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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Marcon 42-the report!

D.W.Q.M.: "I think those crazy kids have gone off to the sewers to get photographs of the Cybermen." -Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (from the Second Doctor story, the Invaison)

Yay, Marcon!!! I had an awesome time!!! I wrote about working the video room and other Doctor Who stuff over at the Idiot's Lantern You can check them out here:
Marcon, part 1
Marcon, part 2

This year, I got to meet Kevin Sorbo!!

*hee* My mom and I have this running joke-whenever I mention Kevin Sorbo, she always says, "You know he's from Mound [Minnesota]" So I told him that, and he thought that it was cool that we were from MN too. I got him to sign an autograph for my mom, and he wrote 'Go Minnesota!' on it. LOL. He is so cool.

And guess what? He played Duck, Duck GRAY DUCK as a kid!!! LOL ;) :-D

I also got to meet Steve Bacic:

He was also really cool. :) I wish I could have made it to some of the panels they did, but I didn't have time. I heard they were pretty awesome, and alot of fun!

I also had a great time helping out with the Masquarade. Basically my job was to run around for people. At one point, I had to let someone down in the con suite know how many people were going to be in the Masquarade. Our conversation went something like this:
Me: There will be 17 entires, and 30 people
Consuite Lady (sorry, i can't remember her name!):Okay. Oh, by the way, when do they want the cow?
Me: the cow?!
Consuite Lady: Yes, the cow.
Me: I dunno, lemme check.
So I ran past the Hotel guy and up to the Green room to find out when they wanted the cow. Then I ran past the Hotel guy again.
Me, to Random Consuite Guy: Hey, is Consuite Lady around?
Random Consuite Guy: She just left-can I give her a message?
Me: Yeah, tell her they want the Cow at 8:30.
Random Consuite Guy: Oh-kaayy. I thought they wanted him earlier, but whatever. By the way, I'm the cow.
Me: Ohhhhhh!

Then I ran back up to the Green room, and as I passed the Hotel guy for the fourth time, he looked up and said, 'I only see you coming out! Never going in!' LOL. I'm that fast...ooooh, that sounds dirty. ;)

Then it came time for the awards ceremony. They couldn't find the group of Orcs from the Ohio Ring Council, so I was sent to look for them to make sure they were heading to the right place. I race out of the Green room and spotted Valerie coming towards me. "VALERIE! Have you seen the Orcs?" I shout as I run by. "I think they're around the corner!"

The Orcs had the best presentation. Since I was a stage ninja during the Masquarade (I made sure people made it off the stage ok, and sent them towards the photographer), I only had a side view. The group of Orcs came out, then their soundtrack began to roll. "We'd like to call this 'Ode to Mr. Jackson"
All of the audience, myself included, thought they meant Peter Jackson. Suddenly the lead Orc rips off his top armor, exposing a red leather jacket, and then the whole group started dancing to Thriller. OMG-it was AWESOME Their choreography was perfect!! They brought the house down.

I had alot of fun, and Julie (co-chair of the Masquarade) couldn't believe that I was running on 1 hour of sleep, and still so perky! LOL She said that next year she wants to give me a promotion, and more responsibility during the Masquarade. Yikes! We'll see how I feel about it next year. LOL. :)


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motorcycle safety

This weekend, my brother-in-law was involved in a motorcycle accident. He was riding the bike, and my sister and the kids were following behind, when this kid in a pickup truck came outa nowhere and ended up right in front of him. The next thing you know, my sister sees Jon flying through the air (she described it as looking like he did a cartwheel) and landing in the ditch. Chaos insued as everyone tried to get their bearings, but thankfully there was a farmer nearby, who was already on the phone with the authorities as he came over to see if everyone was alright.

According to Alicat, Jon underwent surgery and now has two rods in his leg, in addition to a broken pelvis and foot. No brain damage, though, cause he was wearing a helmet-thank GOd! The first EMT on the scene happened to be Boo's best friend's father-he walked over to Alicat and showed her his helmet, pointing out the scratches on it and said, 'thank him for wearing this, 'cause if he hadn't, this would be his brains.' Blunt, I know-but that's what all of us have been saying-Thank God he was wearin' his helmet!!! He's resting now, and has already started therapy. Please keep him and my sister and their family in your thoughts!


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Solstice!!!

Happy first official day of Summer, everyone!!!!


And, if it's clear enough-don't forget to check out the space station tonight.
From my friend DJ: "I heard on the news this morning that (weather permitting) the space station
will be visiable tonight starting at 9:38 pm. It will be directly overhead at 9:41.
There is only a five minute window to see it.

It was pretty cool to see it Tuesday night."

Oh, that's Eastern time. :)

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new comments

D.W.Q.M.: "Well come on, aren't you supposed to be programmed to be user-friendly or something?" -the Sixth Doctor

Well, the site that hosts my comments has been down for quite a while now, and I don't know when it will be back up, so I decided to switch my commenting to Haloscan. I guess if the old site ever comes back, I'll move my old comments over. Until then...

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Woo-hoo! Doctor Who!

D.W.Q.M.: "Fantastic!" -the Ninth Doctor

So I'm sitting here, working on my computer with the tv on in the background, tuned to SciFi. (where else would it be? LOL)

I just saw a commercial for the third series (season 29) of Doctor Who!!!!


LOL-the tiniest things do excite me so.

I love being a geek girl. :-D

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D.W.Q.M.: "Well, come on! Aren't you supposed to be programmed to be user friendly or something?" -the Sixth Doctor

Hmph! Apparently Blogger is having issues publishing to personal FTP servers-the post I made yesterday finally managed to publish-almost 24 hours later! Not sure why there is a problem-I didn't change any of my settings, just kept trying to republish and checking the help group until it worked. At least I'm not the only one with this problem. Seriously, though-this needs to be listed on Blogger's 'Known Issues' list.

So this is a test to make sure my being able to finally publish wasn't just a fluke.

Oh, and while I'm here, things I need to post about:
1. Marcon!!! (I met Kevin Sorbo! ;) )
2. Disc golf with the guys (and my fantastic shot on hole 4!)

oooh, speaking of issues-it looks like my comments are down again-that's a problem I have to check out with the site that hosts my comments. Sorry guys. 0:-)

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Look! A trumpet!!"

D.W.Q.M.: the Second Doctor: "If only I could find my recorder, I could play you a little something to pass the time."
the Brigadier: "We should be thankful for small mercies."

Today marks my 10th summer with the Italian Band of Cleveland!! It's hard to believe that I've been playing with them for 10 years.

Today we were at Holy Redeemer in Colinwood for the Feast of St. Anthony. Usually the turnout for the first procession of the season (after Good Friday) is pretty low, and today was no exception. 2 clarinets, a piccalo, 2 baritones, 2 saxes, a bass drum, cymbals, a tuba, two trumpets, and our fearless leader, Nick. Small band, but enough to survive on. ;) For a while it looked like we were only going to have one trumpet, then I spotted one walking down the street and shouted, 'Look! A trumpet!!' I think I got caught on video-someone had a small camcorder and was taping the commotion just before the procession. LOL.

The weather was pretty good, and not only did we start relatively on time (an uncommon occurrence in recent years), but the shortened the procession as well.

Common occurrences for today's procession:
"Everybody get in tune, please!"
"Have we ever been in tune?"

Cute little kids in costume: Little angels (the girls) and little St. Anthonys (the boys)

Lolly the Trolley, fireworks, sunburn, and even though PeeWee(the king of wisecracks/bad jokes) no longer plays with us, there's plenty of people to take his place (or at least attempt to..)
Nick: "Why was 6 so afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9."
Kevin: "Ha! My five-year old nephew knows that one."

Nick: "...or did I tell ya about the family of tomatoes walking down the street?"
(he proceeds to tell the joke, and I snort right in the middle of it.)
Kevin: "She already knows the punchline!"

LOL. I love Italian band.


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