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"There's no point in being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor.

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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

what to do w/this blog!!! (another attempt at a re-do?)

So once again I've been thinking about what to do w/this blog.  I keep saying I'm going to update and post more, but I never get around to it...

One thing I finally did was update my sidebar...sort of.  I got rid of a few sites that no longer update or are completely defunct (yes, there are a couple that are still listed...I'll eventually delete those. And boo! Yahoo Avatars no longer exist)  I moved a few things around (not sure why there is such a large gap between my twitter feed and my get glue stickers...)  I may eventually move more things around, but that will come later.  And even though The Peacekeeper Wars aired several years ago, I'm keeping the banner up because I love Farscape! (same goes for the Doctor Who banner announcing it's return to America on SciFi-even though SciFi is now SyFy and Doctor Who is now exclusively on BBCA, it's still history...) ;)

One of the main reasons why I haven't "upgraded" my blog template is simply because I really like my current blog template-and if I upgrade my blogger template to get all the fancy settings/widgets and what-not, my current template is incompatible.  I really like this template-I think it suits me perfectly.  However, I am open to ideas, so if folks have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

I'm thinking I'm going to steer my blog into the direction of writing up my thoughts on geeky/nerdy/sports/hobbies type stuff. Movie/tv/book reviews (even though I am terrible at writing up reviews, so they'll be more like whatever pops into my head.)  I may post some personal stuff here, but I won't be airing any dirty laundry (not that I did before).  I don't want this to become a daily log of my life...I have a written journal for that (one that I happen to update infrequently-just like this blog!)

So there you have it!  The reboot is officially starting! Wish me luck! :-D


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