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Friday, April 27, 2007

Doctor Who news

D.W.Q.M.: Sgt. Benton: "What are we going to do now?"
the Second Doctor: "Keep it confused, feed it with useless information. I wonder if I have a television set handy?"

(author's note: this post can also be found at the Idiot's Lantern.)

I just realized that I haven't been posting these over here ever week like I used to when there was new Who (in the U.S. or U.K.) I'll try to remember to cross post here when I do these for the Idiot's Lantern.

Series 3/Season 29 in the U.K.
Saturdays, 7pm (GMT) on BBC One

Current episode:
Evolution of the Daleks

Previous epiosdes:
Daleks in Manhattan
The Shakespeare Code
Smith and Jones

The ratings are down in the U.K. Smith and Jones scored a record-breaking 8.2 million viewers last month, but last week's episode, Daleks in Manhattan, only scored 6.3 million. (However, it is still beating the competition!) Have the Daleks lost their touch? one writer asks. Well, I've got an opinion about that-but I'll save it for when I do my review.
[SyFy Portal link] Warning: contains minor spoilers for Daleks in Manhattan.
-there's also some reader response to this article in Michael Hinman's
SyFriday section.

More about series 3
coming to SciFi. :)
Outpost Gallifrey reports that series 3 will start on July 6th at 9pm.

Unitnews has highlights for the upcoming
Doctor Who Magazine issue 382 and Doctor Who Adventures issue 28.

Last, but not least-the BBC has released some details on the U.K. version of Robot, including coverart! The dvd will be released in the U.K. on May 28th, 2007. Hopefully the North American version will follow shortly thereafter!
[BBC link]

TAFN, happy Who watching!!!


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

so much to do, so little time...

D.W.Q.M.: "Why is a mouse when it spins?" -the Fourth Doctor

....nah, I'm just lazy. ;) A few thoughts for this week:

-I'm up 3 pounds from last week. d@$#%! At least I'm still under a certain weight 'X', but if I'm not careful, I may go over that. I've managed to stay under 'X' for 2 months now, which I'm very happy about. However, the Easter candy needs to disappear soon (and not by way of my mouth), and I have to start exercising regularly again. I went for a walk Sunday after I got home from Pittsburgh (God, the weather was gorgeous!!) and Tuesday, but I'm not walking nearly enough, and I need to get back into a regular exercising routine. My friend Mongo lent me VNV Nation's latest cd-I'm excited-new cds are great to listen to on walks!! ;)

-Eventually I'll report my Open that Box! day results. I wanted to do a scan of all the chase cards I found-they all fit nicely into a 9-card pocket page. ;)

-Hmm...other things I need to write about: the Pittsburgh hockey trip/babysitting experience. I had alot of fun! Yikes, I really need to update Ro Knits, too.

-Speaking of updates, I've really neglected my
Travel Dog page. Poor Krismutt-he poses for all these pictures, and I don't get them up!! Recently, though-I haven't had much time to do stories of his travels-I only manage to take a few pictures of him. So I've been thinking about creating a special section-this one, rather than have stories, will have a couple of pictures of the different places he's been to. I have a couple of cute pics of him at the hotels in Pittsburgh and Dayton, and of him watching the Ice Hawks play in Cincinatti. I also need to take a family picture-I now have 4 Krismutts (3 adults and one baby) *hee*

28 days until
Marcon 42!!
63 days until my vacation!!!



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Friday, April 13, 2007

LAFF it up! ;)

D.W.Q.M.: "Carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot juice..." -the Sixth Doctor

Okay, been slacking with the LAFF plan updates-that's for sure! I really need to start focusing again-I feel I've gotten off track-at least with the exercising part. The weather hasn't been all that great for walking-but I've completely stopped working out at home. I really need to do that again. Since I haven't used my weights in such a long time, I'm going to have to be careful and ease back into it. It's no fun walking around with sore arms! I'm hoping the weather will start to get nice again-since walking is my favorite form of exercise. :) Also, with the warming weather (hopefully it'll stay that way for awhile), means more disc golf!

I don't know how I've managed it, but I've actually still been loosing weight-not a whole lot, but I was down 2 pounds from last week! So I've either A-successfully changed my diet, B-been really lucky, or C-a little bit of both. ;)

*yawn* Yikes, I'm getting kinda sleepy-better head off to bed. Tomorrow's open that box day!!! Yay! ;)


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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy (snowy) Easter!

D.W.Q.M: "Who sold you on that, an Eskimo?" -Sarah Jane Smith
(yes, I know I used this quote last time-but give me a break-there's 20 inches of snow outside my door!) ;)

"I don't know whether to wish you a Happy Easter...or a Merry Christmas." -Fr. Mike, at the beginning of his Easter homily.

Yeah, getting to church this morning was a bear. Of course, none of the sidewalks were shoveled (they didn't even bother to shovel our walks during the Valentine's Day blizzard!) And the streets were just plain awful. In East Cleveland, it was so bad that they closed all the hills-told people not to drive until the snow stopped. (yeah, right, it's still falling!) Oh, no-wait. It actually looks like it might have stopped...for now. They didn't get to the roads until mid-afternoon.

Anyhoo, while sitting at church, I heard this loud rustling sound-I (along with several other parishoners) looked up just in time to see the shadow of snow falling off the roof behind the stain glass windows. The Indians game was cancelled..again. They didn't get a single game in during their opening weekend. They would have-they were one pitch away from being able to call it a game on opening day when Mike Hargrove stopped and said they couldn't play in these conditions. Okay, I admit I"m not an Indians fan-but come on!! ONE pitch! I bet if you had been winning, you would have allowed the pitch to call the game. Now look at ya-three games you are going to have to make up. THREE!

Ah, well. The weather has been crazy. I had to run some errands yesterday, and it was quite the challenge to navigate by bus and on foot. There would be squalls-high winds blowing snow everywhere, then it would settle down, with no snow in the air. Squalls, calm, squalls, calm. Occasionally the sun peaked out for a few seconds and we'd get sun glare from all the bright snow on the ground. Ahhh, what fun! ;)

Okay, even though it is spring, I have to admit, the snow on the trees were pretty specatcular-it was a beautiful winter wonderland scene! Too band it isn't winter. (sprinter wonderland?)

I hope everyone was able to stay warm today! Happy Easter! :)
Oh, and guess what-as I finished this entry...the snow has started up again.. LOL (or, AAAAHHHHH!) ;)

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white...Easter?!

D.W.Q.M.: "Who sold you on that? An Eskimo?" -Sarah Jane Smith (from the Fourth Doctor story, Seeds of Doom)

I think I may have mentioned this before, but living in Ohio has made me soft. Years ago, the prospect of having a white Easter wouldn't have shocked or upset me so. I mean, we may not have enjoyed having a white Easter in MN, but when it happened, it wasn't as unusual as it is here. (Snow in April? sure! bring it on! ;))

The snow looked so pretty as it was falling outside my window at work...too bad it's spring and Easter around the corner, rather than winter and Christmas being around the corner.

When we got to St. Rocco's, despite being reassured earlier in the day that the procession was still on-we found out that they decided to cancel it. They were worried that the streets would start to freeze over. Although I was a little disappointed, in all honesty, I was not looking forward to playing my clarinet in 20 degree weather. brrrrr!

So several of us decided to go out for dinner like we always do after the procession (especially since Marty drove all the way up from Athens, OH!).

It was a rather fun, and interesting experience. For starters, I happened to be the only girl in the group, and I was the youngest...by far. I always enjoy listening to stories from years past, but then Marty was asked to remind us how long he had been in Italian band... (since 1972..i think?) I had been twirling my pasta on my fork, and I stopped, looked up, and said, "WOW...". Marty then turned to me and said, "Oh, how long have you been in the band?" and both Rich and Jesse laughed and said, "I don't think that's what she meant by that!" "Yeah, I'm only 30-my parents weren't even thinking about me yet!" (LOL-hey, how often do I get to say I'm only thirty?) ;)

Then there was more story telling, and at one point, Marty stopped and said, "I can't tell you this one with a lady present." I said, "Are you sure? I've heard some pretty raunchy stuff in my time" He said, "Trust me, this story involves dogs, and well...not to be told in the presence of a lady." LOL-I think he's right-I don't want to know. I also believe this is the first time that a story has been stopped because I was a 'lady'. *hee* I had a great time!

If I don't post again before Sunday, I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some updates on a cold, snowy, SPRING? night.

D.W.Q.M.: Barbara: "Perhaps it's frozen?"
the First Doctor: "No, impossible... not in this temperature. Besides, it's too warm."

It's snowing. It's snowing. Hard to believe that it was 80 degrees on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night, we had snow on the ground. Come on, it's April! It's spring! (Wow, living in Ohio has made me soft. Snow in April used to be 'normal'.) ;)

So much to say, so much has been going on. I'm not even sure where to begin with updates.

I guess I should start with my promotion-yes, I got a promotion at work. However, it's name only (no money for raises this year). My job title went from a II to a III, and I have more responsiblity. Now I'm an ordering assistant. I actually order books now! I'm still receiving and cataloging Approval plan books-but now I'm also dealing with firm orders-searching, downloading records, ordering books/dvds from different vendors. So many new logins and passwords to remember. My job is more stressful now, but so far I'm doing ok. Although-I sit and stare a a computer more. At least when I'm cataloging, I'm looking at the book part of the time. Ah, well...

Hmmm...let's see, what else have I been up to? Still having fun babysitting! Last month I went on a Dayton/Cincinatti hockey trip. Sunday I was in Columbus-and in two weeks I'll be traveling to Pittsburgh. I really enjoy babysitting-and it's so cool when 'lil K says my name. :) They were going to the Columbus Zoo after Sunday's game, and I asked her if she wanted me to come, and she said, 'Yes!' *hee*

Oooh, I'm on the masquarade committe at
Marcon this year! I've always wanted to do some 'behind the scenes' stuff at a convention. The only down side is most of my Saturday will be taken up by masquarade events. I'm going to be a 'stage ninja' (I'll be guiding contestants either on or off the stage). We had a meeting down in Mansfield a couple of weeks ago-it was alot of fun. We were also informed that they would make sure we get to meet Kevin Sorbo (he's a guest this year, and I'm glad I'm not the only one on the committee that wants to meet him.) LOL!!

Non-Sport Update's "Open That Box" day is April 14th, and I'm going to participate again this year! This year marks a new chapter in my trading card hobby. I actually bought a box-and this is the first time that I didn't go looking for one on eBay. I used a dealer who advertized in the NSU Magazine. I don't normally buy boxes (this is my 5th box-six if you count the box of Elvis cards I found for my sister on eBay) The folks at Barrington Cards are awesome. I sent them a money order, and within a week I had my cards! All in all-my first box purchase outside of eBay was a pleasant experience. :) Now my (still sealed) box of Battlestar Galactica season 2 trading cards sits on my coffee table, taunting me. When I got my cards, I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it to the 14th...until I realized that the 14th was only 2 weeks away, and the first week is Easter-so it's not like I'd have time, anyway! ;)

Speaking of Easter-tomorrow (or today, as it's after midnight already), is the Good Friday procession at St. Rocco's. I'll be playing with Italian band. It's going to be cold and snowy. Hopefully my fingers won't get too numb, so I'll still be able to play my clarinet. The Doctor predicts that it will be a short procession, because the average age of those who participate is about sixty-five. Did I mention that it's going to be a tad chilly? ;)

TAFN-hopefully there won't be as long of a wait until my next update!

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