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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Day Trip, part 2

D.W.Q.M.: "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish, sometimes." -the Fourth Doctor

Part 2: Playing hookey.

Some people take a day off work to go play golf.

Me? I take a day off to go play mini-golf...in another city. ;)

Hey, if you're taking the whole day off to play mini-golf, you have to travel at least 2 hours to get there...or be meeting someone who's traveling 2 hours to get there!

Originally we were planning on traveling all the way to Kentucky for Bible Mini-golf, but we found out that they didn't open until 4 pm on Wenesdays, so we nixed that idea. Then, keeping with the mini-golf theme, Perseph and Jerm discovered Magic Mountain and their Magic Buffet in Columbus. (oh, yeah, there's minigolf too. LOL) Since my boss is pretty cool, I was able to request a vacation day the day before I actually took it, so I was in. Perseph got ahold of Karen (who lives in Columbus) and she was able to take a half a day off and join us. Paul and Chris (Karen's husband) thought we were crazy, so they didn't join us. Silly husbands. ;)

...of course, we were quite silly ourselves:

It was a little chilly and windy, but the rain held off so it wasn't too bad. Also, since it was the middle of the week during the school year, we were the only ones on the course. :) I even managed to get a hole-in-one!!

...it's a shame that I ended up coming in dead last. LOL

Here are some more action shots:

Karen and Jerm putting at the first hole

Perseph and Karen

Perseph ended up kicking all of our butts. (alright, Perseph!) We had a great time and decided that we have to come back-even if it's during the weekend when there will be quite a few more people around. One thing we discovered while we were there-when you're the only ones on the course and you give a victory shout, the people who work there will turn and stare at you like you are crazy. ;) Good times, good times! :)
posted by Romana1 on 9:32 PM | *

Friday, April 29, 2005

Doctor Who thoughts

D.W.Q.M.: "I sometimes think those mutated misfits will terrorize the universe for the rest of time." -the Fifth Doctor

Upcoming episode:
6. Dalek

I don't really have any news to report, although SciFiDaily has an interesting
post about David Tennant wanting to be the first Time Lord to wear a kilt, and he wants to be able to use his Scottish accent to the fullest. Don't know if it's true or not, but it still makes an interesting read! :)

Ahhh, the Daleks-my favorite Doctor Who villians! I want one of those little remote controlled talking daleks! So does Jerm-we could race them up and down the sidewalk. LOL. ;)

I have to admit it-when I was young, these guys used to give me nightmares. I used to have dreams that Daleks and Cybermen were invading my neighborhood-sometimes at the same time! *shudder* If you think about it, though-they are only a danger to you if you're directly in their path-I mean, really-they move rather slow, and only have one eyepiece (which if you destroy, they blow up: "Vision impaired..I cannot see!" ;) ) You can also confuse them to death. I love watching them get confused and just break down and explode. "Loosing control! Loosing c-con-troll..aahhhhhh" *BANG!*

They've upgraded over the years-when first encountered in the William Hartnell era, they had what looked like a plunger attached to them and they really disliked stairs. By Sylvester McCoy's era, they could levitate up the stairs (much to the dismay of the trapped 7th Doctor) Now I hear that the plungers have been replaced and not only can they fly, but they can shoot from the air! Sweeeeeet. :)
posted by Romana1 on 11:01 AM | *

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Day Trip, part 1

D.W.Q.M.: "How about a trip in the TARDIS? I'm just off." -the Fourth Doctor

Part 1: In Your Own Backyard

Recently, Jerm and I just finished watching Full Circle with Michael Palin. As usual, when I watch travel shows, or hear about friends adventures abroad, I'd like to jump right up and start traveling. ...unfortunately, time and money are usually against me.

Fortunately, thanks to Persephone (who will always be the queen of road trips, IMHO) and Jerm, I remembered that you don't always have to leave "your own back yard" to have an enjoyable trip!

Yesterday, the three of us traveled to the very center of Ohio:

Ok, so that's not really the exact center of Ohio-that's Magic Mountain in Columbus-the subject of part 2 of this story. ;)

Instead of taking the usual I-71, Perseph and Jerm thought it would be fun if we took the backroads down (Route 3 going down...Routes 303 and 86 coming back up...?) Perseph was smart-she brought her journal so she could write everything down, instead of trying to remember it several hours later, as I'm trying to do now... We took 71 to Medina, where we picked up 3. We were running really low on gas, and the first place we thought might be a gas station looked kind of run down-junk cars parked everywhere, the light pole above one of the tanks was bent over. We passed it to try to find something better, but as we passed I noticed a fairly new sign with current gas prices covered mostly by a bush. If we didn't find anything, we'd come back.

Well, we didn't. At least we couldn't with our current gas situation.

So we pull into the gas station and Jerm gets out to pump the gas. The tank is an older one-no digital read out or credit card slot...and when Jerm started pumping the gas, it made this horrific sound...almost like it was about to explode. Jerm filled it up to what he knew was a safe bet-he said from the look of the spout, he wasn't sure if it would stop automatically when the tank was full. As he was getting out his money, this guy, who, as Perseph said, looked like he was right out of the movie Deliverence, flipped something on the pump with a disgusted look and walked into the store. As Jerm went in to pay, I leaned over to Perseph and said, 'Don't you think we should go in there with him?' Perseph said, 'Noooo, we're stayin' right here!' When he came back out he got back into the car and said, '...scariest place I've ever bought gas...' LOL. *whew! Once we got going on Route 3, it was all good.

Taking the backroads was so much fun-and much more relaxing than I-71. You get to see so much more than you do when you take the main highway. The weather wasn't perfect (mostly cloudy on the way down with a few sprinkles), but we had a little bit of sunshine, so it wasn't bad. We saw lots of cool houses in the smaller towns, and lots of wide open spaces (perfect if you're feeling a little stressed and a bit claustrophobic in the city). We saw a variety of animals: cows, chickens, horses, sheep, ducks, alpacas; and I spotted a wild turkey. Perseph kept track of most of the small towns we drove through. My personal favorites were Funk, OH and Jelloway, OH.

On the way back we took I-71 to Grandpa's Cheesebarn and stopped for cheese and fudge. Then we decided to take the backroads all the way up to the lake:

the farthest north you can go...

We drove along the lakeshore until we finally had to turn away and head home. I was sad to see the day end, but I had such a good time! If you ever get the chance to explore the backroads of where you live-I highly recomend it. You may discover things you didn't even know were in your own backyard! (so to speak) Someday I hope to travel abroad...until then I'll enjoy watching travel shows and I'll explore the backroads of Ohio, Minnesota, and everything in between! :)

Oh, and you know what the best part about the day was? Being able to hang out with some cool friends!

Stay tuned for part 2...
posted by Romana1 on 11:43 AM | *

Sunday, April 24, 2005

chilly random thoughts...

D.W.Q.M.: "Why should I believe you? A rationalist existentialist priest, indeed!" -Miss Hawthorne (from the Third Doctor story, the Daemons)

Today, in Cleveland, it was freezing and Mother Nature dumped a ton of snow on northeastern Ohio.

Today, in Minnesota, it was 60 degrees and sunny.

That is SO...NOT...FAIR! :p

Ok, I admit, winter is my favorite season, but that doesn't mean I dislike the other seasons-I'm quite fond of spring, and APRIL IS SPRING. *sigh* Yeah, being in Ohio has spoiled me-my tolerance for the cold in spring is starting to go down. ;)

Speaking of Minnesota-I talked to my sister and Shanna yesterday-they are already planning the Fourth of July! Well, there are some advantages to that-last year we all went to my sister's for the Fourth. We drove down to Stillwater to watch the fireworks, and thought it would be neat to rent a boat and take it on the St. Croix River to watch the fireworks this year. Perhaps there will be enough time to make that happen this year...we'll see! I also told Alison and Shanna that we need to have a Doctor Who marathon while I'm there-so we can get the kids hooked on the show. Shanna told me that SumSum (her oldest) was already hooked on the show! Aparently after I left at Christmas, she kept wanting to watch more Doctor Who. *heehee* Excellent. :-D

Today P^2 and I drove down to Medina for our friend Stephanie's son (Matt)'s baptizsm. P^2 are godparents! :) Congrats to everyone! Matt was so well behaved during the mass. Afterwards we headed over to Steph and Dan's for brunch. I'm not sure who it was, but somebody brought this huge jiffy bag for the kids to play with. Steph had been showing us Billy's room, and when we finally came downstairs, we noticed that it was suspiciously quiet. Then all of the sudden, we heard this muffed boom! followed by hysterical laughter coming from the basement. I went down there and discovered that the kiddies (and the occasional adult) were being catapulted off the jiffy bag onto the floor (which was carpted, btw. ;)) The bag was only partially filled with air, so the kids could sit on one side, and the grownups (most of the time it was Dan's brother, Bill) would fall down on the other side, sending the kids in the air. Apparently I missed all the excitement when Billy first tried this new ride-they didn't realize how far he would fly, and he went spinning up in the air!

I'm not quite sure, but apparently this is something that Dan and his brothers did when they were younger. Billy's Great Uncle put a ball on the bag and it shot up so hard it slammed into the ceiling and hit the floor. We were laughing so hard I began to question how old we were. ;) LOL They convinced me to give it a try-and I was sooo sure that they wouldn't be able to lift me off the ground that I was quite startled when I found myself flying up in the air! (Not very high-but enough that I gave out quite a yelp.) ;)
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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Doctor Who news

D.W.Q.M.: "Do you mind not farting while I'm trying to save the world?" -the Ninth Doctor.

hahahahahahah... Ok, most of this is really just old news...been around for a while (like a week or two), and I'm just now getting to writing about it...

Upcoming episode
5. World War Three

It's official! David Tennant will become the 10th Doctor for the second season of the new series. Billie Piper will return as Rose Tyler. For Harry Potter/non-Doctor Who fans, David Tennant will be Barty Crouch, Jr. in the 4th Harry Potter movie.

It's been confirmed-starting this Sunday, BBC7 will be airing the six-part adventure, The Ghosts of N-Space. Yay!

Again, I ask: "When is the new Doctor Who coming to the USA?"

I was reading about the new series dvds-they are not planning on releasing them in the US until the series is shown here. Unfortunately for us, that makes sense. :p I seriously need to get a dvd player that can play all regions. ;) LOL.

That's all for now-I'm sleepy, so I'm going to bed! :)
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


D.W.Q.M.: the First Doctor: "Oh, we're travelers. That's my grandchild Susan, and that's Miss Wright, and that's Charlton." *chuckles*
Ian: *sighs* "Chesterton, Ian Chesterton."

(for Karen) I finally put them up! :) *heehee*

Ok, I've been meaning to do this for a really (and I mean really) long time.
Pictures of my sister's kiddies!! :) Thanks to my sister's camera phone, I've been getting pictures that are more up to date.

The first pic is of Boo and Mellon (that's the nickname they've given the little one-it's kinda cute, so I just may continue to use it. LOL) This was taken back in February:


Here's a shot of the whole bunch, also taken in February:

They look a little dishelved because Al took this picture as soon as they got up. Mellon had the right idea-she's still asleep!

The last one was taken just last week:

"Pooh is as big as me!" :)

It's hard to believe Mellon is already 4 months old! Boy how time flies...soon she'll be old enough to become a Doctor Who fan!! LOL ;)
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Signs you are starting to get old... ;)

D.W.Q.M.: Barbara Wright: "What's that awful noise?"
the First Docotor: "I beg your pardon... 'Awful noise'? A good way to talk about my singing!"
Barbara: "No, Doctor, not that awful noise -- the other one!"

The other day I was thinking, 'Gee, we don't go out to clubs any more...'

Last night I figured out why.

My friend Alicia and I went to the Red Parrot Cafe in Lorrain to celebrate her birthday, and to listen to the local band Bullshot. Her boss, Andy, is the lead singer of this band.

The Red Parrot is a small bar wedged in between two other building on what appeared to be one of downtown Lorrain's main street. It took us a while to get there, (where the heck is Kansas?), but we only had to turn around once.

After circling around a couple of times, we finally found a parking space and headed towards the Red Parrot. As we approached we could see the clouds of ciggarette (we hoped) smoke and the thundering pounding of what appeared to be music...of some sort...we think. The people hanging around outside seemed quite young (although not too young, since most of them had had something to drink...although that doesn't neccessarily mean anything these days...) Anyhoo, I suddenly felt very old as my eardrums began to throb to the beat. As we approached, Alicia spotted her friend Andy as he and his band were unloading their equipment. She introduced us and he told us that things were running late, and there would be one more band that played before them. We decided to wait outside awhile and Andy asked us if we had trouble finding the place. We told him not really, except for the fact that there was no sign for Kansas Street. He laughed and said that they couldn't find it either, but he was really glad we made it. Andy's pretty cool.

Finally Alicia and I decided we better go inside. As we walked through the bar, I was suddenly grateful that I had opted to change out of my Marcon tshirt, old faded shorts, and Twins cap for a simple black shirt and darker jean shorts. I also wished that I had taken the time to redye my hair...

We quickly made our way to the bar and ordered drinks. The band that was playing was sort of Kid Rock like, only much worse... We moved over to a table near a group of people who looked almost as out of place as we felt. After a couple of 'songs' by the band, we found out they were like us-here to listen to Bullshot, and not really liking what came on before. LOL. We had fun talking to them, and Andy and Ryan (the bass gutairist and fiancee of one of the girls we were talking to) came over and joked around with us as well. When the first band finally finished playing and the next band was setting up, Andy tossed me a couple of earplugs. Ahhh....much better. The next band was a heavy metal type band, with very inebriated fans who thought they were the bomb. Apparently the lead singer of this band was quite inebriated himself. He jumped around the stage, swung his microphone around, knocked into some stuff, screamed into the microphone, and the next thing we knew, they were done. Ryan came over and said that the lead singer knocked over his beer onto some of the sound equipment, was tripping and knocking everything over, and finally after 2 songs the owner of the place was like, 'that's it, you're done' and took the mic from him. 'Those were 2 songs?' 'Yeah, I found it difficult to distinguish where one ended and the other began myself' was Ryan's reply. For the next few minutes we witnessed the shouts of angry band members and the screaming of hysterical fans. Lots of drama-they kicked those guys out. It was quite amusing to watch from a distance, though. ;)

Bullshot finally got to play, and they're pretty good. :) We had a good time and they're fun to watch on stage (the drummer had taken his shoes and socks off to play! LOL) They played most of their own songs and a couple of covers. After they finished we told them we had to leave and that we had a good time, and they thanked us for coming out to see them. They're pretty cool guys. :)

After I got home I jumped into the shower and washed my hair until the smokey smell was replaced with the scent of vanilla with a touch of marigold and primrose. I took a couple of asprin and then hit the sack. All in all, not a bad night.

Not a bad night at all. :)

...hey, my niece is 4 months old today! Man, do I feel old. ;-D
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Doctor Who news (and thoughts)

D.W.Q.M.: "So you are my replacements? A dandy and a clown!" -the First Doctor

Episodes on BBC1:
1. Rose
2. The End of the World
3. The Unquiet Dead

4. Aliens of London

While reading Outpost Gallifrey, I noticed that they mentioned that BBC7 will be airing the radio program The Ghosts of N-Space starting Sunday April 24th. Unfortunately I was only able to find the programming schedule up to the 19th, but I hope it's true! (Ghosts of N-Space is a sequel to Paradise of Death with the Third Doctor, the Brigadier, and Sarah Jane Smith.)

The third episode of Doctor Who beat Prince Charles' wedding in ratings. LOL.

It turns out that Russel T. Davies knew all along that Christopher Eccelston was only going to be the Doctor for one series. (ah-ha!) He said that they had his (Eccleston's) departure all planned, but it wasn't supposed to come out until the end of the series. (Bad BBC!) It'll be interesting to see how the series plays out.

Speaking of 'seeing Doctor Who'...still no word as to when and where it'll be shown in the USA. *sigh*

So I picked today's quote by opening my copy of Doctor Who: The DisContinuity Guide to a random page. I really liked the episodes where the Doctor came across his past selves (even though it is forbidden by The First Law of Time.) ;) I especially liked the way the Second and Third Doctor always interacted with each other-like squabbling siblings. Cracks me up everytime I see The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors :-D Got me to thinking that we probably won't see something like that with the new series (for obvious reasons) Not that I have any idea what Davies is planning for the series. LOL. Whatever he's planning, though-it seems to be heading in the right direction-at least in my book! :)
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Monday, April 11, 2005

knittin' away....sort of... ;)

D.W.Q.M.: "Pity about the scarf-Madame Nostradamus made it for me...witty little knitter..." -the Fourth Doctor

Ahhh...our system at work is acting up (again) so while I wait for them to fix the problem (they claim it'll be about 5 minutes after everyone is logged off), I thought I'd do a knitting post.

prayer shawl, about one fifth of the way done.

Ta-daa! I finally posted a work in progress-yes, it took me 4 projects to do it, but I finally managed to post something that I'm knitting. :) It's a prayer shawl that I'm making using the leftover yarn from my first project (my Doctor Who scarf) This was taken just before I switched over to the third color. (colors I'm using: Red Heart Dark Plum, Burgandy, and Linen) I'll talk more about the prayer shawl when it's completed. (I'm almost halfway there).

Saturday, my friend Kim and I got together for our first knitting/crocheting day. Of course, this time we didn't actually get much done on our projects-but that's okay-it was our first gathering. We definitely know that we want to do this again-and hopefully Perseph will be able to join us too! :) We ended up heading over to JoAnn's, and I picked up some Lion Brand Homespun yarn for another project I'd like to try. (When our system was down on Friday I was searching for hat patterns. I got a simple one from one of my coworkers and fellow knitter.) :)

I brought my knitting into work to work on during lunch today. However, if our system doesn't come back up soon, I may start knitting at my desk. ;)

Ahh, days like this are actually quite frustrating-I did everything that I could without the use of our catalog on Friday-now I have nothing (work-related) to do today! *sigh*

I'm off to see if our system is up and running yet. It's been well over 5 minutes! :-D
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Friday, April 08, 2005

John Paul II

Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005

photo taken by T. VonBargen-Washington, D.C.; 1979

"I am happy, and you should be as well. Let us pray together with joy." -John Paul II

(author note: due to the power outage we experienced Saturday night, I decided to wait and post this today.)
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April night sky

D.W.Q.M.: " "We live in an imperfect universe." -the Fourth Doctor

Ahhh...I love it when I can use excuses like being without power for over 24 hrs as a reason for not getting this post up. ;)

Today's astronomy post is brought to you by Sky and Telescope.

Past events:
April 2nd-Jupiter comes into oppostion-it is the closest to the Earth it'll get for the entire year. Interestingly enough, 11 days after, it will be at aphelion, so the planet will be about the farthest, dimmest, and smallest it can be at any opposition!!!

April 3rd-Daylight savings! By now, I hope all of you have set your clocks one hour ahead. :) Europe's daylight savings occured last week.

Partial Solar Eclipse (S&T, April 2005, pg. 73) April 8th there will be a partial solar eclipse for the south eastern United States. The 'northern limit' includes south eastern Arizona, most of New Mexico, the southern half of Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey. A sliver of southern Pennsyvania. Click here to see if your city is included in the viewing area. If you're interested, there will be live webcasts of the event: links are found here.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse April 24th not only brings us a full moon, but also an eclipse. Although if you sneeze you'll probably miss it. ;) On the morning of April 24th, the moon will skim through the penumbra of the Earth's shadow. The penumbra is the pale outer fringe of the Earth's shadow. This will be viewable for central and western North America, the Pacific Region, New Zealand, and the east coast of Australia. The show starts approximately 4:55am CDT (central daylight), and you'll want to look for a slight shading on the Moon's north-northeastern side. (Hey, I did say if you sneeze you'll probably miss it. ;))

April meteors The Lyrid meteor shower peaks April 22nd, 1:00am, EDT. Unfortunately, the waxing gibbous Moon will be in the sky all night long. (arrg...moon glare!) But if you're crazy like me, you'll probably be standing out there trying to glimpse a few. ;)

Comet Machholz Yes! The comet is still hanging around. The comet remains in telescopic view (glowing between the 7th and 8th magnitudes) between Polaris and the bowl of the Big Dipper. Click here to find out where and how long the comet will remain in view. :)

That's all for this month-clear skies and happy viewing!!
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Monday, April 04, 2005

let there be light!

D.W.Q.M.: the Third Doctor: "...I have an oil lamp here..."
Sarah Jane Smith: "Don't tell me-you are going to rub it and produce a genie."
Third Doctor: "On the contrary, Sarah, I'm going to light it and illuminate us."
Sarah Jane: "Ahh...horray for old fashion oil."

The electricity is finally back on!!!

Oh, for those of you who don't know, thanks to all the wind and wet snow we had on April 2nd, I had been without electricity, heat, or hot water since Saturday night. Even though the heat is gas heat, apparently the methods used to get the heat from the central unit to each of the individual apartments are not.

Thank god for running cold water and gas stoves.

The Doctor called me around 11 am and informed me that they had finally switched us back on. *whew!

Perseph and I had just finished up an afternoon of dealing with crazy drivers, cranky cashiers, strong winds, wet snow, rude parking lot people (hey, the lady who parked next to us pushed six shopping carts behind our car!) and were just chatting in her car in front of my apartment, when we saw this blue flash behind us. Not knowing what had caused it, we decided that it was our cue to finish up and part ways. I grabbed my bags, waved goodbye, and ran up to my apartment. The lights were still on and the Doctor was watching tv, so I sat down to watch the news.

...Then the lights blinked off and back on. I jumped from the couch and said, 'What the heck?!' The Doctor was like, 'oh, yeah, that happened just before you got home.' "Just before?!" I immediately got on the phone to Perseph to let her know I figured out what the bright blue flash was. While I was talking to her, I noticed another flash out in the street, and then noticed that there was something orange and sparkling flapping around on the street like a fish out of water. You could here the crackling on the phone, so I told Perseph that I had to report a downed power line. Shortly there after, the lights in my apartment got brighter, but that was short lived. About 7:45pm the power went out for good. There was a Cleveland Hts cop car blocking the street with the downed wire, who was eventually replaced by someone from the Illuminating company. Approx. 130,000 were without power, and they were thinking as late as Tuesday night before everyone was back on. When I went to church the next morning, I discovered that all of my block was out, including the two gas stations, Grums, the Dairy Mart and laundry place up at the corner. The traffic lights were being powered by two emergency generators.

Later that evening, we saw a cherry picker pull up to the downed wire (one was still in the parking lot, and another was draped across the roof of someone's house) and asked if we'd have the power on by tonight-the response was 'we're hopin' so.' (Not so, as it turns out) We walked up to Medic hoping that they still had bags of ice-thankfully they had plenty, and there were about 5 other people there buying ice for the exact same reason. Quite alot of people in my neighborhood had been without power since Saturday night. Perseph called and said she hadn't realized that I was still without power and offered her place if I got sick of being in the dark. I told her thanks, but I was going to try to duke it out another night. Good thing we decided to do our grocery shopping on Tuesday instead of Saturday!!

As of this morning, 60,000 were still without power and I was one of those 60,000 at first. The power has been on for about 12 hours now (*knock on wood*), and the lines that were down seem to be fixed. The food in the fridge and freezer survived, although I'm probably going to have to cook up most of the meat that was in the freezer to be on the safe side.

Meatloaf for all!! ;)
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