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My name is Romanadvoratrelundar, but the Doctor says it's too long, so you can just call me Romana.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Orange cheese!!

D.W.Q.M.: Duke Juliano: "There's this man in Florence claims that by arranging ground glasses in a certain order, it's possible to see the moon and stars as large as your hand."
Marco: "Is that a good thing?"

Did you catch the Lunar Eclipse on Wenesday?!?! Amazingly enough, it actually cleared up so we could see it!

I was at Foofy and Persephone's for taco night-since there were six of us and the game we had decided to play only played 5, I decided to hang out with MewMew and watch Ghost Hunters: International. MewMew really wanted to see the eclipse, too, so we would peak outside during commercial breaks to see if it was clearing up. It was still pretty cloudy, so we had pretty much given up. Then, towards the end of Ghost Hunters I got a call from the Doctor-I had moved and leaned over the edge of the couch to answer-he said, 'I take it then you aren't outside?' All I said was, 'What, you mean it's clear?!' and I heard MewMew jump up from her seat on the couch and run to get her shoes and coat. I just managed to get my boots on, and we both ran out back, much to the chagrin of the gamers in the dining room. ;) After a minute or so (it was like, what? 20 degrees? 18? 15?) I decided to run in and get my coat. Along the way, I told Perseph that it was really clear outside. She got her coat and came out as well. As we were getting outside, Alicat called and was like, 'What the hell is up with the moon?' *hee* She didn't realize that there was a lunar eclipse happenning that night. ;) Saturn and Regulus were also out, and very bright. It was quite a sight to see. :)

I have quite a few updates to make-I've noticed that I haven't made any updates to my main site since June of 2005. I want to make some of those links on my homepage working links, plus I have a couple of ideas for a few more pages. I also need to update my knitting blog. I haven't been doing much knitting lately, but I started working on one of my K-9s again, plus I'm planning on getting started on a baby blanket for Shan, soon (she's going to have a baby towards the end of the summer!)

I'm also hoping to get started on a new costume for Marcon (although I don't think it'll be done in time for Marcon this May). I don't remember if I mentioned it or not-but last Thanksgiving I purchased a sewing machine on Black Friday. I've picked up a few supplies from JoAnns, and I need to order the material for my Sarah Jane costume. I also have to figure out if I can adjust a pattern to fit my size. I am so bad-I need to plan a trip to JoAnns just to surf through all the different patterns. While I was looking for another pattern to use for my Hand of Fear costume, I came accross a pattern that might work for a Masque of Mandragora costume. *hee* I need to print out some pictures of Sarah Jane so I can take them with me to JoAnns...I am so bad. ;)

Speaking of being bad (sort of), I also want to start scrapbooking again. Back when I was in CRASS in college, we made posters with pictures of the band at games and having a good time at our end-of-the season pizza party at Mama Santas for recruiting freshmen during the first week of class in the fall. Well, I still have the poster boards, and they haven't asked for them in a few years. Just as well, really-as the pictures are probably outdated and don't have any current members in them (well, undergraduate memebers-since Alumni are also allowed to join CRASS.) The poster boards have become rather beat up over the years, and since I really don't have any intention of putting them up on my walls, I decided to make a scrapbook out of them. I picked up a few stickers the last time I was at JoAnns-some music themed, and junk food themed (for the pizza stickers), and some quotation-bubble stickers. I need to get the posters out of storage (yes, I still have stuff in storage) so I can determine how big of a book I'll need, and if I should put it on black or white paper.

Hmm...my sidebar links for this blog and
the Idiot's Lantern really need to be updated. I bet Ro Knits could use a little sidebar updating, too. ;)

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Doctor Who and Sarah Jane!

D.W.Q.M.: "Fantastic!" -the Ninth Doctor

Wow, I need to post here more-what else is new? I was going to post some New Years resolutions, but I've already broken some, so what's the point? LOL.

Things are going well-been pretty busy, but that's ok. :)

Some exciting news from the SciFi channel!!! The fourth series of Doctor Who will air on the SciFi channel beginning in April!!! (sometime after it premieres on the BBC, obviously. That's rumored to be April 5th) If it does indeed air here in the US in April, it'll be the fastest the new series has made it to this side of the pond! :)

Also coming to SciFi in April, the second spinoff, the Sarah Jane Adventures!!

New Who and Sarah to air on SciFi

Yay, Sarah Jane

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