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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time to get your geek on!!!

Marcon starts tomorrow!!! Yay!! I'll be there-I never did get around to making my Sarah Jane costume from the Hand of Fear, but I did manage to put together a couple of costumes from the Sarah Jane Adventures. They aren't perfect, but they'll do. As with all of my costuming-I start out basic, and try to improve them as the cons go by. ;) Now if only I could find a pair of boots that'll fit my freakin' huge calves! ;) My goal this summer is to set up my sewing machine so I can get working on a couple of 'classic' SJ costumes!

My badge will say 'Romanadvoratrelundar'...I'm not sure if I remembered to include the "-DWC". I'm also considering adding 'Romana1 on Sarah-Jane.tv', which I eventually did to my Chicago Tardis badge (I really should have done that at the beginning of the convention!) I'll probably be totting around good 'ole Krismutt, dressed as K-9. :) I'm adding something to the K-9 costume-nothing big, but I hope people will think it's cute. Gotta remember to make it tonight!

Yikes! I better get going-I have more geeky tidbits to share, but I don't know if I'll have time to post again tonight, or before I leave for Columbus tomorrow.

Yay, Marcon!!!


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Monday, May 04, 2009

Relay for Life, part 2-remember this for next year!

Betcha didn't think I'd ever get around to this, did ya? Well, who could blame you? My track record for posting events/trips in parts isn't exactly spot on. ;) As it is, I started this 10 days ago, and haven't had the time to finish typing it up!!

brian and bill
Brian and Bill, setting up our tent

So, since this was the first Relay for pretty much everyone on our team, we came up with a list of items we should have on hand for next year:
(I do realize this might be a better part 3 post...? Who knows? By the end of this entry I may have decided it would be.

our campsite
Our campsite, with sign)

Most items are intended for the campsite:
1. more blankets (it gets chilly at night!), sleeping bags (so the boys can camp out!)
2. travel pillows (not everyone can walk all night-I had to take a nap, and I think having a pillow would've been nice)
3. reclining lawn chairs (another rest aid!)
4. at least one change of shoes and socks (this is more for me-since Brian already planned for that!)
5. Chapstick! Hand lotion! (kudos for having hot water and plenty of soap-however, I had a hard time drying my hands-I didn't want to use up too much of paper towels, so my hands were always fairly damp after I left the restroom-and since the weather was still on the chilly side...yeah, my hands are now finally getting back to normal...)
6. Hillbilly golf (Perseph thought of this as well-to join the legions of cornhole-a fun way to relax...maybe even try to organize an on-site fundraising tournament.)
7. SUNSCREEN!!! (yes, even in April! Oh, how we do forget in the cooler weather...)
8. sunglasses (the morning glare...ouch!)
9. jogging pants/shorts, maybe a hoodie instead of a jacket. (not really neccessary, but if you start out in shorts, like I've mentioned several times before-it does get cool at night)
10. First aid kit (just in case-for blisters, scratches. Not to freak anyone out, but you are outside for a long period of time, and things could happen=always good to be prepared!)
11. Couple of old towels (Arthur Dent would be proud. You never know...you just never know... ;) )
12. Advil (sore feet!!! Helps ease the pain...)
13. Hair brush (ok, that's more of a vanity thing, I think-but 18 hours: wind, naps, etc. I don't have 'perfect hair forever!' In fact, I don't think I have perfect hair at all!) ;)
14. Arch bandages (you would think, having been diagnosed with plantar fascitis several years ago that I would have thought about this beforehand...but NOOOOOOOO....of course not!) ;) I was in pain for a good 24 hours before it even dawned on my that that's what the problem was.
15. Ice packs
16 Allergy medicine!!!! (I neglected to take an antihistamine overnight, and, along with my allergies acting up, managed to catch a cold that lasted a good week or so-arrg!)

I'm sure we'll think of more things.

So we've come to the end of the post, and as you've probably guessed, I decided to keep this as my second post about the event. ;) So I'll leave you with a picture of Sharon's boys-those cute little rascals!!! :

the boys
(Sharon's boy's, having fun in the tent)

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Fun Stuff for the First of May

Happy May Day!!!

Eureka is coming back to SciFi in July!! It's moving to Fridays:

...wouldn't new day and time indicate that it would be in a different time slot? It's moving from Tuesdays at 9, to Fridays at 9. Oh, well, maybe that's just me. ;) Yay, Eureka is returning!!

Also, I should have posted this long ago, but, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!!!!

Check out the website to find a participating comic book store near you!!

Coming soon: Relay update #2!


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