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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend roundup! :)

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I did! I went over to the Jarc's for Thanksgiving dinner and had a great time! (even though I was coming down with a cold-boo!) Perseph's brother Adam and his wife Keeya joined us as well. After we ate we watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and played Mario Party 8. LOL. Good times, good times.

I forgot to mention Wednesday when I got home, my downstairs neighbor Rachel was adding lights to the outside of the house. I asked her if she needed any help, and also added a strand of old fashion lights and garland of my own! The front looks pretty good. :) Sunday I did my back porch-this year I did twinkling snowflakes, instead of blue icicles, and I also added a small tree with red and green lights. :)

I didn't do any Black Friday shopping this year (although there were some pretty cool doorbusters). Since I wasn't feeling well, I just relaxed at home. Even though it made my Saturday more busy than I would have liked, I really needed the rest. Of course that meant Saturday I had to run all my errands, plus try to decorate the house before heading to Winterfest later that evening. After I got home Saturday afternoon, I had to put away my fall/Thanksgiving decorations before I could even start Christmas decorating. All I managed to do was get my Snoopy lighted signs in the window. (That's ok, though-it's better than nothing!)

Winterfest was okay-keep in mind, my opinion this year is clouded somewhat, because I had a cold, which is not fun. I loved the Gingerbread houses on display at Tower City, but was disappointed that the flying contraptions they have hanging from the ceiling were once again missing. (someone mentioned that they might be at another mall). I loved those-and I finally had a decent camera to capture them! *sigh* I browsed through some stores before heading out for the lighting of downtown.

Okay, I need to find someplace to write a suggestion to the folks who run Winterfest-if you are only going to spring for one JumboTron, then at least face it in a direction so folks who are not lucky enough to stand in front of the stage can see what's going on!! That's been one of my biggest complaints.

The lights, however, were really cool! GE donated over a half a million lights for the downtown display (all LED, too). I got some pretty cool shots before my camera batteries started to die. LOL. Hopefully I will upload those soon. Unfortunately I didn't stay for the fireworks. Usually they set them off right after they light downtown, but this year they had several performances before the fireworks. I tried to stick around by walking around and taking pictures, but eventually the cold got to me (I blame the cold I had). ;)

Sunday I finished digging out my Christmas boxes and managed to put up my lighted garland and added a strand of lights to the bay window. My tree is up, but without lights. Hopefully I'll get around to adding lights tonight (while watching Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer!) I'm sort of planning on doing most of my decorating this weekend. For now, I have to box up some of my non-Christmas knick-knacks, so I have room! ;) I've also started a holiday baking supply list-there are my usual favorites for the season, plus several new recipes I would like to try. Once again, Family Fun has a couple of holiday cookie ideas I would like to try (last year it was fudge-and boy was it YUMMY!) ;)

Christmas season? Bring it on!!! :)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Colors and More...

Ah, yes! The day before Thanksgiving! Busy time for everyone-a lot of my coworkers took the day off, so it was very quiet at work. I took last year off, but this year decided to save it for around Christmas time. I will be making pumpkin pies in just a bit. I LOVE making pumpkin pies! Crust and all! ;) This year I’m heading over to the Jarcs’ for Thanksgiving dinner-which will be alot of fun! Dunno if I’ll be doing any Black Friday Christmas shopping, but I am hoping to head downtown for Winterfest on Saturday. Nothing like a good old fashion lighting to get you in the mood...old fashion with fireworks...and lasers. LOL. (hmmm...are there lasers this year...?)

Well, most of the leaves have finally fallen off the trees. I’m kicking myself for not getting out and taking more pictures (well, more than I did) This year I missed going to Cain Park and the Lagoon. It’s really sad that I missed the Lagoon-considering it is right next door to where I work. All I needed was one lunch break! Ha! I did manage to get some really nice pictures around campus and while out walking. (again, why didn’t I walk to Cain Park?)

Here’s a nice picture from Cedar Road:

(click the thumbnails to embiggen)

And this area by the Southside dorms (uh, I mean Residential Village) never fails to disappoint:

(click the thumbnails to embiggen)
The third year I was in Tippit, I basically took the same shot-only there were dark grey clouds in the background, making the browns and oranges on the trees really stand out-next year I might take another picture and post it along with this one and the one from 1998...

This year I noticed the leaves in several stages of changing color-I’m sure it happens all the time, but I’ve been noticing it more. Has walking on a regular basis made me more observant? I dunno, but I’m enjoying it. Here’s a tree with some brighter colors:

Here’s another tree with darker colors:

Are they not gorgeous? Have I mentioned how much I love the fall? :)

Well, if I don’t get the chance to post tomorrow, I just want to say, Happy Thanksgiving! If you are traveling, I hope you make it to your destinations safely! I’m off to make pumpkin pies!!! :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Make your own Owl Lovers 2011 Calendar!

Just found this on Craftzine-a link to make your own (free!) 2011 Owl Calendar.

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

I made one for myself. The images are just too cute! It was hard to pick only 12. I may have to make another one! The artwork is just fantastic.

Oh! I can't do a post today without adding, 'Happy Birthday Doctor Who!!!!' Hard to believe it's been around for 47 years! For fun, if you missed it on my knitting blog:
Tardis socks!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween, part 3

Well, even though I have tons of pictures (I take way too many!) I think I will wrap up my 2010 Halloween with this post. Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away, after all!!!

As I mentioned earlier, this year I spent Halloween at the Jarc's. Since I carved a pumpkin, and felt 2010 Jack deserved to have a candle light his insides, I brought along my freshly (actually, day old) carved pumpkin. He hung out on the front steps, and looked pretty cool!

2010 Jack

As we were getting ready for the kids, we noticed that the setting sun had a very cool affect on the trees in the neighborhood.

Isn't that cool? Look how the trees in the background seem to come alive with a warm autumn glow. Oooh, I love the fall!!!!!!!!

We didn't have as many kids as we've had before-I did a count on Twitter, but by the end of the evening, we had lost count (the gap between kids was unusually long). We probably had less than 100 kids. This year, however, a good portion of the kids were in costume (even if it was only a mask or a painted face, they got an 'A' for effort in my book) and they were all polite (which, for the kids who were not in costume or just in masks, helped with their 'A' for effort. ;)). If some missed saying 'Trick or Treat', they at least said 'Thank you!'. :) We didn't run out of candy, and there was plenty of leftovers!

Back at home, I had set up my annual lighted Halloween Village (thank you, Lemax!) I started this village in 2000 with just one building, and added a new one every year, with the exception of this year and last.

(click to embiggen)

I love my lighted village-both for Halloween and Christmas! Next year I hope to add some more trees to this village-I think it would look cool. I haven't decided if I'm going to continue to add buildings to this one-my Christmas village continues to sprawl, but I kind of like the way this one has shaped up. :)

And last but not least, my back porch! Although I had to replace the bats from last year, I did manage to find similar ones-there are six in a strand, plus the entire bat blinks with this set (the set I used last year, only the eyes twinkled.)

My bats, ghoulies, and totally awesome pumpkin lanterns

Ah, yes, I love this time of year!! Next up, Thanksgiving!!! :)


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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween, part 2 Warning: images galore!

Hope everyone got out to vote today! I did-bright and early (because I knew I would be too tired at the end of the day) ;)

For my second Halloween post, I want to share the costume I made-no real character (although from looking at some of the pictures, I could be the Mad Hatter or a character from A Clockwork Orange...). I wanted to try making a Steampunk themed costume, because I've always loved Steampunk, plus the theme for Marcon next year is alternative history-it will work for that as well! :-)

To start off, I needed boots-and as I've mentioned before, my calves are entirely too thick for fancy boots, but I came across a pattern for knitted spats (see my entry in Roknits for more details). Here's a picture of me actually wearing them:

Next I wanted to work on a really cool hat. This is where it could get rather expensive, with goggles and clock pieces and all. After finding an inexpensive hat and pair of goggles at Halloween City, I decided I could make stencils of clockwork pieces and make some using cardstock from JoAnn's:


(the colors are from Gemstones: Japser and Onyx)

Check out the stenciling:

Next it was on to the cutting-for the inner holes, I recommend a sharp xacto knife. (The first blade I tried wasn't very sharp-it was a rather harrowing experience. Fortunately, I had more blades.)
xacto cutting
First I cut the inner holes with the xacto knife, then used the scissors to cut the main shape...

Now, I did fill up both sheets with stencils-this is more than enough! ;)

They are not all going to fit on this hat!!

Although the goggles had a nice tight band which worked as an anchor, I thought if I wanted to create a fancy design, good old fashion Elmers Glue would do the trick:


Once I had the pieces together, I was able to slip them under the goggles band for the finished hat:

My costume:

The shirt, skirt, and waistcoat all came out of my closet. The shoes were ones I had worn for a friend's wedding, and the parasol was a loaner from my best friend (isn't it awesome?!?!). :-) ...too bad I blinked! LOL!

(I created this entry for the Halloween contest at Craftzine) :-)

CRAFT Halloween Contest

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween, part 1

Well, I meant to post this entry before Halloween, with updates after, but alas-my costume needed just a little more tweaking than I thought it would, and I ran out of time!

I hope everyone had a fun, safe, and happy Halloween!! I know I did! Although I didn't give out candy at my place this year (like I did last year for the first time ever!), I still decorated, because, well, I love to decorate!

Here's my pumpkin, resting on my back porch-it had no idea what it was to become late Friday night. ;)

Here's a picture from part of my yard. I adore Peanuts-I think the Snoopy sign is the only decoration that I didn't buy on sale, because when I saw it, I had to have it before the store ran out! (which they did!) Not all of these decorations are mine-my downstairs neighbor also likes to decorate! :)

I recently finished a knitting project! Check out my Steampunk Spats at RoKnits:
Steampunk Spatterdashes

They were a part of my Steampunk themed Halloween costume that I wore to P&B's Halloween party. I also worked on a hat. Steampunk costuming can get on the pricey side if you're not careful, so I decided to find a simpler route. I picked up a pair of cheap, but IMO, very cool looking googles and a top hat at Halloween City, and decided to make some clockwork pieces using stencils I had created from pictures, and some card stock from JoAnn's.

(clock piece stencils)

I will be posting more about my hat-Craftzine is having a Halloween contest-normally I don't do these type of contests (I once tried to do a Christmas Village display contest at Michaels, only to find I had the cutoff date wrong!) but I thought I would give this a try. :)

CRAFT Halloween Contest

Oh! If you haven't noticed-I finally have a working RSS-feed for my blog!!!! :)

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