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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well, now, I feel silly...

So I'm sitting here at work, catching up on some older Lino at Large podcasts that I missed...

Lino was playing "20 Bible Questions" with Lou-Lou was asking, Lino answering. Lou's usually pretty good at guessing-but he was having a hard time with this one: a thing that Jesus never touched, made of wood. It wasn't until close to the end, when Lino answered yes to 'is it from the Old Testament?' when I realized the answer was "Noah's Ark".

...however, I didn't just think it. No. I blurted, "the Ark!" for all to hear.

Lucky for me, most of my coworkers had left for the day and those that remained had headphones on-just like me. *whew!*


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Backyard Test

Perseids, Day Two: Observation time: 11:30pm-2:00am. Number of meteors spotted: 70.

Considering where I live, with the level of light pollution (not counting the moon), I'd say that's pretty good. :) I started out sitting in my lawn chair again, but quickly decided to grab my beach towel so I could lay down in the grass instead. I'm really glad I did-I had a much wider view of the sky, so I was able to catch more meteors from behind than I would have in the chair. The backyard test? Well, when I first saw this place, and looked at the backyard, I thought it had potential-not a huge backyard (although bigger than the one on Hampshire), but the grass was well kept-enough room to spread out, and there are no trees(although plenty of trees in the surrounding yards), so there'd be a wide view of the sky. I first thought, gee, I bet I could watch the Perseids back here...turns out I was right!!! Yeah, there's some light pollution, plus the potential of lights from the neighbors, but all in all, not too bad.

We had clear skies!!! I was so excited-plus, the first meteor I spotted was nice and bright, and had a long tail that graduallly faded after the meteor disappeared (I love those!)

Some notes:
-Spotted first meteor just after 11:30-by midnight, I had seen 12. By 12:30, 20.
-One meteor was slow, bright, with a fading tail...the meteor seemed to flash as it was eaten up by the atmosphere-it was really cool. Kinda reminded me of the Enterprise-D going to warp. ;)
-Around 1:20am there was a flourish of activity-I saw about 2 every minute, for roughly 10 minutes.

Yes, this was a good night. :)


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Totally worth it, even just for one.

I ended up seeing three meteors last night-two were definitely Perseids, the other a stray from one of the lesser showers. I was facing East/North East at the time, with Cassiopeia to my left, and the rising moon to my right. The Perseid meteors I saw ripped through the sky from left to right (N to S), the other meteor I spotted was more West to East (from my POV).

I started out around 10pm-took a lawn chair and my handy can of OFF!, and sat outside for a bit. Not for very long, though-because it was very cloudy. Whatever break in the clouds that I had seen earlier quickly disappeared, frustrated, I went in about 10:30, and decided to give it another hour.

11:30pm I headed back out-it was still quite cloudy, but there seemed to be more breaks in the clouds than before, so I decided to sit it out. After about an hour (and a couple of close calls with a skunk), I went inside to grab a light sweater. (not that it would help with the skunk, but I just wanted to add that. Good think they’ve got that white stripe, otherwise I might've been singing a different tune.LOL-I think). Anyhoo, I came back out and sat for another hour. Around 1:15am a cat with a bell on his collar nearly gave me a heart attack as it had found something in my garage that startled it. Still frustrated, I readjusted my lawn chair and decided to give it a few more minutes. I was really glad I did-around 1:25am a bright Perseid ripped right across the sky!! I was so excited!! That one alone made it all worth while for me. Shortly there after, I spotted a dimmer meteor (the one going W to E). This was around 1:30am, so I decided to stay outside until 2 (yes, I'm insane-I think I got that from my father). Around 1:41 I spotted another Perseid. Three meteors!! Despite the clouds, light pollution (my neighbors stay up as late as me-go figure!), and the rising moon.

The forecast calls for clearer skies tonight (last time I checked, anyway), so I might try to sit outside after Game Night. Also, I’m taking Friday off, so even though the peak will have passed, I might sit outside after our gig Thursday night.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(image courteous of Sky and Telescope)

Oooh! I meant to post this article by the Bad Astronomer Phil Plait yesterday:
Tweeteor shower I love the Bad Astronomy blog. :)

I am definitely my father's daughter. ;)


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Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer evenings, summer stars

Gah!! It's hot-very hot-hot and muggy. We were spoiled this summer-cooler temps, not as muggy as it had been. Even when I went up north, it was unusually cool. Blah to those who whined about the temperatures never being above 90 degrees!!! I am happy with cooler summers-75 degrees, with the lower 80s tolerable for a time. But I digress...

The summer has flown by so quickly!!! Mt. Carmel came and went, the week of many actives flew by. Jerm and Allison got hitched! (Yah, I've got lots of pics, but I need to put new batteries in my camera-wedding shower, staff picnic, retirement party, baby shower, wedding from said shower-I used my camera ALOT in the last month!) And now the Feast is upon us! Oh, my-not only do I need to pick up batteries for my camera, but I could use a couple of extra reeds for my clarinet as well!)

I've spent the last couple of evenings (ok, more like later at night) on my back porch reading and enjoying the breeze (strong wind) and other nighttime sounds (crickets chirping, tree frogs, the occassional train whistle). Now that I discovered I do have electricity running to my porch (I've only been here, what, a year almost?) I need to put up my summer lantern lights. Sure the season is almost over, but I've still got plenty of nights to enjoy them (plus, the nails will be in place for my Halloween lights in the fall!!)

Despite my misgivings about the weather, I do love August nights-and this week is one of the best weeks in August! There's the Feast (starts the 13th! We'll be there every night!!) And this is the week the Perseids peak!!! When we were little, my dad would lay out sleeping bags in our front lawn in Minnesota-and we would stay up late and count the meteors. Sometimes my mom would make hot chocolate for us afterwards (it gets cool at night!). I loved doing it and looked forward to it every year growing up. We used to refer to it as 'the tears of St. Lawrence'. This year, the peak is actually during the day for us here in North America (2pm, August 12th), but Sky and Telescope says that either the night of August 11-12, or 12-13 should be good for catching a few meteors. You do have to fight the waning Moon, but Perseids can be pretty bright-so you should be able to spot a few (if the weather holds!) So find an open patch of dark sky, and pull up a blanket or lawn chair, and look towards Perseus and Cassiopeia (11pm-till dawn-best viewing times) You might even catch a few stray meteors from the Delta Auarids and Kappa Cygnids. Check out the article,
Perseid Meteors by Moonlight.

Oh, and don’t forget the bug spray!!!!!!!!!
Clear skies and happy veiwing!!

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Yikes!! Is it August already?!? The Feast starts next week!! Boy time flies. Right now I'm having issues with the month-I keep thinking it's a month later than it really is-at the end of July, I thought it was the end of August-and for some reason, I keep thinking it's September already. Do I really want the summer to be over this soon? NO! (although I am a big fan of the fall... ;) )

Got some updates-I totally meant to post reviews from Torchwood: Children of Earth but, man, that mini really drained me-as my friend Arthur said, it made Battlestar Galactica look like a picnic on Sunday! (I thought it was very good...just emotionally draining)

So what has happened since the last time I posted? A wedding shower (followed by the wedding! Duh!), a staff picnic, a retirement party, a babyshower...now the Feast is coming up...arrg...I've got alot to say, but not enough time to post it! ;)

Gah, I'm reverting back to my once-a-month only posts-gotta stop that!!!

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