Cosplay Crafing Craziness

It's that crazy time of year again!  Con Season!  Once again my place is littered with little bits and bobs and scraps of material as I try to get my costumes together for Marcon. 

This year there's less scraps of material and more bits and bobs as I attempt to make jewelry for my Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff cosplay.  I'm basing it off of her appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, although truth be told, my hair will look more like hers from Infinity War. 😉 I'm extremely proud of the fact that I was able to make quite a bit of her pieces with items I already had in my stash-but I did have to purchase a few more things.  In terms of the rest of her outfit, I'm using items I already have here at home-black skirt and sleeveless t-shirt, my black riding boots. I ended up purchasing a maroon blazer to complete the outfit-it's not exact, but I'm hoping it's a decent enough representation of the character.  

Scarlet Witch is my main cosplay for the weekend-as …

A New Look, a New Life

Well, alrighty then!  I really needed to upgrade my blog.  Not sure how I like the new layout, but we'll see if it grows on me.  I feel really bad that I've neglected this blog for so long. I keep thinking about things to post about-the problem is I'm never near a computer when I think of things.  By the time I get home, I'm just to lazy to post. HA.   I miss my old theme, but it hasn't been compatible with Blogger's fancy features for years.  Since the server I was using to house my template (and most of my graphics and photos) no longer exists, I figured it was time to upgrade. I need to gather and repost my links-maybe I'll add a page for them, rather than putting them back on the side bar, like before...
It's the beginning of -Con season!  (-Con season for me is March-June)  Last year I attended 4 cons- ConCoction in March, Armada in April, Marcon in May, and Origins in June.  This year I had to skip ConCoction, but the rest are still in my schedule!…

Over a year, but I'm still here!

Well, it was more than 8 months since I last posted!  Ha.

I've been debating about the direction I want to take this blog-I really do want to continue blogging-I'm just not sure what I want to talk about.  Originally when I started this blog back in 2003, I was going to post more about my trading card hobby and my collection.  I never really did that-only a few posts here and there.  Nowadays my collecting of trading cards is limited to free promos-trading cards can be an expensive hobby!

I've been more active in two other hobbies I love: astronomy and photography!  However it would be easier to do the things I would like to do with this blog if I upgraded my blog.  The only problem is the current template I am using is not compatible with the upgraded system, and I'm still rather attached to the way my blog currently looks (yes, I know-it's only the second template update, and it's been this way since near the beginning!  I can't help it...)  So we'll …

Happy Everything!

Whoa!  Haven't posted here since September!  YIKEs!  I hope everyone (who celebrates these) had a Happy Easter...and Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick... :-D

Life's been busy-but I do manage to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ;-)  

Things are going to be busy on the Convention front-I just realized I will be attending at least one convention for the next three months!  It almost was 4 months, but I had to skip Cleveland ConCoction this year. :-(

I'll be heading out to the Artemis Armada One convention this weekend, then Marcon in May, and Origins in June. I'm trying to work on a costume for Marcon-it's going to be a major sewing project for me.  My friend Julie helped me with a mock-up, and now I need to create a new pattern from it.  Wish me luck!

I also am embarking on some major organization projects.  I've been meaning to bring up my trading card boxes from the basement for a while now, but I've had no place t…

International Observe the Moon Night

I am not hear to complain about the media's fascination with the "Super Moon"-I think I've tweeting and posted to Facebook enough about that-instead, I'm hear to put my money where my mouth is (is that the right saying?) and to tell you to go check out the moon tomorrow night! :)

Saturday, September 6th has been designated International Observe the Moon Night!

InOMN is the brainchild of several "Moon Units" (the Lunar Science Institute, the Lunar and Planetary Institute, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to name a few).  The idea is to generate interest in observing and studying the moon.

How to participate?  It's easy!  Just go out on the night of the 6th and look up! :)  You can also join an event, OR create one for the public for yourself!  (unfortunately the only event close enough to Cleveland is Hiram College.  Perhaps next year we can suggest to the folks at Observatory Park to create an event of their own!) ;)  (update: although they …

The Camelopardalids!

In the wee hours on Saturday, May 24th, a new meteor shower, the Camelopardalids will make it's presence known!

(Image courtesy of Sky and Telescope)

This will be the first known time that Earth will pass through the debris left behind by Comet LINEAR. (I say known because there is very little evidence of that the "Cams" have made an appearance before).   The best part is experts believe that we will be plowing through a relatively dense field of debris, with the potential of the Cams becoming a meteor storm!  

The peak of this shower is predicted to be around 3am, EST.  If you are in Northeast Ohio and are looking for a place to view meteors, Observatory Park in Geauga County will be open all night long for stargazers! 

Camelopardalis is a very faint constellation.  Chris Mentrek, Astronomy Naturalist at Observatory Park suggests looking just to the right of the Big Dipper and just below Polaris, the North Star. 

Even more good news-the weather looks like it might actually…

Free Comic Book Day!!!! (and other fun stuff!)

Yes, I am still around! ;)

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!!! To see if there is a participating store near you, check out their store locator .

In addition to grabbing some free comics, I'm also on the hunt for a few older ones.  I recently started reading the Farscape comics-set at the end of The PeaceKeeper Wars, these comics follow the story line of the cancelled season 5, and are considered canon by the Jim Henson Company!  There were 24 issues over a 2 year run, and the first 16 were compiled into 7 paperback volumes.  Unfortunately it doesn't appear that the last 8 were ever made into single volumes-so I am on a search for issues 17-24. (I own the first volume containing the first 4 issues, and the library has the next 6 ). I'm really enjoying the comics-they remain true to the tv show, and are written by Rockne S. O'Bannon.  :)

I'm also on the hunt for some trading card supplies-I need more 4-card protector sheets for my promo cards! :)  I also purchased my f…