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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Don't forget your towel...

D.W.Q.M.: "Have you ever thought what it's like, to be wanderers in the fourth dimension?" -the First Doctor

For those of you who love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the last three books of 'the trilogy of five' are being produced as two new series forBBC Radio 4. (of course those of you who read this blog and are fans probably already know this. ;) )

Just a heads up-since it's Thursday, Episode 2 of the series should be available to listen to online sometime this afternoon or evening. Enjoy!!! :)

I am really enjoying the book Jerm leant me, and am kicking myself in the head for waiting so long to read this series!!! ...where's my towel? LOL. ;)
posted by Romana1 on 12:17 PM | *

Monday, September 27, 2004

the tooth fairy strikes again...sort of ;)

D.W.Q.M.: "Eureka" is Greek for "This bath is too hot". -the Fourth Doctor

Thank you, Perseph, for picking me up today and stopping at Walgreens so I could pick up my sub...per...uhh..PREsription. ;) You rock!

Ahh, yes-tonight I am recovering from the loss of my second wisdom tooth(upper right hand). (ow!) Last Friday, after biting down on an oatmeal cream pie, hearing a crunch and discovering that it wasn't hardened cream that made the crunching noise, I made another trip to the dentist this morning. Unfortunately Monday-Friday they are walk-ins only, but it was worth it, 'cause my dentist is totally cool-he can tell when you are nervous and tries to make small talk to take you mind off of the impending procedure. Last time it was about me being a Green Bay fan in the Dawg Pound, this time it was about me being a scifi geek (thanks to a Doctor Who tshirt and Jerm's copy of 'the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' that he leant me to read) Anyhoo, I had the same problem with this wisdom tooth as I did with my upper left hand-they were too far back in my mouth, so it made it impossible to clean. This tooth didn't give me nearly as much trouble as the other, though-for one thing-it wasn't nearly as painful as the last one, and when Dr. S went to pull it, he was done in less than 30 seconds. He had a slightly bewildered look on his face and said, 'Don't ask me how, but that wasn't nearly as hard as the last one!' Now I'm on antibiotics and painkillers, and am as happy as a clam. ;) LOL BTW, Karen-it was confirmed- I have (well, had) all 4 wisdom teeth.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing-first at Perseph's-they were a little backed up at Walgreens, so rather than take me home, she offered to take me to her place to hang out for a while while they filled my prescription. We watched an episode of MacGyver that had the actor who played Byers from the X-Files in it-boy, was he young lookin'! ;) Then I went home and watched the dvd that the Doctor had picked up from the library for me-it was from the second season of the Dick Van Dyke show, which included the episode, quite coincidently, 'A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own'. I almost considered skipping that episode, but I ended up watching it anyway. There was a joke about a man who had chipped a tooth on a piece of candy-he stood up and said, 'Is there a philoshoper in the house?' when asked why he needed a philosopher instead of a dentist, he replied, 'I chipped a wisdom tooth!' Ha! ;)

posted by Romana1 on 10:42 PM | *

Thursday, September 23, 2004


D.W.Q.M.: "And I'm suffering from post-regeneration amnesia, as far as I can remember." -The Seventh Doctor

When you live in the dorms and then an apartment for several years, you forget what it was like to live in a house with your own backyard. Thanks to P^2J, I'm starting to remember what it was like. :)

Last night during taco night, after we had finished playing Skip-Bo, everyone retired to the livingroom to watch the Bachelor (i think-although I'm not 100% sure)-my sinus headache was still bothering me, so I decided to go outside for a bit of cool air. (I know what you're thinking-going outside when the problem probably originated from stuff in the air isn't the smartest thing to do-but it was getting chilly, and the cold helps me feel better) I went out into their backyard and looked up at the sky-it was pretty clear (well, except for the light pollution, of course) So I laid down and just stared up at the sky. Nothing really to look at, just a few visible stars-since there are alot of tress in the area, I really only could make out Cassiopiea (the Big Dipper was hiding behind the trees) I might have even seen a few stray, and very faint meteors, but it also could have been my eyes playing tricks on me. No matter, though-it was still nice. :)

It's been a loooonnnnggg time since I've just gone outside and stared up at the sky for no reason at all-I wasn't looking for anything like comets, aurora, lunar eclipse or the seasonal meteor shower-I was just enjoying the sky. It's so easy for me to get "lost" in the sky-I forgot about paying bills, getting my projects done-anything that was worrying me-for the half hour or so that I was out there, I forgot all about it, and it was a nice, refreshing break. :) I would have stayed out there longer, but the bugs were really starting to bite, and I spotted a skunk investgating their backyard. ;) Thank you, P^2, for sharing your backyard with me!!!! :) When Paul brought me home last night, I was able to see the Pleides from the courtyard-I love it when I'm able to spot that in the sky. :)

In other news, I talked to my mom yesterday-she's doing good. Her church was doing a little reorganizing and getting rid of some stuff, and one of the items was a small piano! She asked about it, and they said, 'would you like to have it?' so they put her name on it! (She loves playing the piano) Now all they have to do is find a way to get it from the church to her apartment. She told me that she realized that she has 'two nice, strong nephews' who might be able to help her out. :) *heehee* My cousin David, and my cousin in-law Chris will be at church next Sunday for the christening of Janey and Chris's new daughter-so she'll get to see them. Hopefully they can work something out so my mom will get the piano by the time I visit for Christmas...then I'll get to play 'Chopsticks!' LOL. ;)
posted by Romana1 on 11:45 AM | *

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Autumnal Equinox

D.W.Q.M.: Romana2: "Oh, I do love the spring..."
The Fourth Doctor: "It's October."
Romana2: "I thought you said we were coming for May week."
Fourth Doctor: "I did...May week's in June."
Romana2: "I'm confused."
Fourth Doctor: "So was the TARDIS."
Romana2: "I do love the autumn...the leaves, the colors..."

Happy Autumn, everybody!!! :)

Time for me to put away my summer decorations and candle holders, and bring out the fall! Soon it will be time to bring out the Halloween decos!!! :) Yay!

"Shine on, harvest moon..."
posted by Romana1 on 11:30 AM | *

Friday, September 17, 2004

Random thoughts-the 'that's what's going on at work' edition

D.W.Q.M.: Range: "Systems that could rebuild a civilisation for us. Failure-proof technology."
The Fifth Doctor: "What happened to it all?"
Range: "It failed."

Ah, work. Not much going on really, so this may be quite a boring post. ;)

Our storage project is moving along...slowly! The other day I turned the corner and started on row 8...of 30. Linking the journals can be very tedious at times. A couple of my coworkers and I just started shooting the breeze of all the problems over there-misshelved books, not enough room to move the trucks around, journals that weigh a ton and fall off the truck if you hit even the slightest bump. We discovered what the mess was in one of the rows-it happened when B. was pushing his truck to put away some old and particularly heavy journals-he hit a bump, and they literally catapolted off the truck-one hit the ground spine up, and the pages just fell right out of the binding. Yikes!! Every time I walk by journals that are more than 35 cm tall, I say to myself, 'I hope I don't get stuck with those, I hope I don't get stuck with those...' Some journals can be a real pain-I love astronomy and all, but Russian Astronomical journals aren't so easy to search when you have no idea how to translate them! On the other hand, some can be interesting-particularly turn-of-the-century advertising....anyone know what a dress shield is? It's free of rubber and poisonous cement. (Dude, I am dead serious-that's what the advertizement said!!!) ;)

I'm still reclassifying the Deweys-still stuck in the 300s. For those unfamiliar with the Dewey Decimal system, the 300s deal mostly with laws, social security, taxes, etc. Pretty boring stuff-at least for me. Also, most of the stuff is pre-1960, so it's not like it's very usfull for everyday applications!! ;) Most of our library's Dewey collection is in storage, so after 300, it skips to 700 (literature, folklore, etc..) Actually, there is some folklore listed in the 300s that looks interesting. I had just started working on the last truck of "boring" Deweys when I was informed that the Approval plan should be starting up again, and I'll be getting new books soon. Figures...uh, I mean...YAY! ;)

Speaking of the Deweys, I was heading towards the section to grab more books when I happened to look up at the ceiling over Government Documents and noticed that one of the panels looked a little damp. Last time I saw a panel look like that, part of the ceiling had fallen onto the trucks holding the brand new approval books that were awaiting processing. I went to report it, and when I showed Gail where the problem was she asked if it was dripping. I said I hadn't noticed, but no sooner had I finished my sentence when we both witnessed several drops falling from the ceiling. D'oh!!! She called plant services so they could deal with it. I was up there just the other day-the shelves were covered in plastic and the ceiling panel had been removed and I could see the pipes-they were in terrible condition. State of the art...yeah, right! :p

We had window washers here the other day performing acrobatic stunts as they washed windows-as soon as they finished, it rained. Poor guys. (hey, the outside windows get washed so infrequently when it does happened, it's very entertaining.) I was up on the third floor when one of the guys who was just starting banged against the window-the student who was studying in the chair by the window looked rather peturbed.

For those of you who don't know, (which may actually be none of you...unless I have a reader who has no idea where I work! ;) ) The Vice Presidential Debate will be here in a little over two weeks. Hip, hip, horr...blah. It's gonna suck coming into work on the 5th of October. Parking/traffic will be a mess-the lucky ones are the ones who take classes and work on the Case Quad-they essentially get 2 days off! At first I thought I would luck out because I'm at storage...but storage is actually closer to where things might be happening. Perseph is being a saint and has offered to pick me up from work-so we can fight traffic and curse at crazy drivers together. :) LOVE YA, PERSEPH!!!! :) :) Okay, okay-I know this is supposed to be an important debate, and it's an honor to be the host of such an event, but I'm not a very political person, so this is really more of a mild annoyance to me. *sigh* Oh, well-and of course, CWRU people might not even get tickets to the event. Too many OIP (Other Important People) need to have tickets first. They are setting up a big widescreen tv in the library so people can watch, but you better have your CWRU id handy-I hear they will be checking!! ;)

*heh* I said CWRU, not Case!!!! Perseph, your mother-in-law will be so proud. ;)

Wow, for someone who said there wasn't much going on, I sure had alot to say! :)
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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Monday night football...

D.W.Q.M.: "You know, I am so constantly outwitting the opposition, I tend to forget the delight and satisfaction of the arts... the gentle art of fisticuffs." -the First Doctor

Packers: 24
Panthers: 14


8:58...8:59....9:00. Packers first game in the regular season. Ahhhhh...football season has now begun.

"When I was younger, I wanted to be called 'Gator'." -Brett Favre


Browns fans had their day yesterday-today it was the Packers!


"He's slippery" -Panther's Fields, in reference to Ahman Green.

You would never guess that I was a scifi geek if you ever caught me watching football...unless you caught me in the middle of shouting, 'What the FReLl?!?!' at the refs. ;)


'FAVRE'S BACKUP'-as seen on a tanker stationed in Kuwait. Sweet.

It was an awesome game to watch-the Packers managed to keep both Carolina's offense and defense confused most of the time-cool. The Doctor mentioned that he should have gone to bed earlier, but I would probably keep him up with all the yelling and screaming, so he might as well stay up and watch. Football is the one sport we can watch where he actually roots for the same team I do. (it's also the only non-Minnesotan team I root for ;) ) I asked him if the Browns ever played the Packers, which team he would root for-he somehow managed to successfully dodge that question. LOL-parents. *shaking head*

Speaking of parents, at halftime they did a really nice piece about the last Monday night football game in Oakland-Favre's father had passed away the day before, and even though the team would have understood if Favre didn't play that night, he came into the locker room and said, 'I've got your backs.' He didn't want to let his team down, and he knew it was what his father would have wanted. "Whatever he throws, we're gonna catch it-no matter what." What a game that was, too!!!

Ahhh...football season has begun, and the Pack are off to a great start-yay!!!

...have I mentioned that I love football? ;) *heehee*
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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Bridesmaid's dress: xxx dollars
Hair: xx dollars
Makeup: xx dollars
Shoes: xx dollars
Spilling wine on your dress while dancing the conga at your best friend's wedding: priceless ;) *heeheee*

Congrats to P^2-they are now married!!!!! The wedding was so much fun, and Perseph looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress! Paul cracked me up-while I was coming down the isle, he started flashing '8 to 5' with his hands (marching band people will get the joke :) ) and then while we were all processing out, he did a Monty Python and went out doing Silly Walks. LOL.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while-I've been busy helping Perseph prepare for her wedding-I even did a few guest blogging posts for her to help keep people updated. :) I spent most of the last two weeks at Perseph's, so I haven't had much time to do any updating of my own, or reading other blogs. I was a bit tired, but IT WAS SO WORTH IT!! :)

YAY, Persephone and Paul!!!
posted by Romana1 on 12:26 AM | *

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