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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


D.W.Q.M.: "Of course you don't, why should you? You're a busy man, you don't want to stand here burbling about my ears. Neither ear, nor there, is it? Eh? But I can't waste any more time. Things to do, places to go. I'm a busy man too, you know." -the Fourth Doctor, to Harry Sullivan, in Robot

In a couple of days, I will be on vacation.

I am so not ready.

I'm not in panic mode...yet.

Actually, it's not too bad-finished my laundry, paid some bills. I think I'm doing good if I don't call my sister and nag at her everyday between now and my vacation about when she is picking me up. LOL.

Tonight I am going to do something I almost never do-I'm going to start setting aside clothes to pack...3 days before my plane leaves for MN. Ha! Take that, vacation gods! *hee* I can't wait!

Okay, quick fan girl moment: Spoilers for episodes 12 and 13 of Doctor Who...
.....you've been warned....
Sarah Jane and Luke in Doctor Who!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

new season, old memories

D.W.Q.M.: "When everything is new, can anything be a surprise?" -Cho-je (from the Third Doctor story, Planet of the Spiders

Happy Summer! (well, almost.) ;) I can't believe it's summer (partly because, well-it's been quite chilly the past couple of days-even for me!! It is supposed to warm up, though)

This past Thursday was the summer debut of the annual Coventry Street Fair (or is it the art fair? Geez, I should know better) Anyhoo-every third Thursday of the month during the summer, Coventry Village closes off the streets for the fair. In the past, I've only passed on through-my apartment was far enough away that once I was home, I didn't hear or see any of it. This year, I'm quite a bit closer! There was a cop at the corner of my street, directing traffic away from the fair, and, of course, people were parking up and down my street-I sat on my porch Thursday evening and watching families come and go. Next month I'm going to try to mosey on over myself, since I'm so close. I didn't go yesterday because I was actually working on cleaning out the small storage unit.

Have I mentioned how much I love my porch? ;) The trees around the house are now full of leaves, and I love listening to them rustle in the wind. Also, at night, I can here the train horns from the tracks by campus. I don't know why-but that's one of my favorite sounds. It also attracts a nice breeze (as well as some pretty gusty winds!) Several days last week I sat outside and worked on Shanna's baby blanket-usually during the summer it's so warm I don't like to knit-but sitting outside with a breeze-that's really nice. I also have strings of lantern lights up (Target is awesome!!) and a citronella candle to keep the bugs away.

Boy, even with a duplex, I have waaay too much stuff. I really need a house. Blah. On a different note-the storage unit had a leak-fortunately, only one collumn of boxes seemed to be affected-unfortunately, my high school graduation memorabilia was the hardest hit (I just can't bring myself to throw them away)-I ended up having to re-box several boxes. I'm going to have to air out a bunch of stuff. One of my Barbie Doll boxes (collector's barbies-Hey! I think they're cool-I have the Wizard of Oz and some of the Princess's collection) was also hit-but I think they're going to be ok. I was tempting fate, though-the box with my Star Wars figures was an open box-it didn't get hit- *whew!*

Why does going through storage always trigger trips down memory lane? I finally pulled the telescope my dad built (before I was born, I think) out of storage-I spent the evening cleaning it up (before Doctor Who, of course! *hee*) It's been all over the place, and it's starting to show it's age. I'm considering re-painting it to give it a fresh new look (that, and something spilled on the side, taking some of the old paint with it). I kind of want to paint it over in it's original color-but the original paint came from when...the 60's? 70's? Who's gonna have the right color? It was joked that I'm going to be one of the people in that Loew's commercial for Velspar (or is it Bear?) paint-I'll drag the base of the telescope in and point to it and say, 'can you match this?' LOL.

Another thing I came across today was a carousel full of slides (remember slide projectors, folks?) I looked at a couple and saw some with me when I was younger. I also saw one with my grandpa, holding me, and my mom-we were looking into the window of a nursery, probably checking out my new baby sister (my mom was in her robe). Sure enough, the next slide had a picture of me holding this cute little baby with a head of dark hair. Another one had me, my mom and my sister. (btw, her girls looked just like her when they were born!) *hee* Ally was a cute baby-but don't tell her I said that. It's funny, just yesterday I came across a mirror and brush set that someone had given me when Ally was born-they were shaped like apples-and I can't believe that I still have them!

Well, I gotta run-tomorrow I'm heading down to Columbus for the day for a couple of meetings (a Marcon vote meeting, and Doctor Who Columbus's monthly meeting). Since both are near the Greyhound station, and I got a fairly decent fare (considering gas prices), I'm going to head down-I'll be back tomorrow night-yay, day trips!

One week 'til my vacation!!! I can't wait!!!

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Monday, June 09, 2008


D.W.Q.M.: The Second Doctor: "If only I could find my recorder, I could play you a little something to pass the time."

The Brigadier: "We should be thankful for small mercies." (from the Third Doctor story, the Three Doctors

Ha-ha! For once, I actually bought reeds before the Italian Band season started!! I didn't forget until the day before and say, 'Aww, crap! I forgot again!' Well, unless you count Good Friday, then, nevermind...

We had a procession at Holy Redeemer for St. Anthony's Feast yesterday. We were a small band (not unusual for procession), but we were pretty well-rounded. We had Nick, our fearless leader, plus 3 clarinets, 2 trumpets, 2 saxs, a euphonium, 2 precussionists and a sousaphone. Mike even drove up from Dayton to join us.

When Mike and I were walking towards the church, I noticed the big tree we usually sit under while waiting for the precession, and stand under for the blessings afterwards, was gone. I couldn't believe it! For a second there, it almost seemed like we were in the wrong place. When I saw Buffy and Rich, I said, 'what happened to the tree? The tree's gone!!!'

It was quite sunny and warm, but there was an awesome breeze, which helped. If it hadn't been for that breeze...man, I don't even want to think about it! They also chopped off a few blocks, and were given breaks between numbers-we didn't even get throguh the whole book! Also, the fireworks were realitively short as well-didn't last more than 5 minutes. When we walked past the guy who usually does them, I overheard him say he was too lazy to do his usual spread. (Usually he has several boxes, plus an incredibly huge/long snake that he sets off).

All in all, not a bad afternoon-even though I did get sunburned (ow!) The next gig for me will be Mt. Carmel, since I'll be in Minnesota for the 4th of July.

Not to get all fan girly on ya-but how 'bout that episode of Battlestar Galactica last Friday?! Best last 5 minutes of BSG EVER! :)

Also! Today marks the 5th year I've had this blog! Woo!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

to blog or not to blog!

D.W.Q.M.: "Now you've squashed my favorite Beatles." -the First Doctor

I'm coming up on my 5th blogaversary. Hard to believe I started this blog 5 years ago!!! I looked back at when I first started, and I realized I posted quite alot. More recently, I haven't been posting much at all. Once, maybe twice a month, if that.

So I have decided, in honor of my upcoming anniversary, I will try to post more, even if it's just silly little things-short entries without much content. I want to get back to personal blogging. :) (I haven't been totally absent from the blogsphere-I've been contributing to
the Idiot's Lantern and Sarah-Jane.tv on a somewhat regular basis. ;))

In honor (geez, there's alot of honors in this post.) of my new commitment, here is a fun, silly fan vid from BabelColour:

I love his videos!

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posted by Romana1 on 7:00 PM | *

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