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Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from MN!

Yes, I've been back for what, 2 weeks now? I just haven't had time to update this blog. I got back late Tuesday, then the following weekend was Mt. Carmel-so this past weekend was the first chance I've had to rest since I got back, and I didn't really do a lot of resting. ;) Anyhoo, since I'm terrible at breaking my trips/events into multiple posts, I thought I'd give a breakdown of my trip:

Things We Did: (in no particular order)
-overnight camping trip to Snake River, first day I was there
-played disc golf at Inner Grove Heights (first time a tornado siren has ever been a hazard. ;) )
-had a Doctor Who marathon (well, duh-we try to have one everytime I visit)
-campfire/bonfire (to go with the S'Mores)
-made S'Mores! (to go with the fires)
-Ladies Starbucks run (me, my sis, Shan, and Angelz-the kids thought we were going to a bar. LOL)
-went 4-wheeling (at Snake River and Willow River-rode from Willow River to Sturgeon Lake)
-became a God-Mother (yay!)
-went swimming in Lake Nokomis
-saw my cousin Christina!!! (it had been, like, 10 years!!!)
-went for a walk with sis and the dogs
-Fireworks at Forrest Lake!
-had some of Corey's fried chicken (the man can cook-best chicken EVER. Kentucky and Popeye's haven't been the same since)
-picked Boo up from the airport

Planned things we didn't get around to:
-drive around St. Paul looking for Peanuts (statues)
-late night run to White Castle and/or Taco Bell
-hiking in the Falls (Minnehaha, Taylor, or St. Croix-we just didn't get the chance)
-trip to MoA (Mall of America-that's ok-that's more of a Christmas adventure anyway. LOL)
-4-wheeling with my lil' sis. (got rained out-see camping trip and unexpected things)

Things We sorta got to do:
-See Peanuts statue (Lucy-at the ER....)

Unexpected Things:
-slept in truck overnight (that overnight camping trip? We got rained out-ended up sleeping in the truck overnight-that's also why Al and I didn't get to go 4-wheeling together)
-Met Boo at the gate!! (the lady at the Humphrey terminal was really sweet-normally only one person can go wait at the gate-I was planning on waiting at the baggage claim for her. I went with my BIL, and after she had printed out his pass, she looked at me and said, 'would you like to go to?' I told her I didn't think I would be able to, and she winked and said she was in a good mood and printed me out a pass)
-became addicted to Ice Road Truckers (thank you Shan and Lee! ;p)
-trip to ER (where I saw the Lucy statue) You know that 4-wheeling trip to Willow River? Yah, I flipped the sucker. It was the third time flipping on (first two times were at Snake River, landing in mud) But this time, I kinda rolled a bit with it-point of impact was inner right leg-I kicked it off with my left. There was a nasty bruise, and when I rode it back to the truck, I felt every bump along the way. My right leg was sore for quite a while, but the Doc up there said everything was fine, and healing normally. So who saw the latest episode of Primeval? You know-the stag party with all the ATVs? When that pre-historic rhino came up and flipped the thing with her horn, I was like, "I did that, without the help of a rhino!!" LOL.

That pretty much sums up my vacation-I had a great time, and miss everyone terribly. I might post some pics later on-but we'll see!

Don't forget! Torchwood: Children of Earth starts tonight at 9pm on BBC America!!!!

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