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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

the time is near...

D.W.Q.M.: "It seems that I'm some kind of a galactic yo-yo." -the Third Doctor

Holy crap! It's almost time!!! I am SO not ready. LOL.

Tomorrow, I'll get the keys, then the truck, load the truck, unload the truck...etc, etc. Lots of running around tomorrow! Plus, packing last minute things. Arthur and Paul are going to help me tomorrow night-Perseph said she could help out Saturday, Jerm and Mr. Dave too-hopefully this won't be as chaotic as it is sounding to me now.

So much stuff...I"m down to mostly odds and ends, but still-why do I have the feeling tonight will be the last night I get any sleep this weekend? lol. The other day I had a killer sinus and tension headache=ugh, that's the last thing I need!

I'll be ok! All this week, everytime I passed the stop that will become my new bus stop after the move, I say-next week, I can get off the bus early! LOL. I'm also looking forward to getting some area rugs for the floors. I liked my grey carpeting here, but blue is my favorite color... ;) I also want to get a screen for the fireplace-even though it's not a working fireplace, I think a screen will look nice in front of it. Put some candles behind it....oooh! I can't wait! ;) I'm also eyeing some pumpkin lanterns for the front porch. Because of the move, I'm not sure how much Halloween decorating I'll actually have time to do (for instance, I might have to skip my lighted village this year)-but I would like something on the front porch, and the door. We'll see how it goes!!

Oooh! Before I forget-CONGRATS to my mom!!! She just got a new job! YAY!!!!!

Back to packing...


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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The trials of moving...

D.W.Q.M.: "...I seem to have lost my sonic screwdriver." -the Third Doctor

8 days.
Today I packed my first frustration box. You know, one of those boxes where you look at the stuff you just don't know what to do with, and in your frustration, you dump it all into one box and mark it in big letters, 'MISCELANEOUS'. <--I hope that's spelled right-the only dictionary I haven't packed yet is my Gaelic dictionary. Fat lotta good that'll do.

I have also come to the point where you set something down for just a second, and there's so much stuff lying around that the next thing you're saying is, "I just saw that five minutes ago!! Where the hell did it go?!?!?" I'm not even gonna count the number of times I've packed up a box and sealed it, only to discover minutes later that there's something else that should've gone in there. (I've been doing quite alot of retaping).
Perhaps this is why this has been my favorite cartoon strip for the summer:
http://www.fborfw.com/strip_fix/archives/002488.php Gotta love For Better or For Worse :)

Here's a fun story: I had this porcelain hinged box I got as a birthday gift from my mom-I was sure I had a box for it, but couldn't find it, so I wrapped it in paper and packed it up in a new box. Then I found the box for it-well, since I didn't want to open up the box, I decided to put something else in it. I found a small Snoopy snowglobe that I was sure didn't come in a box that fit perfectly. A few days later I found a box for the snowglobe!! *sigh*

My framed posters came down earlier this week-now there is this strange echo in my living room. Kind of sad, actually.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about moving-and I can't wait to decorate my new place (especially with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up!!!). However, I've been here so long, it is kinda sad to see 8 years of my life get packed up and put into an 8'x10' box. LOL.

Gotta run, need to pack up a few more things before my trip to storage tomorrow.

8 days!!!


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

on the move....

D.W.Q.M.: "I'm packing my goodies, and I'm going HOME!" -Sarah Jane Smith (from the Fourth Doctor story, The Hand of Fear.)

Big news for me-I am moving!!!! In 10 days!!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Okay, I've known for a while-actually been planning it most of the summer-but I didn't want to say anything until I actually had a place (call it superstition). I finally got a new place in August-but then there was the Feast, plus, I've been packing like crazy-I've got 8+ years of stuff crammed in here!!

Since I can't move in until the end of the month, I've been packing up boxes and putting them in temporary storage, to make room for more packed boxes. Before I got the unit, I was triping over everything (my shins are quite bruised). I can't help but think of my dear friend
Peresphone on her moving day. She said she felt like the Queen of Boxland, sitting above all of her boxy subjects. I sort of feel like that now-however, I have to send my boxy subjects ahead of me-because the population growth of my subjects is growing way too fast for Boxland. ;)

I'm moving from my apartment into a duplex. Maybe next time I'll be ready for a house of my own... Boy, this move has been an emotional roller-coaster for me. This was my first place after college-it seems like I've been here forever. So much has happened!!!

I know it's late, but I still gotta pack-gotta keep packing. Look out, I may be taking a break from packing to reminice...

...of course, I've got so much to do between now and then, I don't know if I'll have the time! Aaaaaaagggghhh!!! ;)

10 days!


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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Because I'm a good sport...

D.W.Q.M.: "You know, I am so constantly outwitting the opposition, I tend to forget the delight and satisfaction of the arts... the gentle art of fisticuffs." -the First Doctor

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(if you can't quite see it, the writing on the cake says 'Sorry about the Twins! Good Luck in 2008).

After the Twins were swept by the Indians twice within 2 weeks, my friend
Mongo thought I could use a cake, 'cause, well, cake makes everything better.

I was sitting on the couch at Taco night next to Jerm when he presented it to me. I sat there, silent, with my arms and legs crossed, and counted to ten while I contemplated laughing, crying, or simply ripping his head off. ;) Mongo said that was the reaction he thought he'd get. In the end, I ended up laughing, 'cause, well, I gotta admit, it was pretty funny (and revenge can be just as sweet, too. lol) ;)

Persephone had the best line-"Let me know when you cut the cake, 'cause I want some of that sweet, sweet agony!"

Here's to tacos, cake, and sports rivals!

(I cross-posted this to my livejournal as well.)

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