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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flying into (outof?) Spring!

Whoa! It's the end of May! I haven't had much time to post since I switched my blog, and so much has gone on!

I still need to write up the rest of the events at Relay-I also need to get on the ball and post some pictures! (I haven't even uploaded any to flickr or facebook yet.)

Summer is just around the corner! My summer lights are up! Also, I've planted new flowers! I have more this year-I added another hanging basket-filled with purple petunias, dusty miller, and some English ivy. In my original hanging basket, I planted the extra petunias (the extra dusty miller went into a regular pot on the table on my porch) This year I decided to have marigolds in the flower box (last year I had marigolds and white petunias). I have yellow, orange and French (orange and red) marigolds. I also purchased a geranium, to add a touch of pink to my porch.

Speaking of pink, my Asian lillies have come back! Last year I just cut down the old plant and left it on my porch. Earlier this spring, I noticed several new shoots starting to pop up! I repotted the plant, and now some of them have buds!! They will probably be a little smaller than the ones I had last year, but that's okay by me! :)

This year I decided to start some seeds. I had some leftover miniature sunflower seeds that I planted, along with some cucumber seeds that I purchased a couple weeks ago. I also wanted to try to start the pumpkin seeds I had dried from my pumpkin last October. I started them using potting mix and egg cartons (the papery-pulp kind, not the styrofoam kind). Since I've never had that much luck with seeds, I didn't expect them to sprout-but they did!!! Even the pumpkin seeds!!! I have seedlings now!!! Unfortunately, I don't have enough room to plant them all. :( Fortunately, I know some people who are willing to 'adopt' my little plants, once they've matured enough to be replanted. Even the pumpkins! :) I've been taking pictures documenting all of my container gardening exploits-maybe someday I'll remember to post them along with the pictures for Relay. I still haven't given up on my quest to grow a tomato plant. Even though it is getting a little late, I may try to see if the garden center up the street from me still have some plants.

Marcon is this weekend! I'm working the video room again. I volunteered to take the Friday night/Saturday morning shift again-time to stock up on caffeine!! ;) I'm not sure if I'll be going in costume this year. I will still bring my Doctor Who scarf, and Krismutt's K-9 costume. ;)

Have a fun and safe weekend everybody!!!

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posted by Romana1 on 11:31 AM | *

Monday, May 03, 2010

Success? I hope so!

I think I managed to successfully migrate my blog!! There were a few hiccups though.
First, Blogger couldn't reach my ftp account. I wasn't sure who wasn't talking to who, but I finally managed to get Blogger to sign into my server. Not really how I wanted to spend my lunch hour, but since I'm still working with dial up here at home, I wanted to do the migration with a more reliable connection.

Then I started the migration process-everything was going smoothly until I got an error from Blogger-it couldn't reach my ftp server again. They gave me a link to download all the files I needed, and instructed me to upload them manually (which, by the way, is what you have to do if you waited until after May 1st to update your blog. The migration tool was designed to do most of the work for you, while it still had ftp support.) Since I couldn't access my server at work, I had to wait until I got home. Just for kicks, I decided to see what my blog looked like in it's current state, since Blogger did say my new site was live. To me, it looked like everything was there, except for the images and coloring in the template. It took me a while before I realized what was wrong with the template. It was a simple mistake-since I was publishing using ftp, Blogger didn't have to know where in internet land the css file and images were for my template-it just needed to know the right directory to look into on the server. Once Blogger started doing all the publishing again, it got confused and didn't know where I was pulling the old files from. Once I realized the problem, I typed out the full address in the template, and now the images, structure, font, and coloring are correct. *whew*

As for the problem with loading files-I think I may have reached my quota for the day, so the system couldn't finish the migration. However, I checked some pages in my old blog, and the correct tags seem to be in place, for the most part. I checked some entries from 2006 and ended up with a missing page. I received a note from someone on Blogger, and he seems to think everything is in place. Also, I glanced at the files on my server-it looks like most of them are there... Maybe the issue has corrected itself, or the server hadn't registered all the changes when I checked the old blog. Since my entire archive is available here, I can take my time to check the old links.

Speaking of old links, I still have to clean up a few of my sidebar links, but I've updated most of them. I replaced my list of books with a widget to my goodreads account, plus a couple more widgets. Hey! Now that I'm back with blogger, I have an rss-feed! (see post below).

I think that's it for now. I gotta find time to write up another post for Relay, plus I want to post about this weekend Go, Twins!!


posted by Romana1 on 11:07 PM | *

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