, adieu!
(i'll try to sneak in a post at least once a week, somehow-even if it's just a small one.) :)

posted by Romana1 on 4:59 PM | *

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Yes. It's winter. WOO!

D.W.Q.M.: the First Doctor: "Pretty soon we shall be having visitors."
Ben: "Vistors? What, 'ere? Well, who do you think's bringing them? Father Christmas on his sledge?"

We are being walloped by Mother Nature-we're not quite as bad as those farther along on the east coast, but it's bad enough that they are showing pictures of us on the nation news. No, I'm not complaining-as my friends would probably say, I asked for it. ;) I wasn't really planning on writing about it, except that something amusing happened early this afternoon.

I was standing at the bus stop, all bundled up with snow falling around me-waiting for the bus patiently when this total stranger walks up to me and says, 'Did you order all this? You look like you're enjoying yourself entirely too much.' LOL-am I that obvious?
A few more winter-minded random thoughts:

Explain to me this: Why on earth do 4 snow plows need to drive up and down the same plowed street when there are plenty of other streets that need plowing?

I keep saying that any temp above 25 degrees in January is too warm. Most of my friends think I'm nuts...but I do have a few who agree with me, and who also love snow. In order to protect their dignity, I will not disclose their names in this blog. LOL. (they are out there, trust me). ;)

I had a strong feeling of nostalgia as I was trudging through the snow this afternoon: snow caked on my boots and jeans up to my knees, cold wind whipping at my face... Ahhh, just like winter in Minnesota-only thing missing are the snowbanks that are taller than me. Considering I was much shorter back then, I really don't need those... ;)

On a more serious note: I hope all my friends who are being affected by these storms are staying warm. And for those who have to travel, be safe!!

posted by Romana1 on 11:17 PM | *

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Ford Ranger Truck Saga, part 1

D.W.Q.M.: "Didn't you find two angry men stuck to my car?" -the Third Doctor

This is a story in two parts: part 2 can be found on Persephone's blog just as soon as she has time to write it. ;) I promised that I'd have my part written by today...so, here goes!

This is a story about a man and his truck...so what better way to start than to talk about another man and his car?

wait for it...

Okay, so it's 6pm on January 7th (actually, Jerm will argue that it's after 6pm) Anyhoo, he picks me up for our usual outing to McDs on a Friday night. As I get in the car, he begins to tell me about how he started to back out of P^2's driveway, realized he wasn't straight, and then realized that he couldn't fix it because he was starting to slide. (Oh, for the audience who may not know-P^2's driveway is on an incline, and has retaining walls on both sides). Lucky for him, he was on a straighter path than he originally thought, so he made it out without a problem.

skip ahead, skip ahead, skip ahead...

We're eating dinner at McDonalds and his phone rings-it's Adam. Remember the problem Jerm had getting out of the driveway? Poor Adam-he wasn't so lucky! :( He had somehow managed to end up on the wall-Jerm tried explaining to me, but I was having trouble picturing it. Since we were going out to Microcenter (yeah, like a computer store would have something to help) huh...wha? oh, sorry. *ahem* Anyhoo, since we were all the way out at SOM center, Jerm told him that we were also going to Walgreens and we'd pick up some salt for the driveway. A few minutes later Jerm gets another call from Adam-apparently Perseph thought she needed foil, but didn't.

yeah, I know-that has nothing to do with the story, but I thought it was funny. Be quiet you! I'm tellin' this part! :p

SO, Jerm and I check the first Walgreens on Mayfield from SOM Center-no salt. As we are driving along, he decides to check the next drugstore we were coming up to, which happened to be RiteAid. Still no salt. We stop at CVS, just because it would be amusing-when asked later, we could say, 'Hey! We checked every drugstore on Mayfield!' Unfortunately, it was getting close to 9, and we wanted to check Home Depot before they closed. We got there with 15 minutes to spare-Jerm ran in and came out with this huge bag of salt-he said it was the smallest one he could find. LOL.

When we get to the house, we see Adam's truck. Let me tell you about my first impression-you know when you're driving along, and see a car in the ditch in such a way that makes you think, 'how the heck did they do that?' That's exactly what I thought when I saw the poor truck! It was hanging off the wall at a 45 degree angle-I kid you not! When he first noticed there would be trouble, he tried steering the truck off the wall-unfortuantely he was at the end of the driveway, and the tree on the boulevard (oh, wait, wrong state...) *ahem the tree on the treelawn was preventing him from going any further. He tried calling a tow-truck, but the man said all his trucks were out, and since he couldn't picture what Adam was saying to him, the cost would start at 60 dollars and go up from there, and he couldn't be there until the morning. Not cool. This instantly became the backup plan.

So, you ask-what became the main plan? Ohhhhh, you're gonna love this! It's my favorite part! :) We'd throw salt on the driveway, and then we, the entire gang, were going to attempt to push the truck off the wall.


We threw the salt on the driveway, then played a game of Mario Party 6-by the time the game was finished (around 11:30), the salt had worked it's magic on the driveway, so we decided to give it a try. Of course, just as we are walking out the door, my cell phone rings-I ended up telling the person on the other end that I had to go because I had to help push a friend's truck off the wall. The sound of the astonishment in the caller's voice was amusing-I hung up my phone, went out side to the side of the house where Perseph was peeking around the corner. The guys were already trying to push the truck, so I decided to hang back until they stopped for a breather, just in case they succeeded-that's all they'd need-finally getting the truck off the wall, then having to run back into it just to avoid hitting me. Once they stopped, I ran down the driveway and got my first really good look at the situation.

Adam's truck is a rear-wheel drive, and one of those rear wheel's wasn't even touching the ground! Yikes! As soon as they are ready to start pushing again, I lend a hand...or rather, my entire upper-body strength, what little of it there is. ;) After we had a go (Adam at the wheel; me, paul and Jerm pushing from behind) Paul decided to take a quick break and Perseph joined us behind the truck-after another try, Adam got out and suggested that one of the women get behind the wheel. Since I haven't been behind the wheel in almost 2 years, I immediately declined-so Perseph was elected to the position of gas-pedal pusher and steerer. When she got in the car, she looked a little worried (heck, wouldn't you be if you were sitting on a wall at a 45 degree angle?) "This isn't going to tip over, is it?" she asked. "Naw, you'll be fine" was the all too quick answer from her brother.

We tried again-Perseph started the car, and the four of us;Adam, Paul, Jerm, and me (Hey! It's getting a bit crowded back here!!) lifted the truck a few inches off the wall and started to push. Boy, we were smelling burning rubber... we can do this, we can do this, we can do this A few tries and several grunts later, the truck pushed off the wall and back onto the driveway!!


Immediately after that, it started to roll down the driveway...


Not to worry, we stopped it's backwards progression...and secured the parking brake. ;)

We all stood around the truck and marveled at our achievement-congratualated each other, and Perseph proclaimed, "Alcholic drinks for everybody!"

Yea!!!! We totally kicked ass.

The moral of this story? Make sure you always have strong friends around when it snows. ;)

End Part 1.

Stay tuned for part 2 on Peresph's blog!!
*Update 1/20/05* Part 2
posted by Romana1 on 12:57 PM | *

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

January Night Sky

D.W.Q.M.: "If you could touch the alien sand, and hear the cry of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?" -the First Doctor

I know this post is extremely late-I even considered skipping it for this month-but I really want to post one of these every month, so this particular post is really just highlights from the month, plus a couple of things to lookout for. ;)

Today's astronomy post is brought to you by
Sky and Telescope

Interesting days (nights) of note:

January 2nd: Earth at perihelion (Earth is closest to the Sun)

January 3rd: Quadrantid meteor shower peaks.

January 13th: Saturn reaches opposition to the sun.

And now for some notes for events that still have potential this month ;) :

Comet Machholz
Due to cloudy skies here in Cleveland on the 7th, we were unable to find the comet when it was near the Pleiades. Friday night, Jerm, Adam and I braved the cold wind chill and attempted to locate the comet-we were unsuccessful-there were just a few too many clouds for us to spot it.

The comet will be traveling through Perseus this week (through the 24th). Although the moon will be returning to the evening sky this week, the comet should be visible through binoculars for the next couple of weeks, glowing at 4th magnitude. To view the sky chart, just click here and follow the link to the northern hemisphere interactive sky chart. :)

Solar flares!
Aurora Borealis!!
Sunspot Region 10720 has been quite active-an X3.8 class solar flare errupted from it early yesterday morning-it was associated with a high velocity Earthward-directed
coronal mass ejection. What does this mean for you? Well, if conditions are right, once it hits Earth, we could be seeing some major auroral activity, sometime tonight and early tomorrow morning... KEEP IN MIND, at the time I wrote this, they weren't sure of how big an impact it will be...if you're stuck in my latitude, there's a good chance auroral activity will be low (based on the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch's latest forcast.) Ooooh! Those lucky ducks in Alaska!!!

They say that activity from this region will remain pretty active over the next 5-6 days as it travels across the sun.

Happy viewing!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

An anniversary, of sorts...for my Mom. :)

D.W.Q.M.: "You may be a doctor, but I'm The Doctor. The definite article, you might say." -the Fourth Doctor

Just a quick note-today is an anniversary for my mom. The anniversary of...becoming a mommy!!!!

To my Mom: Happy anniversary, MOMMY! ;) Guess what happened *cough,cough* years ago today? :) LOVE YA!
posted by Romana1 on 9:12 AM | *

Monday, January 10, 2005

How to Root for a Football Team 101.

D.W.Q.M.: "You know, I am so constantly outwitting the opposition, I tend to forget the delight and satisfaction of the arts... the gentle art of fisticuffs." -the First Doctor

Since it's the beggining of a new semester here at CWRU, and the playoffs are now in full swing, I thought I would offer a class in chosing the proper team to root for during the playoffs. Examples will be in reference to my personal choices and will be in parentheses and bold, (like so). :) Please pay attention and feel free to ask questions if something is unclear.

We will be using the 5-point system:

1. First of all, always root for your favorite team, if they make it into the playoffs. (Green Bay Packers) (well, duh.)

2. If your team loses early in the playoffs, especially to your arch enemies, root for the next team your enemies will play (Philedephia Eagles)

3. In addition, root for a friend's team who also happened to be rooting for your team, and consoled you in your time of despair right after the game (Pittsburgh Steelers) (thank you, arthur!)

4. Root for the team that has somebody you know, or used to know, on it. (Atlanta Falcons)

5. If all else fails, root for the team with the nicest uniform, or, for the ladies, the cutest players, or, for the gents, the cutest cheerleaders.

That's all for today. I will also be giving a symposium on 'How to Deal with Rabid Fans: rooting for a team that is neither from your hometown, or the city which you currently live.' (Minnesota Vikings, Cleveand Browns) ;)

Enjoy the Post-Season!!

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Epiphany and other thoughts

D.W.Q.M.: "One for casual, one for best." -Romana2

Today, January 6th, marks Epiphany, the climax of the Christmas season, and the Twelve Days of Christmas (although, if you do your counting right, you'll know that the 12th day of Christmas is actually December 5th, also called the Twelfth Night.) Epiphany, or Three Kings Day as it is known in some cultures, is the celebration of the adoration of the Magi. One of my coworker's sister's family celebrates Three Kings day. Some traditions include taking down the Christmas tree (which I used to do-until I decided that I wanted to keep it up until my birthday. ;) ), and giving small gifts. My mother used to give us small gifts-one for each of the twelve days of christmas-usually they were candy or small ornaments. To all my friends who celebrate it, "Happy Three Kings Day!" :)

Well, I was planning on posting my New Years resolutions just after the new year, but I've broken most of them already, so what's the point? ;) (for example-I had resolved to post here more often-maybe i can still salvage that one. LOL) I was planning on posting during our 4 day weekend...but I discovered that it was so easy just to lay on the couch, knit, and watch my ATHFV2 dvd (thank you,
P^2!!!), and sleep, that I just plum forgot to do it. ;) I was also hoping to start posting my monthly night sky posts closer to the beginning of the month, but alas, I've just been too lazy. *sigh*

Congrats to Steph and Dan, and their new baby boy!!! Matt arrived December 31st, making Billy a big brother! :)

I love January snow-I really enjoyed walking home in the snow last night-it wasn't too deep, and the sidewalks weren't slippery, and the snow looked beautiful falling on the trees in the soft glow of Cleveland's light pollution.

What I hate is January rain-cold, awful rain-that makes the snow disappear and the streets and sidewalks slippery. Blah. Especially when it happens right after fresh snow has fallen! Stupid weather!!!!

Okay, I was going to save this for my Night Sky post, but with my laziness, I might not get to it until after the fact-Comet ALert!
Comet Machholz will be 2 degrees west of the Pleiades (Persephone's favorite constellation) the evening of January 7th (around 8pm, EST. Should be visible for as long as the Pleiades are visible.) The best part is, given the sky is dark enough, you should be able to see it with the naked eye, or a decent pair of binoculars. :) It will be at it's closest approach to Earth, and at it's brightest magnintude: 3.6 or 3.8. :) Here's hoping the weather will cooperate!
posted by Romana1 on 1:46 PM | *

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