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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Perseids

Sky & Telescope illustration
 Don't forget, the Perseids peak tonight!!!

Some observing hints from Sky & Telescope:

"The Perseid meteors appear to stream away from the shower's "radiant" point near the border of Perseus and Cassiopeia. This is the perspective point where they would all appear to be coming from if you could see them approaching in the far distance. In fact we see them only in the last second or two as they streak into Earth's upper atmosphere, and this can happen anywhere in your sky. Under dark-sky conditions, you may see an average of one a minute around the time of the shower's peak."

For more info about this year's display, check out Off Year for the Perseids


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Feast

Hey Blogger, what's up with you today?  I can only access my blogs in draft mode-that kinda sucks. :p At least you still work with dial up (sorta-you're very slow.) *sigh*

If this is eventually going to be the new Blogger, I'm not sure how I like the layout of things...

Well, after that major hot spell we had back in July, I decided it was time to dig out my A/C from storage.  Hadn't used it since I left Coventry back in 2007!  (My co-worker Brian called me 'hard core'.  LOL)  Yeah, the heat wave was just too much this time around...

Now to my main points-the Feast starts tomorrow night!!!  We'll have our usual walk around the neighborhood starting at 6, then we will have a sitdown concert around quarter after 8.  That's the plan for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Monday, the 15th (and the last day of the Feast) we'll have our usual morning procession, walk around the neighborhood in the evening, then the evening procession after 9.  (and fireworks!) :)

The Feast 2010
Oooh, just tried the image loader in Blogger to load the above image...I'm surprised it worked using dial-up! ;) (again, it's slow, but I can deal...for now.)  I really need to do something about switching that...

Tomorrow night the Perseids peak, but the weather here in Cleveland is calling for storms, so I might try to catch some tonight while the sky is still clear. ;)  It's too bad the moon is shining so brightly...LOL.  I'm still gonna try!!!  (check Twitter for updates after midnight!)

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